“Please, shiela, just leave.”

You sigh in frustration. Bunny and you had been arguing the past couple minutes about how you feel about each other. Both of you love each other, but he thinks you can’t be together just because he’s covered in fur and you’re not.

Long story short, you’re pretty pissed off.

“I’m not leaving, Bunny.” you say, before walking to a chair in the corner and sitting down.


“No!” you interrupt him. “Look, you keep saying how I’m not good enough for you. Well, I don’t care. Do you think that if I thought that I wouldn’t be as in love with you as I am right now? I love you, Bunny, fur or not.”

Looking up, he smiles at you before walking forward and pulling you into a hug that you gladly return. Your (h/l), white hair falls over your shoulder and he brushes it away before kissing you tenderly.

After a couple seconds, he pulls away. He grins.

“What is it?” you ask, smiling also.

“Frostbite is gonna kill me.”