Here’s one thing I love about Bunny: he’s a big tough guy around others sometimes, but he’s always so silly and sweet with children. It’s his greatest joy to bring joy to them, and being with them cuts through that rough exterior. Just the way he’s so joyful with Sophie, proud of her seeing this little egg he clearly knows is there, happily watching her fetch it, then gently holding her little hand and guiding her melts my heart. Bunny is so great.


19 AUS FOR JUSTINE :: Prodigy AU [15/19]

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“…all in one place. I’m a little starstruck!”

In which the original Big Four each pick a successor that will inherit their job as Guardian when the time comes


Easter Egg Hunt in Arendelle!!! {Wanted to make these in honor of Easter next month and of Springtime!! <3} Here are some bonus edits I made:

{Bunnymund likes to watch his believers hunt for Easter eggs}

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