“Please, shiela, just leave.”

You sigh in frustration. Bunny and you had been arguing the past couple minutes about how you feel about each other. Both of you love each other, but he thinks you can’t be together just because he’s covered in fur and you’re not.

Long story short, you’re pretty pissed off.

“I’m not leaving, Bunny.” you say, before walking to a chair in the corner and sitting down.


“No!” you interrupt him. “Look, you keep saying how I’m not good enough for you. Well, I don’t care. Do you think that if I thought that I wouldn’t be as in love with you as I am right now? I love you, Bunny, fur or not.”

Looking up, he smiles at you before walking forward and pulling you into a hug that you gladly return. Your (h/l), white hair falls over your shoulder and he brushes it away before kissing you tenderly.

After a couple seconds, he pulls away. He grins.

“What is it?” you ask, smiling also.

“Frostbite is gonna kill me.”


Cousin 1: Why can’t we join them in the easter hunt? *points to other kids running around with baskets*

Cousin 2: Yeah, why? *looks up at you suspiciously*  

You: Um . . . Because your mom made a deal with the easter bunny!

Cousins: A deal?

You: Yes, we’re having the easter egg hunt before dinner instead of now. 

Cousin 2: But he’s not real, I googled it. 

You: Google is run by adults and adults can’t see the easter bunny. He told me so.

Cousin 1: But you’re an adult.

You: true, but I'm more of a big kid than adult.


Today’s last posting!
Guys, how about RotG in Kingsman AU? I’m so hooked on this AU!

I imagined Jack Frost as Eggsy, Bunny as Merlin, North as Harry, Tooth as Female Percival, and Babytooth as Roxy.
Of course, Don’t forget Elsa as Scandinavia Princess Tildy.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) LOL

I thought just Elsa being a Scandinavia Princess. because she was a real Scandinavia Princess! XD


“Lets go to the Warren.” Bunny says. Nodding along, you smile as Bunny taps the ground twice with his foot.

The smile is quick to disappear as you fall into the hole your best friend made only seconds ago. Landing on tour back, you groan in pain as Bunny lands next to you, chuckling at your obvious discomfort.

You cough and stick out a hand for him to help you up. “Shut up.” you protest, letting go of his paw. “It was not that funny.”

“That was hilarious!” He roars, making you turn around and stalk toward the Warren.