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Another rant about weight loss #sorrynotsorry

So I’m following a few fat/body positive blogs, and I also follow a blog dedicated to showing progress pics of weight loss, and I’ve started to notice something.

What I’ve noticed is that (the majority of) those who have lost tremendous amounts of weight, or enough to make an obvious and positive difference, are still unhappy.
I constantly see their progress pics captioned with things like “I’m still not happy with myself” or “I’m still not where I want to be” or “I don’t see myself any differently”, despite that they’ve lost, in some cases, over 100lbs.

Then we have fat positive blogs, and in particular blogs like chubby-bunnies. The purpose of this blog is to showcase beautiful women who are chubby/fat. It’s intended to help motivate you to love yourself, no matter how you look.
What I notice on this blog, is that while the comments range to some degree, the general idea is that these women love themselves no matter what they look like. They accept their bodies and themselves, they love themselves -‘f they are happy with themselves.

I think the take away message here is that it doesn’t matter what you look like, it doesn’t matter whether you’ve lost 100lbs, gained 100lbs, if you’re tall or if you’re short.
What matters is an acceptance of yourself, regardless of these things.
You can lose 100lbs and reach your “goal” weight and still feel like shit about yourself, because you haven’t taken the time to love yourself and accept yourself.

I struggle with this, because I want to lose weight, yet I feel like I will be one of those people who is never satisfied because I haven’t accepted myself yet.
I hope I can accept myself soon.