I love how I can spend hours and hours doing my hair and trying to make it behave but then I take it out of the bun it’s been in for 2 days and it somehow looks amazing???


happy kookie day 🐰

So I wanna run an idea past y'all!

I’ve been thinking it over for a while and I want to start featuring you guys. You’re all so beautiful and I want to make sure you know that! So I’m planning on taking a day out of every week and selecting 10 or 15 people (doesn’t matter who you are. Every body type, every gender, and every skin color is welcomed and encouraged to participate!) who I think are really special and posting their photos so that everyone can show them some love. I just love making people feel good about themselves and I want to normalize loving each other and supporting each other’s successes and helping each other grow in our self love journeys rather than being jealous of each other and tearing others down to make yourself feel better.

Obviously I’m not gonna go around posting random people’s photos, they’ll have to either be submitted or tagged with my hashtag and whatever name I come up with for this little event so I know you’re cool with it. And of course there will also be rules to keep everyone safe and happy. But I won’t be able to make this happen without you guys! So let me know if:

A. You’re interested in participating either by submitting your own photos or just liking/reblogging to encourage others. I do need both for this to work!

B. If you’d rather submit your photos directly to me or just put them in a tag for me to find.

C. If this is even a good idea in general 😅

D. What should I call it??

Jungkook should get on a plane right now and lie over to the US. that way by the time he gets here, it’ll be his birthday again. he can celebrate twice. two birthdays. he deserves two birthdays.

I may joke and scream and cuss about wanting nothing to do with Jeon Jungkook. but the truth is, I do love him with all my heart. he’s so sweet and so fragile yet so strong and will probably take over the world. he’s incredibly talented and gifted. he has no limits to what he can do. he’s incredibly hardworking. he loves his brothers and will do anything to make them happy. he does everything in his power to make sure he does well for them; to help them succeed as a group. he’s caring and thoughtful. a walking meme and absolute jokester. he’s a total sweetheart and I wish that he has the best day of his life. happy birthday kookie bunny


“All I’m saying, Swan, is that it would make far more sense if it was called the Easter Hen.” Killian says with a grunt as he straightens up from placing yet another rainbow colored egg in yet another bush. His spine cracks ominously when he’s upright and he grimaces, eyes closed for a moment in order to gather some much needed patience. 

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