.˙.°.˙.✩.°.♡.˙…..So…I’ve been inactive for a while…now I need to update this kind of “kink diary” I share with my daddy. So, we’ve been taking more on the lg/dd lately and kitten wasn’t a thing for us anymore..so we’re thinking about bunnyplay 🐇 !! I’m excited ^^ …..˙.♡.°.✩.˙.°.˙.

“All I’m saying, Swan, is that it would make far more sense if it was called the Easter Hen.” Killian says with a grunt as he straightens up from placing yet another rainbow colored egg in yet another bush. His spine cracks ominously when he’s upright and he grimaces, eyes closed for a moment in order to gather some much needed patience. 

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Everybody Needs a Flop
He always make me smile and I don’t know how I’d be without him. It is thanks to him I keep fighting somedays while I just want to give up. Because I know there’s someone waiting for me at home. So… just keep loving your fluffy ball of fur (even the “not fluffy”) !

Well it has been two difficult weeks with my sister’s chinchilla (bibi) sick and we don’t really know why. He had just lost a lot of weight in a week. But now He’s doing better even if we had to let him at the vet. And it reminded me just how much I love my pets and that they are my family