Today my heart was destroyed.
Today Luna was diagnosed by a tumor in the liver.

Since March he was in treatment, in a specialized veterinarian in exotic animals.
In my country animals like Luna are not seen as pets, only dogs and cats are worthy of that name.
So I was more calm when I met a veterinarian only for animals like Luna.

When they told me that Luna had a liver problem, the veterinary didn’t know what it was, and he was taking medication to the values ​​of analysis stay lower.This lasted until July 30 when at least about 15 days Luna starts to get skinny. I take him immediately to the vet again.

There they told me that my baby had his heart  beat slowly and so, had lost weight. But their conversation was the same, he had a problem in the liver and they did not know what it was. And they prescribed me the same medication.

My patience came to an end. And completely lost I tried to find another veterinary who made all procedures required to reveal that Luna had a tumor in the liver, but unfortunately his liver was all destroyed.

I don’t know what else to do, I feel so helpless…

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I have a core membership on deviantart which I guess you can call it like those things you get on games to get more stuff and improve it??

Idk- I never thought i would get 300+ on here tbh, But I did and I’m greatful! <33

Thanks everyone

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“All I’m saying, Swan, is that it would make far more sense if it was called the Easter Hen.” Killian says with a grunt as he straightens up from placing yet another rainbow colored egg in yet another bush. His spine cracks ominously when he’s upright and he grimaces, eyes closed for a moment in order to gather some much needed patience. 

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