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Nct as Werewolves

Request: Would it be weird if I now request for something similar but it’s just that it’s a werewolf au this time? _(:3」z)_ Thank you and I really love your work!! 💕

A/N: no it’s not weird at all hehe, like last time, i’ll only give a brief outline of what they’re like so request again if you want a more specific detail of a member and im sorry if this is bad, idk much about werewolves 😭

Nct as Vampires

imagine you’re dating them, yes a werewolf



  • strong sense of hearing
  • could probably hear sounds from as far as 50metres away
  • very alert and quick
  • doesn’t growl much but when he does it’s either because he’s really hungry or angry
  • soft white fur, with streaks of grey
  • can be really gentle
  • generally really quiet but has random hyper moods
  • and he starts running non stop like??
  • dating you:
  • loves it when you pet him
  • especially when you play with his fur!!
  • loves snuggling up in your legs for warmth
  • but when he’s in human form he’s the total opposite??
  • he’s too shy to even initiate skin contact
  • but it’s still cute so


  • really mysterious
  • and quiet
  • big eyes!!
  • really observant and can catch every small little detail
  • grey/dark fur
  • can be really aggressive if he needs to be
  • but most of the time he’s just observing and not doing much
  • dating you:
  • becomes a big softie, unlike his usual self
  • smiles a lot too!!
  • once changed into his wolf form and ran through the whole woods just to find a pretty flower so that he could give it to you
  • doesn’t stop hugging you be it in wolf or human form
  • gets teased by the wolf! johnny because of this because he’s never this affectionate with the rest of the pack


  • really sneaky
  • and always joking
  • always acts like he’s very weak when in fact he’s the strongest in the pack
  • probably randomly goes up to another wolf and starts running while screaming “IT’S A RACE, LAST TO REACH WILL GET A PUNISHMENT”
  • and most of the time it’s wolf! ten
  • despite being a dork he’s still really observant, and is really serious when he needs to be
  • dark grey fur with a few streaks of black
  • really really active
  • dating you:
  • either teases you a lot, or is a total sweetheart
  • no in betweens honestly
  • but is always there to protect you
  • kinda overprotective and shows it
  • because he’d growl really loudly
  • and it’s scary because he hardly gets angry
  • but loves to chase you in his wolf form to freak you out and see you scream
  • but when he’s in human form he holds you in his arms a lot!!
  • which means lots and lots of hugs


  • leader of the pack, really dependable and responsible
  • really serious at first
  • but after spending more them with the rest, he slowly opened up and got cheeky (like them)
  • actually smiles a lot
  • but when it comes to dealing with enemies or threats he can get really scary,, with those glares
  • light grey and white fur
  • takes care of the other wolfs a lot
  • dating you:
  • becomes a big softie too
  • especially cuddling up to you
  • and brushing his fur against your face/legs
  • and when he’s in human form he’s an actual sweetheart
  • doesn’t and won’t let anyone hurt you
  • not even a single bit
  • really really protective


  • sneakiest and most cunning one?
  • probably the one who sets up traps to catch enemies/threats
  • most aggressive one too?
  • is always joking around like wolf! johnny
  • except for when he’s with wolf! winwin
  • pastel grey fur
  • “don’t lie to yourselves, im the best in this pack”
  • dating you:
  • really bad pick up lines
  • “babe, it’s a full moon today, would you like to go FUR a walk together?”
  • “oh god why am i dating you”
  • “too late, you’re already mine”
  • probably bites you randomly (but lightly) because he wanted to ‘mark that you were his’
  • which you’re too tired to even scold him anymore because you’re so used to it
  • and he always gives that proud smile
  • “woah y/n what’s with that bite mark on your arm-” -a very clueless mark
  • but can also be very sweet
  • loves skinship a lot, both in human and wolf form
  • sticks to you no matter what


  • quiet and observant too
  • doesn’t say much
  • but smiles a lot??
  • more like an angel tbh
  • but can be aggressive if asked to be
  • very light shade of grey with streaks of black
  • fast to react
  • runs quickly too
  • dating you:
  • still the sweetheart he is
  • occasionally searches through the woods to find flowers or plants to give you
  • lots of kisses in human form,
  • and lots of snuggling in wolf form,
  • especially when you hold him in your arms, his head on your shoulders
  • he loves it the most
  • always have a soft spot for you


  • really sensitive
  • probably has a good eyesight too
  • or a good sense of hearing
  • quick to move and attack
  • bickers with wolf! taeyong & wolf! yuta the most
  • takes care of the younger ones
  • can actually run really fast but sometimes he’s too lazy to do so
  • really white fur and small sharp eyes
  • dating you:
  • doesn’t show it much but lowkey loves affection
  • loves it when you play with his fur
  • or when you hug him
  • but in human form he becomes a blushing mess
  • is always protecting you
  • his main priority is protecting you honestly


  • really playful
  • and sometimes clueless too
  • which is why he always asks questions to the rest
  • and follows whatever they do
  • is really active
  • fast and quick
  • happy little bun
  • mixed of dark and grey fur
  • actually small in wolf form too
  • dating you
  • always teasing you
  • and makes you smile
  • really clingy and lots of skinship!!
  • “babe if we had children would they be werewolves too or would they be humans?”
  • gives you A LOT of kisses, everywhere
  • be it in human or wolf form,
  • he always leaves a mark on you


  • actually really smart and is always the one looking out for the enemies/threats
  • runs really really quickly
  • which is why he always races with johnny
  • probably the calmest amongst the pack
  • but when he’s aggressive it’s s c a r y
  • but most of the time he’s like a soft bun smiling so
  • except when he’s smirking it’s another story
  • really soft white and grey fur
  • in charge of taking care of the younger ones too
  • dating you:
  • really protective
  • is willing to take risks for you
  • in human form he always has his hands on you, and he’d give you that™ look
  • in wolf form, he loves growling to tease you but ends up jumping onto your legs for you to cuddle
  • which always scares you because he’s kinda huge in wolf form?
  • but still an absolute sweetheart who calls you so many sweet names
  • and doesnt forget to give you kisses everyday


  • another clueless one, but it’s so adorable??
  • is soft and quiet most of the time
  • but when things get serious he can get a bit aggressive and he gives that one glare that scares everyone
  • really observant and sensitive to his surroundings
  • listens to instructions really well
  • and he does he job well
  • but most of the time he’s actually really soft so!!
  • really light grey & soft, fluffy fur
  • dating you:
  • really loves skinship and affection
  • especially in wolf form
  • he loves it when you stroke his back
  • or when you pat his head
  • sweetest person ever??
  • does anything you call him to
  • a really big softie for you

Dreamies are still not fully developed werewolves yet so technically they’re half human still? (i dont think it matters but)


  • another clueless one
  • but somehow still manages to become the leader of the younger pack??
  • which they always protest about ^
  • but listens to instructions really well and does a great job in completing tasks!!
  • an actual softie and sweetheart so he cant bring himself to hurt others
  • which is why he’s never aggressive
  • extremely soft snow white fur, a few streaks of dark grey on his back
  • dating you:
  • wants to be there for you whenever he can
  • loves cuddling with you, a lot
  • sticks close to you when he’s in wolf form
  • but in human form he’s an actual shy bean??
  • probably asks wolf! taeyong for advice
  • “what do i get her oh my god”
  • takes really good care of you


  • an angel?
  • really sweet and cant bring himself to hurt anyone else too
  • usually just helps the others if they need help
  • never really initiates
  • tries to be fierce and aggressive but is actually too nice to be
  • he cant even bring himself to hurt a bunny???
  • “wait!!! don’t cross yet, let this bunny hop past first”
  • is there to take care of wolf! chenle honestly
  • ash grey fur
  • dating you:
  • still the sweetheart he is
  • collects every flower he finds and gives it to you
  • and everyday it’s a different one
  • loves giving you small little pecks on the forehead
  • an actual sunshine honestly


  • is actually really agile and quick
  • also pays good attention to his surroundings
  • and wants to help the older wolves in the pack but doyoung wouldn’t allow in case he got hurt
  • so he spends his time playing with renjun & jaemin instead
  • is really polite and sweet?
  • slightly white fur, a few streaks of black
  • has really small but cute eyes?
  • eyesmile too!!!
  • dating you:
  • loves bringing you out to walks in the woods and forest
  • where he can freely be in wolf form
  • and your heart would flutter when you see him jumping and running around excitedly playing with the leaves
  • also loves hugging you in his arms a lot,,
  • snuggles close to you to keep himself warm


  • always joking around
  • “being a werewolf is tiring, why can’t i just be a normal human being”
  • when in fact, he loves being a werewolf THE MOST
  • always really actice and causing trouble
  • and gets a hearing from either taeyong or doyoung
  • but he’s too cute to stay mad at so they forgive him in the end
  • but he’s quick to think and can come up with many ideas
  • really faint grey fur with white streaks on his back
  • dating you:
  • probably chases you around for fun, or lets you chase after him
  • lots of laughter
  • loves it when you tickle him or pat his back/head
  • and he always gets revenge when he’s in human form, attacking you with tickles and big tight hugs
  • “damn you must be blessed to be dating someone unique like me”


  • another dork here
  • won’t stop laughing or smiling
  • or thinking of pranks to pull on mark
  • actually really laidback and doesn’t do much
  • but when he needs to he gets things done quickly and well
  • always sticks with jeno
  • black fur with streaks of grey
  • dating you
  • really clingy
  • must be by your side 24/7 if not he’d start pouting or growling
  • like yuta, also says really bad pick up lines
  • “i usually do the hunting, but today you captured my heart”
  • “god jaemin you dont even do the hunting”
  • “shut up and go along with it”


  • as expected, the loudest of them all
  • can probably be heard laughing or howling from far away
  • but despite countless reminders from the older ones, he doesn’t listen
  • next second later he’s laughing again
  • loves disturbing/annoying the rest
  • but is actually really smart and can help a lot
  • only that he just wants to play
  • mixture of white and grey fur
  • dating you:
  • endless chattering and talking
  • even when he’s in wolf form he makes a lot of noises
  • and is super active
  • wants to pick flowers and stones for you to keep/collect
  • loves lying on your lap, your hand playing with his fur
  • an actual ball of happiness too who makes your day brighter


  • likes to act like he’s very matured but in fact, gets scared over the slightest things
  • which chenle always teases him about
  • is quiet but tries his best to help out
  • good runner and can catch onto/learn new things easily
  • but the older ones are too afraid he might get hurt to let him do anything
  • really soft grey fur
  • youngest but bigger than most?
  • dating you:
  • awkward shy bean
  • but always makes you laugh and smile with his silliness
  • loves resting his head on you
  • “i still can’t believe you’re dating me”
  • probably drags chenle out to help get things for you
  • sometimes really affectionate, even in human form
  • his favourite thing to do is giving you a big hug

Mah Babies~💗

“Tony and the White Rabbit” - Digital Oil Painting

“No, Tim belongs to Pep. I should never be responsible for anything that requires actual food to live. But she got him because it’s important for my ‘therapy’ or something. Said it needed to be a ‘quiet’ animal. I asked for a snake. We got Tim the Bunny here instead. What did Bruce bring? Please tell me he has a snake. …A cat? Ugh, boring. I’m getting him a snake. …Don’t tell Pep.”

I think Tony said all the description I needed, LOL. Can you picture Pepper putting the rabbit in his hands when she decides he’s worked long enough and it’s time for a break? He has a love/hate relationship with Tim the Bunny.

If you enjoy my art, please consider subscribing to my Patreon! I am saving to buy a wheelchair lift.

taekook rec: april 2017

paint me in faded purples and blues by cherryjjk

jeongguk and taehyung get more than they bargain for when attempting a simple luck spell.

or, taekook fuck up and accidentally make an aphrodisiac.

if you love me, let me go by buttstrife

They’re alone in Jungkook’s bedroom. There’s a song playing faintly from the speakers of Jungkook’s phone. The lyrics go like this: Oh, my heart hurts so good. I love you, babe, so bad, so bad.

Taehyung is his love, his best friend, his soulmate – Jungkook is sure of it.

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Prompt: before ko turns into shsl despair, when they are in the academy. Maybe Chiaki invites Ko to go to a arcade with her?

A/N a very late birthday gift to my beloved friend @nanamemes-chiakiiz HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU WONDERFUL FRIEND!!!

Lucky Catch - komanami

“I truly am honored to have been invited to escort you when surely there are others more fitting. From the bottom of my heart, I am touched that you would choose me.” Komaeda declared with his widest of grins.

“You’re exaggerating. I just asked you out on a date.” Nanami replied more casually in contrast to his tone.

“Huh? Isn’t that what I just said?” He asked with childlike innocence.

Nanami blinked at his genuine ignorance. Even though it’s to be expected, she still isn’t quite used to the way he’d describe certain things but it’s not a bad thing. It’s confusing at times and more often than not, he’s fanatically optimistic when he’s not downright self-deprecating. His words are a bit of a mouthful and she’s not sure if she fully comprehends what he says but then she just looks at him. Komaeda’s smile is more than enough to tell her what he meant to in words.

“Well I guess if you say so.” She easily smiled back and took his hand, intertwining. “Let’s go?”

There’s a sparkle in his eyes as he gave her hand an affectionate squeeze. “Lead the way.”

It’s a date or at least it’s the closest thing to a date that Nanami could think of. She’d always wanted to try an actual date and ever since she resigned herself to the idea that Komaeda wouldn’t make the first move, not yet, she asked him out first. He almost turned her down though but only because he kept downplaying his worth. But it’s alright since he agreed in the end and she even managed to talk him into planning the second one. He was surprisingly easier to talk into a second date than a first. He said something about the probability of the first one being a success was guaranteed since her hope would surely overpower his bad luck. She’s not going to argue to that if it gets them a round two date.

She’s a bit inexperienced though or rather, she has no in real life experience at all when it comes to planning dates. Whenever she tried to prod for information from Komaeda, he’d simply reply that he’d be willing to go anywhere and he didn’t have any place he particularly favored. Nanami’s geographic knowledge on the other hand only extended to gaming places. He didn’t seem to mind and she was relieved that they were going to a comfort zone of hers. But just because this was her territory didn’t mean she didn’t think of his side.

She dragged him and gracefully weaved through the arcade until they stopped at their destination.

“A claw machine?” He stated more than asked. It wasn’t quite what he expected when she told him that they were going to have fun at the arcade.

A whole slew of them was lined up although this one was the largest of them. His eyes discreetly searched for the number of tokens needed and confirmed his suspicion that this was in fact the most expensive of them all. They could play ten games at the rate. He turned to her face which was beaming at the challenge in front of her.

“Me first.” Nanami said without so much a glance at him, her eyes already trained at the prize before her.

They already bought tokens beforehand and she slid ten of them into the machine. The claw moved with precision as she expertly held the analog stick with a determined grip. She flicked it ever so slightly, bit by bit, as she stared at the inside and changed her angle every now and then, correcting the alignment accordingly. Without warning, she pressed the button and she maneuvered through the obstacle of prizes as the claw descended. Until finally, it was able to hook onto a tiny loop which was connected to a huge dog stuffed toy. And just like that, she had easily won the most expensive prize in the game.

The plushie was ridiculously larger than her as she held it, both of her arms could hardly circle around all of it. With a proud grin on her face, she peeked through her prize and challenged him, “Now it’s player two’s turn.”

Komaeda was almost at a lost for words. Her talent never failed to astound him and just now he bore witness to the more unconventional applications of it and it blew his mind. She looked so happy over it too that he couldn’t help but smile back. “Alright, wish me luck.”

Contrary to Nanami’s controlled and calculated approach, Komaeda didn’t put too much effort into his. After all, he thought that he didn’t have the talent for it so why bother? He did wonder how his luck would affect the outcome. Claw machines involved some luck after getting past the mirrors and skills. He vaguely remembered reading somewhere how there was actually a mechanism involved that regulated the odds of winning. According to that, it would take a certain number of tries after a win before the next win happens. Since Nanami had just won before him, the chances of him winning anything was close to zero now.

It excited him all the more not knowing how he could possibly lose horribly in this.

The claw hovered his target, the best prize second to the already taken dog stuff toy, a bunny mascot character plush. He didn’t even hesitate when he pressed the button and the claw descended– past the bunny and into the bags of candies that surrounded it. Miraculously, one was caught by the edge and dangled precariously. It was a horrible consolation prize but it was better than none.

Except it was dropped as the claw shook on its way to the bin. The bag fell right on top of one of the heavier prizes which threw it off balance. It then toppled onto the divider which just so happened to have some screws loose. For a long moment, nothing happened. The tension in the air was palpable as the two stared on in anticipation. They thought that his luck was pushed far enough since there was no movement for a few minutes. They almost gave up as they took a step back. Somehow the miniscule tremor from that was enough to trigger the collapse of the divider and so all of the prizes came pouring out of the machine.

“Amazing!” Nanami voiced her awe in all her enthusiasm. “As expected of a pro!”

Komaeda laughed at yet another display of how powerful his luck was. “I guess my luck has its uses after all!” He had won everything with his luck.

And then lost them all because it was suspected as cheating.

“Ah, I knew my luck is the worst. To win everything only for me forfeit them all is truly devastating.” Komaeda said outside with a smile that was far too cheery despite his circumstance. “Well it’s not like I can complain. It was either go home empty-handed or you get banned too.” He chuckled at this.

In hindsight, they were lucky that they let her keep her prize at least.

“Did you have fun, Nanami?” He asked her as they walked towards the train station.

“Yes. Very much so!” She nodded happily. “They let us play lots of other games afterwards. But I still think the best part was the claw machine. Your luck was so amazing! I couldn’t beat it at all!”

“But if we count the actual prizes I took home, we’d count nothing so this should count as your victory.” He corrected her.

Nanami stopped in her tracks and turned towards him.

“You used to have a dog.” She started, her voice was distant but also partly muffled from the plushie she was holding on.


“You told me that you used to have a dog when you were a kid and that it made you happy.” She continued and it was hard to tell what kind of face she was making as she said this since the plushie obscured her head. “I know this isn’t enough to replace him. And this might not even be the same breed but…”

From one owner to another, the dog was passed on to him.

“Here.” She said with a heartfelt smile, it shone more prominently due to the blush that dusted her cheeks. “I want you to be happy.”

For a moment, Komaeda remembered to try and get her that bunny plushie for another date.

His arms encircled both the dog stuff toy and her as he let out a blissful sigh. “Thank you, Nanami. I truly am lucky.”

And he was the luckiest for having her.

idk why anyone thinks it’s ooc for jay not to have told erin about this? i mean he’s not exactly in the habit of telling her things/opening up? this is the guy who cried in the locker room when his friend died because he didn’t want anyone to see him vulnerable, even though he had every right to be sad

i mean think back to

e: “i’m you partner, talk to me.” 
j: “you don’t wanna know.”

and then this episode

e: “anything you wanna talk about?”
j: “nothing important.”

this is exactly the dynamic we’ve always had in their relationship - jay pushes for more, erin waits and prompts to allow people to open up on their own. she’s the one who helps people to help themselves. it was the same with nadia. erin still pushes but she just does it so much more subtly and i think that’s where the confusion here is. jay has never been the one to volunteer information about his past up just like that and this episode was no exception. he said it himself, he’s not proud of the person he was back then, and he probably didn’t want erin to run a mile when she found out he had been married - it was only short, and, considering erin’s general insecurity in their relationship, he was probably just scared because he’s never had to really lean on her before. i mean yes, she’s been there for him literally all the time, but he’s never willingly put himself in her hands like she has. she’s laid it all out in front of him and he found out a lot about her past with bunny and voight and charlie before they’d even started dating so that was a lot easier for her in some respects, but he’s never been so vulnerable around her before - save for in 3x17 and 4x05, but while he let her see that he was upset, he didn’t let her help him. i just don’t think he really trusts her yet, you know? he loves her, sure, but it takes a lot more than love to just spill your guts all over the floor in front of them and hope they help you pick them up.

i just think this is such an interesting angle to explore. they’re both naturally quite secretive, get-on-with-it kind of people, and now that erin’s been vulnerable and totally exposed in front of him, he’s gotta learn to trust her and lean on her and really open up to her.

it’s also really interesting because now we see the shift in who’s the most insecure. obviously, at first, it was erin, but she’s come so far - she was the first to say “i love you”, remember? - and i think part of that is down to jay fighting for her and proving to her that he loved her even with her crazy past and flaws. and what i want to see more than anything is her fighting for him now. he just needs to know that there’s nothing he can say about his past that will make her stop loving him

and ahhh sorry for the rant but i am so up for this storyline!!!!!! as long as it’s done right ugh pls dont let me down writers