bunny x tooth


My adorable little workaholic B-ship for RotG. Tooth gotta go somewhere, when I so rudely tear Jack from her dainty grasp. While I always loved her friendship with Jack, I frankly think these two would have a lot more chemistry and stability. If Black Ice is my pain-ridden powered-by-forsaken-children angst-machine, then Sweet Tooth is the cotton candy factory, spreading fluff and butterflies on the ashes. Just look at their 1 million babies aka eggs + fairies

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  • How long I’ve been in the fandom (if at all):  Just recently~ same day as when I first watched Frozen, around first week or second week of January (had a movie marathon that day). I’ve seen my sisters watch this movie more than once, but it never really got my interest… until I actually decided to finally finish this movie. (Note to self: Never judge a movie, until you finish watching it all. xD)
  • My favorite male character: SANDY~
  • My favorite female character: TOOTHIANA~
  • 1 OTP: Bunny x Tooth
  • 1 NOTP: Jack x Pitch/Bunny
  • Funniest character: The yetis and the Elves
  • Prettiest character: Toothiana~
  • Most annoying character: I don’t think I actually have my most annoying character in this movie, but I can remember being so annoyed at Pitch when Sandy died. There were also some times when I was annoyed at Jack Frost.
  • Most badass character: Sandy
  • Character I want as my best friend: Sandy
  • Female character I’d marry: Toothiana (err there’s not much to choose from actually) ♥
  • Male character I’d marry: Human!Bunny. I love those fanarts of Human!Bunny~ xD
  • Least favorite character: Pitch

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