bunny warren

After a couple of uneventful in-game days of escorting a carriage between towns.

Outdoorsy gnome rogue OOC: “Can I roll to find small animals to talk with?”

DM: “Sure, why not. In fact, you’re all bored halfway to death on this ride so far, go ahead and Perceive for cute critters, everyone.”

Rest of party: rolls decent, discovers a warren of bunnies at the edge of a thicket.
City slicker half elf and the gnome: roll Nat 1’s


RotG Jackrabbit Week: Soulmarks

Who hoo - I finished something! Soulmark setting where you get multiple marks depending on the type of connection you have with someone.

On AO3: Wingfic AU, Retail AU, Soulmarks

In Bloom

Soulmarks. He finally had soulmarks!

Jack had noticed the first few on his ankle. Snowflakes. They had to be believer marks, one each for Jamie, Pippa, Monty, Cupcake, Claude, Caleb, each unique, plus one more at half the size that must have been for Sophie.

Were there more?

Jack turned and twisted to look at his skin, yanking off his hoodie.

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future fic ideas: transcendence

“I’d take everything Sage says with a pinch of salt.” The orderly assured Stiles as he took a seat opposite the girl in question. It took a few moments, but he eventually shifted his gaze to look at her. Her eyes were wide, impossibly so, and bigger than any he had ever seen before. Her hair was cropped short and ice white and whilst he could just about make out the colour of her dark roots, he thought she suited them. It was her expression, more than her outward appearance, that demanded his attention. Her brow was furrowed, frustration evident in the small lines that etched themselves across her forehead.
“I’m not crazy.” She snapped suddenly, making Stiles jump. The orderly behind him merely rolled his eyes in response. 
“…and I’m going home to my wife Beyonce after this.”


“Lets go to the Warren.” Bunny says. Nodding along, you smile as Bunny taps the ground twice with his foot.

The smile is quick to disappear as you fall into the hole your best friend made only seconds ago. Landing on tour back, you groan in pain as Bunny lands next to you, chuckling at your obvious discomfort.

You cough and stick out a hand for him to help you up. “Shut up.” you protest, letting go of his paw. “It was not that funny.”

“That was hilarious!” He roars, making you turn around and stalk toward the Warren.

If DreamWorks ever gets a theme park:

Instead if studying and writing my papers, this is what I came up with:

  • Dragon riding roller coasters (both kiddie ride and adult ride because I can’t think of anyone that doesn’t want to ride a dragon). car choices: Gronkle, Zippelback, Nadder, Monstrous Nightmare, and Nightfury.
  • Santa would have a roller coaster (coaster will be painted like a sleigh with painted reindeer in the front. Seat belts would be there despite what north and bunny say.
  • Bunny would have a “Warren” and it would be a relaxing area with maps of the park, trashcans, lots of grass and flowers.
  • Perhaps a “Haunted House” for Pitch Black?
  • Sandman’s kiddie ride (kids climb into an airplane,sting ray, etc. the ride lifts them in the air and gently spins them around).
  • Jack frost roller coaster! Coaster would have snow and snowflakes painted on it. As soon as the coaster finished its climb,the audio would go “Now that! That was fun! Hey wind! Take me home!” and the coaster would drop; thus, continuing the ride.
  • Megamind roller coaster! good or evil? pick a side and enjoy the ride!
  • Kung fu panda bumper cars? cars being a choice of tigress, crane, monkey, po , shi fu. Viper and Mantis would probably be too small so they can be on a screen telling people how to work the cars. Or they can be car sized.
  • Around Halloween time Pitch Black and the other DreamWorks antagonists would take over the park for the day/night.
  • Guests can collect teeth to win a special prize at the end of the day. Teeth being plastic.
  • Mead hall/great hall Guests could eat like a viking! house specials would include chicken, icelandic cod, and a whole smoked eel! (I don’t care for Eel much either.)Guests could see their favorite HTTYD characters there too.
  • ROTG feast! It could serve eggnog, fruitcake, hot chocolate, snow cones, ice cream, and have golden table clothes and toothbrush center pieces.

They could sell a drink called “Plasma Blast!” Ice cream, blackberries….and blueberries?

“Stormfly’s fire” could be a combination of orange and mango smoothie?

“Hookfang’s Flames” could be a combination of blackberries, strawberries, cherries, and chocolate smoothie? 

“Gronkle’s Gut”? I have no idea what I would want served for the gronkle but something containing rocky road ice cream.

Zippelbacks? I have no idea.

* Character! Who doesn’t want to see their favorite characters and take a picture? Characters costume fabrics would vary depending on the weather outside.

Santa’s gift shoppe! You could buy your own:

guardian plushies, viking hats, Belt (Guy’s pet) plushies, croods plushies, Elf/Yeti plushies, Sherman’s glasses and Peabody’s bow ties, Costumes?,

Every good theme park must have a water park….I have no ideas on this you guys?

Why have you not done this DreamWorks? I would spend so much time and money here. Are these bad ideas?

I would give whatthefuckever to go to another Vortex Club party with the whole LiS cast just being happy and partying.

eastofthemoon  asked:

Crossover idea, how would the Paladins handle meeting the Guardians and possibly Pitch from Rise of the Guardians.

Thank you for the question!

The Paladins would be in awe of the Guardians. As much as quintessenace is basically space magic, they haven’t seen magic of the kind or scale that the Guardians use.

The Guardians, particularly North and Bunny, would be fascinated by the Lions and how they work. The Lions are both magic and mechanical, not to mention persons, and that would be very interesting to the Guardians.

Keith would have a lot of fun sparring with Tooth and North, and he would be so excited to see their sword collections. He wants to try out all their swords, and they’re happy to oblige.

The minute Sandy lays eyes on Shiro, he becomes Sandy’s new extra special friend. Shiro’s sleep is completely nightmare free the whole time he’s there, and he finds himself mysteriously falling asleep at really random times. The team is totally okay with this, and Sandy sends him off with a bag of dream sand to help him sleep.

Pidge and Hunk are both quite enamored with North’s workshop. There are some explosions, and a small robot uprising that Pidge blames the elfs for.

Lance and Jack are a bad combination, or at least, they’re a bad combination for everyone else. They both love pranks, and they would feel bad if they left anyone out. So they don’t, and there is a unanimous vote to never leave the two of them alone unsupervised. 

Jack likes other ways to have fun too, though. He teaches Lance to ice skate. Having lived most of his life on a tropical island, he actually never has. Lance picks it up quickly and wants Hunk to try too. Hunk drags Pidge along, and it turns out she’s ice skated before and is quite good at it. When Shiro and Keith come looking for them, they find out that Shiro is actually talented at just about everything, and for all of Keith’s agility, ice skating is really not his thing.

Hunk gets really excited about Bunny’s Warren, mostly about all the fresh ingredients (he thinks the eggs with legs are a little weird though), and he and Bunny spend a day trading recipes and chocolate making techniques.

Shiro and Bunny are both war veterans in their own way, and Shiro finds being around him peaceful. He spends a lot of time in the Warren, and Bunny teaches him some new meditation techniques.

Lance is enamored with the workshop. Not with building things, just with playing with everything. He’s almost as bad as the elfs. Hunk, though, manages to endear himself to the Yeti and gets lots of recipes from them. Pidge almost makes herself sick eating peanut butter cookies.

Keith likes how quiet and peaceful the Warren is. He actually hangs out there a lot, although he’s not so good at meditating with Shiro and Bunny. He tries, but he usually ends up wandering around the Warren exploring.

Tooth and Lance have tea parties. Allura joins them. Also, Allura and Tooth spar, and it’s about as epic as you wold expect.

None of them like Pitch or want to be anywhere near him (not surprisingly). They’re horrified that he preys on children, and being near him makes their skin crawl. Pitch, on the other hand, is quite happy to be near them. They have a lot of fears to exploit, so he finds them good target to try to manipulate and feed off of. (Which ends about how you would expect when Sandy realizes what he’s doing.)

Thank you again for the ask! Sorry it took a couple days, and it’s kind of unorganized. It was really fun to do though, and I probably could have come up with more, but this was getting long.

I’m still take suggestions for things to do head canons on for any of the shows or movies I know something about. Just drop me a message if there’s something you want to hear about!


So I was feeling a little jelly and wanted to join in the Sonic craze XD So my fabulously talented gf drew me an OC!

This is Warren the bunny, sporting his winter and summer coats! He’s a laid back kind of fellow, landscapes as a profession and rock climbs as a hobby! He’s has an unnerving aim when swinging that thing around but mainly that’s because he uses it to get past difficult terrain where climbing would be next to impossible using just his hands and feet.

He likes long hikes, spending time with his (really) big family and relaxing with those he likes! He’s no coward but doesn’t care for fights and only gets involved if he feels he’s needed. He’d sooner be keeping the peace ♡

@kukkiisart thank you so so much ♡