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Another new baby arrives!
This tiny baby rabbit was brought into us recently by the RSPCA after being found abandoned in a garden. It was rushed in to see Naomi and Angela from our veterinary team, who gave it a full examination.
Lucky it was not injured, but urgently needed round the clock care if it was to survive. It was sent away with one of our amazing rabbit feeders, Angela, and is getting the best attention it can get!
Please keep your fingers crossed!
If you would like to help fund its care, please consider donating by texting WILD5 to 70300 to give £5. Every pound given makes a massive difference to our patients!

Innocence (Jack/Bunnymund)

Jack Frost was floating through a dream. Or maybe he was being whipped around in a whirlwind of a dream. Bunnymund was holding his hand as they walked through the warren to Bunny’s den, to his new home, and the way his paw felt surrounding Jack’s hand like that was all the sprite could think about. Well, that and the kiss, the one Bunny actually gave him in front of everybody at their Joining ceremony. That particular recent memory was a strong contender in Jack’s mind with the current hand holding. He wasn’t used to it, but he knew he liked it. 

“There it is, Mate.” Bunny’s voice jerked Jack from his thoughts, announcing their arrival. 

It didn’t look like much, truthfully. It wasn’t a little house nestled amid boulders and sharp, jutting ground and greenery. It was mostly just a hole in the ground. There wasn’t even a door. 

Jack loved it. 

It made him think of a fort. The kind little boys had with signs warning girls away. The kind that held treasures inside that would mean nothing to anyone but the owner of the fort, and maybe his friends. The kind that had a secret handshake and a treasure map to get to. The kind that was just tons of fun. 

Bunny stood beside Jack as he took it in, ears flicking, nose twitching, straight and erect. Jack could tell he was nervous about what Jack might think of his home, but the pooka really didn’t have to worry. Jack turned a brilliant smile on his new Mate. “It’s so cool,” he breathed, adding a little shyly, “Am I allowed to go in?” He knew forts had rules like that. 

He relaxed when Bunny relaxed and smiled back. “You can go anywhere you like here, Mate. This is where I hoped we could sleep.”

That made Jack feel shy again. This had happened so fast. He was living at the North Pole with North, and had liked it. Too much, apparently, because North had found out almost too late that he was very behind with Christmas. Between yetis and elves, Jack had never run out of playmates for sword fights, wrestling matches, snowball fights, and skating. He reckoned later that maybe they were supposed to be helping with toys and stuff instead of playing with him. 

To make a long story short, North needed him to not live at the North Pole, but had refused to make him be alone again. Jack hadn’t known what to do.

So when a pink nosed Bunnymund had asked him if he wanted to come live with him, if Jack would do him the honor of being his Mate, Jack had agreed without hesitation. 

He had been a little surprised when he had asked North right after that what exactly a Mate was; it was like a husband or wife. Husbands and wives kissed and stuff. Jack hadn’t known Bunny wanted to kiss him. And sleep in a bed with him. The idea made Jack’s face burn a little, and his insides do flip flops that weren’t bad feelings, but maybe a little nervous. And now here was Bunny talking about it out loud, and Jack knew it was totally normal, but it didn’t make him feel normal. It made him feel squiggly. Like right before going over the peak of a roller coaster. Breathless and scared and excited. He wondered if Bunny felt like that too. “Bunny, do you feel squiggly?” he asked, forgetting his shyness for a minute in his curiosity. He was rewarded with a smile.

“Yeah Mate, I feel a mite squiggly.” 

Bunny’s green eyes bled with warmth, friendship, and hope. That gaze made Jack blush and smile and look back at the den fort. He was very aware that they were still holding hands. He was getting antsy. 

Bunny noticed, and without letting go of Jack’s hand, walked into the den. “It’s a cool place to sleep. I wanted you to be comfortable,” Bunny explained, letting go of Jack’s hand when they got inside the small space to worry a few little knick knacks that were displayed on a small shelf inside the single room.

Jack was stunned. “You made this? For me?” he asked, looking around the neatest fort he had ever seen in his entire life. There was a really true nest in the corner. It was piled up with blankets and pillows of all different colors, and took up most of the space, but there was enough room to walk around it comfortably. There was the little shelf on the wall and a fireplace hearth, too. It was perfect, the most perfect place Jack knew. 

He hugged Bunny, ignoring the squiggles and the fact that Bunny was going to sleep with him when the pooka chuckled and confirmed that yes, he did make this just for Jack. 

The squiggles roared to life again when the hug continued and Jack realized that it was getting dark outside. He decided to take the bull by the horns. “Are you gonna sleep with me here, Bunny?” he asked, cheek against the pooka’s collar. 

Bunnymund shifted against him but didn’t let him go, murmuring in a rough, low voice that made his squiggles crazy, “If you let me and want me to, yes.”

Jack was surprised into momentary speechlessness. He hadn’t realized he would have a choice, and especially that Bunny wanted him to want to. He was even more surprised that he did. He nodded, not trusting his voice not to crack and embarrass him. He saw the hope in Bunny’s eyes flare, and knew he had just eased a lot of the pooka’s nervousness. 

His own was ramped up when a calmly quiet Bunnymund took hold of the hem of his hoodie and started to lift it. “What are you doing!” he squeaked, face hot and hands gripping his shirt.

Bunny blinked, nose quickly turning pink. “Taking your clothes off. It will be more comfortable to sleep like that, wouldn’t it Mate?”

“Oh. Yeah.” Jack felt silly, and haltingly helped Bunny remove his shirt. When Bunny unfastened his pants in the same way he might disarm a bomb, Jack let him without any more protest. And then he was naked and standing in front of Bunny, hands clasped together over his groin, and wondering if there was something else he was supposed to do, or was he supposed to just get in the nest. 

“You look very fine,” Bunny said quietly, making Jack blush so hot the frost on his face nearly melted. And then Bunny did the last thing Jack expected and picked him right up, planting them both in the nest together and making Jack laugh.

It got a little awkward after that. Jack lay rigid under the blanket Bunny had tucked up around him, looking across the not large nest at his new Mate. And Bunny was looking back. Jack didn’t know what look he was giving Bunny, but whatever it was made the pooka seem protective. Jack opened his mouth to protest when Bunny’s arms came out and pulled him in, tucking him against his very warm, furry, soft body. “Just sleep, luv…” Bunny whispered, giving Jack a gentle kiss on the top of his head. 

Jack felt claws tracing gentle patterns into his back, and he slept.

————- Part II

The kissing dream was nothing new. Jack and Bunny had been Mates for four months now, and Jack was used to the kissing. He even enjoyed it. He enjoyed how if he wanted to, he could just go right up to Bunny and kiss him no matter what. He hadn’t been sure about it at first, but after much reassurance and a lot of examples, it had been proven that he could. He liked the way Bunny’s whiskers tickled his cheeks, and how Bunny’s mouth didn’t make the same shape his could, and the way their mouths fit together because of it. He liked the squiggles kissing made him feel. He liked that kissing Bunny meant that they belonged together forever. And he really liked that it made Bunny so happy.

So of course he dreamed about kissing Bunny. He dreamed about things he enjoyed. What he wasn’t prepared for was dreaming about him and Bunny kissing all over. He woke up without opening his eyes and didn’t move, completely terrified of what Bunny would think when he woke up and felt the sticky goo in his fur. 

“Good morning, Mate…” Bunny rumbled, and Jack whimpered. And then froze all over again when Bunny stilled too. He wasn’t prepared for the purring laugh. And it made him a little mad. Did Bunny think his discomfort was funny? He was glad, however, when Bunny didn’t make a joke or make fun of him, but asked simply, “What happened, luv?”

The directed attention was enough for the dream to come haltingly out, and when it was over Jack was embarrassed, but also felt much better for sharing it. He wanted to know if it was normal, and was pleasantly surprised that it was very normal, and not even a little bad. “Does that mean it’s normal to… kiss all over… in real life?” Jack asked quietly, ears burning and mouth feeling a little dry. 

Bunny took a moment’s thought to answer and finally agreed vaguely, “It can be, yes. For some people.” 

“Like who? How do you know what people it’s normal for?” Jack demanded, feeling nervous because what if it wasn’t normal for them, but also, what if it was? He almost got mad again when Bunny smiled indulgently.

“It’s normal for whoever wants it to be. Some people wouldn’t want it to be normal, but some people do.”

This didn’t help. “Well what about you?” he asked, needing a solid answer to his curiosity. He looked intently into his Bunny’s eyes and didn’t look away even though his cheeks were warm. He watched Bunny considering, and finally got a careful answer.

“Yes. It is normal for me.” The words were formed like magic spells, and made Jack feel very funny and very antsy. “What about you, Jack?”

“I’ve never done it in real life,” Jack blurted, then panicked and said without thinking, “Yes.” That single word felt like an undetonated bomb planted between them. Jack didn’t know if it would go off or just sit there forever. And what if it did go off? What then? What did that mean? What if it didn’t? He jumped when Bunny spoke again.

“Would you like to try something, Jack?” Bunny sounded like he was calming a skittish horse. He was even rubbing Jack’s arm with thumb. “And if you decide it’s not normal we can stop.”

Jack knew his eyes had to be huge because he felt like they took up his face. His heart was pounding. He was pretty sure they could both hear it like a drum. “Are you going to kiss me all over?” he asked in a strangled voice and was relieved at the whispered reply.

“How bout I kiss you on the mouth?”

Kissing on the mouth was familiar and definitely normal and fun. Jack nodded eagerly, happy to be back in a familiar place, and closed the distance between them himself, kissing Bunny on the mouth. He pulled back a little and smiled at his Mate, liking their closeness. He liked how easy it was to see how big and black Bunny’s eyes were, and how he could feel the warmth radiating off him. “Now you kiss me,” Jack demanded playfully, snuggling up tight against Bunny and wrapping an arm and a leg around him. Cuddling was also normal and pleasant and fun and comforting.

Bunny kissed him. It was soft and lingering and actually more than one kiss. It was so nice Jack closed his eyes and let Bunny kiss him again like that. When Bunny pulled back, it was a little hard to open his eyes again. His face felt warm. “That was nice. I liked that,” he said softly to his Bunny, knowing this was like round one of some game he didn’t know the rules of, but he was good at games.

Bunny smiled. “Good. I’m glad.” He paused, considering Jack. “Can I kiss you again, luv, and touch your hip?”

Jack laughed. “My hip? Yes, but why?”

Bunny was smiling, but not laughing, and it gave his answer more importance than Jack would have otherwise given it. “To see if you think it’s normal.”

Jacks laughter died and he thought he would just go on blushing forever and ever, but he felt funny again and let Bunny come to him, kissing him softly and putting his paw on his hip, stroking his skin with a thumb, just like he had been doing to his arm. He really liked the way it felt. He didn’t hesitate when Bunny pulled his mouth back. “Normal,” he reported, and felt excited in a brand new way when Bunny’s paw did not move from his hip. 

He noticed now that Bunny wasn’t quite as calm as he had been acting. He saw the pulse racing in Bunny’s throat, and the pinkness to his nose, and the way his eyes were like molten pits of ebony. He was about to ask Bunny if he thought it was normal, but then Bunny spoke in the roughest, most gravelly, flip floppest voice Jack had heard yet. “If you want, I’m going to kiss you again, and touch your penis on purpose. If you don’t want to, I will kiss you again, and just keep my hand on your hip. And if you don’t feel good right now, we can stop. And I will hold you and let you sleep. Or I will go somewhere else and sleep. I will do whatever you want.” 

Jack was motionless, feeling the touch on his hip burning, unable to tear his eyes away from Bunny’s as he struggled to form a thought in his head. The first mostly coherent, yet wild thought was why would Bunny want to touch his penis? And then the even wilder, more confusing, yet aggressive, yes! He wanted to try. He nodded, and then realized Bunny wouldn’t know what that meant. “The first one…” he breathed, not looking away for fear of his courage failing him, “We can try the first one…”

He was pleased that even Bunny seemed flustered. He was glad he wasn’t alone in feeling so nervous and excited. 

So when their mouths came together again it wasn’t as gentle or perfect as the other times. It was more careful but at the same time messier. Just like their feelings. And Jack tried to remember how to breathe when he felt the hand slide slowly, careful of any signs to stop, to his front. He did forget to breathe for a second, and even forgot they were kissing, when he felt two fingers touch him and slide down the length of his erection. 

And he did have an erection. He was so hard he hurt, and very shy that Bunny knew his body was doing this, and was acknowledging it with touches. But if felt good. More than good. The gentle, two finger touch pet his length down, up, and back down again. And then suddenly a feeling just like his dream happened, a feeling he didn’t know was actually real until now, and the world stopped for just a moment and it was only pulses of stars and pleasure. 

Jack opened his eyes again, only his eyes had never been closed, and he was panting like he had just flown around the world without stopping, and he had made another sticky mess into Bunny’s fur. “Oh…” was all he said, and laughed despite himself when Bunny wrapped his arms around Jack and laughed quietly, happily, into his shoulder.


future fic ideas: transcendence

“I’d take everything Sage says with a pinch of salt.” The orderly assured Stiles as he took a seat opposite the girl in question. It took a few moments, but he eventually shifted his gaze to look at her. Her eyes were wide, impossibly so, and bigger than any he had ever seen before. Her hair was cropped short and ice white and whilst he could just about make out the colour of her dark roots, he thought she suited them. It was her expression, more than her outward appearance, that demanded his attention. Her brow was furrowed, frustration evident in the small lines that etched themselves across her forehead.
“I’m not crazy.” She snapped suddenly, making Stiles jump. The orderly behind him merely rolled his eyes in response. 
“…and I’m going home to my wife Beyonce after this.”


“Lets go to the Warren.” Bunny says. Nodding along, you smile as Bunny taps the ground twice with his foot.

The smile is quick to disappear as you fall into the hole your best friend made only seconds ago. Landing on tour back, you groan in pain as Bunny lands next to you, chuckling at your obvious discomfort.

You cough and stick out a hand for him to help you up. “Shut up.” you protest, letting go of his paw. “It was not that funny.”

“That was hilarious!” He roars, making you turn around and stalk toward the Warren.


Well. This was new. This thing was– odd. It had a scent of darkness to it but seemed… unique. He’d never encountered something like this before. So for now he’d do what he did best. He’d observe.

Idly he fished in his pocket, pulling out a coin. He tossed it in the creature’s general direction.


Gracetopia (Zootopia x Graceland) Trailer feat. Warren as Hopps & Briggs as Bogo

Video footage from Zootopia Official Trailer & “Arriving” Clip
Audio + Title screen from Graceland Pilot & S01E02 w/ BGM: “All of a Sudden” by Telekinesis

Featuring the “voiceover talents” of Courtney B. Vance, Scottie Thompson, Manny Montana, Daniel Sunjata, and Aaron Tveit… “All of a Sudden” is the song featured in the surfing scene from the Graceland Pilot. A portion of the last clip is left awkwardly slowed as we intend to update it with the longer movie scene when available, but in the meantime here is what happens when you go overboard in your desire to hear Aaron voice a bunny cop who’s a dead ringer for fresh-out-of-the-academy Mike Warren

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Had the worst/scariest bunny moment just there Houdini and BMO managed to escape the shed (Human error with the gate). Houdini was still in the garden and ran in the house as soon as we shook the food, BMO was nowhere to be seen so we went out to look for him and he luckily heard the food and came running threw him some greens and grabbed him.
Someone was looking out for me there!! feel terrible :( they’re in for dinner and a treat thank god they’re food trained!.
On a side note i’m convinced it was houdini that lead BMO out

Chelsea’s Rabbit Warren