bunny theme


Last 48 hr film at CalArts! 

Theme: Bunny^^


hi heres my 48 hour film for the calarts 48 hour film thing we do every year

the theme was bunny


the 48 hr film made in 2 hours…..

the theme is BUNNY

Gifts for Us to Share

Just a short little oneshot to celebrate the holidays with. 

Christmas, 2015

There’s one present left under the tree. It’s wrapped a little messily in Christmas-themed Cuddle Bunnies wrapping paper (which is just the bunnies wearing scarves and Santa hats, hopping around in the snow near some pine trees) and it has a comically large red and gold bow for the size of the box. 

Christmas itself is in Philly this year and Josh, who has been playing Santa all morning and distributing the presents, picks up the box and makes a big show of reading the tag and pretending to give it to a few of the different Matthews family members in the room before placing it on Riley’s lap. 

Riley’s not expecting anything else. She’s already opened up all of the little things that she mentioned wanting to her parents, as well as a beautiful locket from her grandparents, and small trinkets from Josh and Auggie. And despite all the awkwardness among the group, they did a secret Santa exchange to…well, only mediocre success, but the real point was that she knows there’s no gifts coming from that direction either.  

She finds a small card near the bow and opens it to find a note scrawled in a handwriting she can’t quite place. 


I know you wanted this a few years ago, but I think sometimes it takes a bit longer for the things that we really want to come to us. I hope getting it now makes you happy and brightens your day, and I hope you find it was worth the wait. 

Merry Christmas

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