bunny the dog


bet they have fun on the morty day care 

i just wanted to show that even if Greaser is my fave he’s a useless piece of shit when it comes to battle and he’s the forst one to get beaten up

i mean maybe its just me, im bad at a lot of games but seriously man, try less hard 

anonymous asked:

Do you guys have any pets/animals? (Other than Gilbird of course) TBH this blog is the purest!

Ivan has a Siberian cat and Gilbert has an albino German Shepherd 

[ art by @ask-aph-fruk ]

“I was wrong, Bunny. Not all dogs are bad.”

One of my favorite episodes of Courage the Cowardly Dog was The Mask. You know the one where Courage helps Kitty rescue her “friend” Bunny from some abusive mob dog? I used to love the scene at the end where they reunite on the train. I’ve been feeling very inspired by Kitty and Bunny lately. I guess after ten plus years my brain still wonders what happened to them after they rode into the sunset.