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shout to all you cool nerds for sticking with me and for all these extra special cool nerds on here who have made the past year super neat, regardless of if you still follow me (bc i’ve changed my blog around so many times, so i don’t blame you) or didn’t in the first place, thank you all so much! remember when i was a gta blog and i’ve changed my url so many times and this blog is just such dragon age trash now idk what’s happened

i was late for x-mas, so i hope you’ve all had a lovely x-mas and i hope this new year is lovely for you all <3

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Summer is coming to end, so I decided it would be a great opportunity to do my first ever follow forever! I honestly can’t express how awesome all of you guys are and how amazing you’ve made tumblr for me. I’m on here 24/7 and you guys make it such a great experience. I’ve met some of the greatest people on here and I’m so thankful that you guys decided to follow this boring blog. I might have missed a few but I appreciate all of you so so so much! Be sure to follow all of these fabulous blogs!

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Hi, guys! So, I’ve been thinking about it for a long time and finally decided that yes, I really want to make a follow forever, and it’s nearing the end of the year… so I’d say it’s now or never! :D

You, guys, are awesome, and I know I’ve hardly ever talked to the majority of you, but it doesn’t mean I don’t love you <3 If you’re not here, please, don’t feel offended, I still love you! It was really hard to pick the blogs for this list, and I’m still not sure if I should’ve included some more, but I couldn’t sit over it any longer, or I wouldn’t have finished until the next year ^^

Thank  you for making my dash awesome, you beautiful people!

Oh, also, bold are the most special to me, just wanted you to know that :)

A - D

agent-hiddleston ※ alison-chloe
armiesofone ※ asgardianlady ※ asguardian ※ asktheironfrost
bottomthor ※ bundtfuck ※ bunny-teefs ※ casweaters
clintbaarton ※ coffee-and-mischief ※ dont-touch-the-phlebotinum
downeyer ※ downeysnow

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mosellegreen ※ nausicaa82 ※ nikaalexandra

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on-the-stark-way-to-hell ※ poledanceloki※ rngrn ※ 
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#bodposfeb - day 3: Write three nice things about your body.

1)  It’s incredibly soft in multiple ways.  My skin is soft, my belly is squishy, my arms are better than pillows, etc etc
2) My immune system is pretty kickass.  I don’t think I got a flu/cold/sick even once last year.
3) I really like my lips/bunny teefs :3