bunny step

Baby steps.

Ears out for balance and walking on tippy-toes, Simon completes his maiden voyage onto the wood floor and heads back to the safety of the purple towel.  I’m amazed he ventured out that far.  Meanwhile, River is checking the perimeter for weaknesses to exploit that will allow her under the furniture.

Kidnapping Step Daughter = Bunny on a Rampage

Here’s a sneak peek of the next chapter of Take A Stand where Judy goes to war with the Underworld Trio by the amazing @ziegelzeig. This is last chapter before the epilouge. Who will live? Who will die? Find out on Sunday and if you’re not caught up yet here’s a link to Fanfiction.net https://m.fanfiction.net/s/12105029/1/





E X T R A  T H I C C


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Student Council Prez [9]

Episode 8 - Episode 9 - Episode 9.5 OR Episode 10
Words: 5.6k
Genre: Fluff, Slice of Life, High School!Au

Yoongi didn’t completely break his wrist.

When you went to the private doctor with him, they told you it was more of a severe sprain, some of his ligaments damaged from the fall. And now he had a cast wrapped around his entire arm. It would take anywhere from two to eight weeks to heal and they told you, very specifically that he was not to put any pressure on it and alleviate all heavy weights.

Yoongi on the other hand, told you that you should be happy he wasn’t suing you.

But no matter how much disdain you felt for him, you couldn’t help the wash of guilt that drowned you whole.

You were the one who pushed him after all.

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Family Ties - Chapter 1 - ZanzaFlux - Bendy and the Ink Machine [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Well,  I just finished this fanfic that I started before a plot bunny stepped in and demanded that I write Fever. This story is based on the 2D Bendy AU by @shinyzango  and it kinda got away from me. It became more than I planned near the end.  Be warned:  Heartstrings will be tugged mercilessly!  Both chapters are posted.  Enjoy!

Vegas Bunny AU - fic submission

Zhenya doesn’t sleep well that night. All he can think about is Sid. He wants him to be safe. All he can see is all those people in the casino touching him and the cringing look on his face.

He follows his assistant to a new private lounge in the casino below his hotel. The man who is believed to be the owner of the casino is lounging with a drink in hand, speaking with his own assistant. He looks up when Zhenya walks in. His look goes from cool to concerned.

“Mr… Mr. Malkin. I… I didn’t know you were in Vegas. What can I do for you?” He stands and hold out his hand to shake. Zhenya ignores it and sits. One of the Bunny’s serves him a drink which he sips coolly staring at the man which he believes is called Mr. Harrison. He likes to watch people like him squirm.

“Mr. Harrison? Yes?” The man nods. “You know who I am? Yes? You know the money I posses and the power I have over you?” The man gulps and nods. “Then you understand that a complaint that I may have about your casino may be detrimental to your career.” The man swallows and nods. “Fantastic. Then, let me inform you if something that happened last night. There is this Bunny. His name Sid. I assume you know him. I like him very much. But, your in duty manager make him leave me to serve drinks, because he not supposed to sit with guests. I’m not just a guest, am I Mr. Harrison?”

“No, of course sir.”

“Then, here what I ask you to keep your position at casino. You fire this manager. His name Andrew. Then, on nights I am in casino, Sid is my Bunny and aloud to sit with me. Understood?”

The man nods. “Yes. Yes of course. I will make sure if it, sir.”

Zhenya nods and stands. He returns to his room, knowing full well that his Bunny will not be in the casino until much later.

He’s just settling in when his assistant pops in with a cellphone. “It’s Sasha. He insists, sir.”

Zhenya grumbles but takes the phone. He could never say no to Sasha.

“Zhenya! How are you? Is your sugar Bunny doing well?”

“Is there an actual reason you call? Or you just check on my sex life?”

“Ah Zhenya. Of course I just want to hear about sex. You know me so well.”

Zhenya just shakes his head. “Is good Sasha. How clients?”

“Clients fine, Zhenya. You deserve vacation once in a while.”

Zhenya rolls his eyes. “Maybe you need find Bunny.”

Sasha just laughs.

“Good bye, Sasha.”

Zhenya returns to the casino that night. He doesn’t see his Bunny right away so he sits at a table to play a few hands before he truly goes to look for him. He’s halfway through his third hand when he spots his Bunny. He keeps his eye on him as he finishes.

He quickly makes his way over. His Bunny’s eyes go wide.

“Come?” Zhenya asks.

Sid shakes his head. “I… I can’t. I’m really sorry. I can’t lose this job.”

“Trust me?” Zhenya asks. “Promise you won’t lose job.”

Sid takes a deep breath. He looks at Zhenya for a long while with a look on his face that makes Zhenya want to wrap him up and ever let him go.

“Okay,” he says slowly. “Okay.”

Zhenya smiles and takes his Bunny’s hand to lead him through the crowd. He smiles as his Bunny sits with him, much like nights before.

“If… if this is going to be a thing,” he says as the cards asked being dealt, “I should probably know your name.” His breath tickles against Zhenya’s ear as his hand gently strokes up and down Zhenya’s arm.

Zhenya likes his lips and whispers his name in Sid’s ear.

He murmurs it back, working to get the pronunciation right. It makes Zhenya shiver to hear is beautiful voice say his name like that.

It is like the nights before, in which Zhenya wins lots of money with the help of his Bunny. It also is similar in the way his Bunny touches him. Hey are gentle touches, nothing to much nor too little. Just enough to tease. He nuzzles Zhenya’s neck. He nibbles on his ear. He strokes his arm and thigh.

Zhenya let’s him. He keeps his hands in innocent places, on an arm or hip, nothing to make his beautiful Bunny look like the night before when all those strange men were touching him.

When Zhenya isn’t in the casino or sleeping, he is roaming Vegas looking for lush gifts to give his Bunny later in the night. It always leaves Sid blushing and rushing through the Employees Only door to hide the. away in his locker.

It takes until the end of the week for Sid’s hand to sneak down to Zhenya’s crotch. Zhenya feels Sid stiffen, as if he’s gagging Zhenya’s reaction. Zhenya let’s his growl rumble out before nipping at Sid’s ear encouragingly. His Bunny shivers before putting just the slightest teasing pressure.

Zhenya growls softly and checks his hand. This might be quite distracting.

Over he course of the week, the two had learned much about each other. Zhenya had learned Sid was from Canada and had moved here for school. He had a younger sister that he adored and recently moved to Vegas for work. He lived outside and went to university a town over.

Zhenya had tried to keep what he told Sid vague but true. He didn’t want to scare his Bunny away. Now, he thought Sid had finally gotten comfortable enough with him to take it to another step.

“Can Bunny come back to room with me?” He asked in Sid’s ear.

Sid giggled and rolled his head against the crook of Zhenya’s neck. “You know my name isn’t Bunny, right?”

“Yes, Sid. Stop avoiding question.”

Sid stills, and Zhenya worries he’ll say no. The next hand starts before Sid says anything. “I’m still working. I can’t while I’m working. I don’t work at all tomorrow night. Maybe then?” He says softly.

Zhenya smiles and taps for a card. “Should take to dinner then, first, yes?”

Sid squirms. “You don’t have to do that.”

“Don’t have to but will.” He says.

The rest of the night is lax almost relaxing and comfortable. They plan to meet at a restaurant Zhenya suggests down the street. Sid is appalled by the known upscale and class, but Zhenya wants to treat him right. Zhenya also wants to kiss his Bunny goodnight but isn’t sure that it would be appreciated. As he stands from the last hand, Sid’s hand still in his, he thinks what the hell. He grabs Sid’s cheek and kisses him softly. “Good night my little Bunny.” And leaves Sid blushing.


Your Most Beautiful Moment in Life pt.2: Ch1
(Non-idol!AU) It’s summer when you and Jungkook meet, and immediately decide that you didn’t like each other. Somehow, you ended up watching your favorite rose-gold sunrise with the golden boy.

Prol. | 1 | [x]

Your favorite stretch of beach is a short walk past Hongbin and Hyuk’s glitzy resort. It’s too rocky and the surf too violent for it to be developed, but it’s always deserted and it has the best view of the sunrise in the entire town.

When you and Hyuk arrive, rose gold tendrils of light are barely peeking through the cerulean horizon. But Jungkook’s already there, watching the LCD screen of a professional DSLR on a tripod.

He raises both eyebrows in greeting. Before you can stop yourself, you blurt out: “What are you doing here?”

“Same as you.” He inclines his head towards the camera hanging from your neck.

“I invited him,” Hyuk says, chuckling when you narrow your eyes at him. “Jungkook said he’s into photography, and I remembered how you’re always taking pictures of this place. I thought he might be interested.”

“And I am,” Jungkook pipes up, beaming at you with his bunny-toothed smile. “It’s an interesting location. I can see why you’re always here, Y/N.”

You feel your neck grow warm. Why is he agreeing with me? It makes me uncomfortable! “There are never any boats on the surface because of the waves, no swimmers either, it’s quiet except for the sounds of the birds and the water so you can concentrate on the shot, and on some days, the sunrise is more orange than pink, kinda like a sunset but in the morning, and look–today is one of those days.” It’s as if your mouth has gone into autopilot in an attempt to fill any uneasy silences before they occur, and you only stop when you’re out of breath.

He doesn’t seem to notice the awkwardness of your blabbering and only nods in more agreement. To cover your embarrassment, you raise camera and snap a photo before winding the film and making adjustments by gut feel.

“A film camera?” he walks up to you to peer closer. “That’s unusual.”

“I prefer it,” you say defensively. “I like having limited chances to capture the shot.”

“Why?” he questions.

“Doesn’t something become more precious to you when it’s not guaranteed that you’ll get it?”

“Having many chances doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed,” he points out. “It will still be precious to you if you tried many times and never gave up.”

You open your mouth, silent, unable to think of a comeback but Hyuk interrupts the exchange. “Kids, this isn’t philosophy class.” He sits on the sand and leans back. “But honestly, this photography class is also a bit tiresome. I don’t know how you can keep taking pictures of the same sunrise, Y/N.”

“It’s never the same sunrise, though.” you and Jungkook say at the same time. You exchange glances; Jungkook grins and you glance away.

“Ah, to be young and sentimental.” Hyuk clucks his tongue.

You roll your eyes, but a giggle escapes your lips. “Oppa! Don’t pretend to be such an adult.”

Jungkook examines his camera’s screen again. He appears to be going for a long exposure shot. “This will take a while.” He reaches into a bag by the feet of his tripod and pulls out a couple of cylindrical items. He tosses one at you, and you catch it in a single hand. Hyuk fumbles with the one Jungkook lobs at him and has to use both hands.

“My hyung, Jin, made them,” Jungkook says. “You should try it. Saren-noona likes them.”

You realize it’s an unsliced kimbap in plastic wrap. Hyuk’s already halfway through his and coughs. Jungkook tosses juice boxes at you both. You can’t help but snort at his juvenile choice of drinks. He notices your amusement and scrunches his nose. You end up snorting again, at his inadvertently cute gesture, this time.

The three of you clean out Jungkook’s kimbap stash by the time the sun has risen just above the horizon. He finishes his shot and checks it on his tablet, nodding in satisfaction. He waves it at you. “Wanna see?”

You prepare yourself as you reach for the tablet; it might be yet another thing he’s good at. But the image still blows you away–the colors are vibrant and distinct instead of blurring into each other and the zooming effect subtle but still making you feel like the sky’s creeping towards you. A ‘wow’ slips out from you in a gasp, so you have to grudgingly tell him: “It’s good.”

“Thanks,” he says without a hint of ego, bunny smile reappearing. You step back, feeling off balance again, but luckily for you, Hongbin appears just in time to divert the guys’ attention.

“Hyogi, Hyogi, Hyogi!” Hongbin cries, inexplicably shirtless despite the fact that he’s carrying several shirts, still in their hangers. You gape at his well-defined chest and abs.

“What, hyung?” Hyuk glances sideways at you, snickering. “Be careful, I think you made Y/N freeze and now we have to reboot her.”

You shrug. “Can I help it if I have eyes?”

Hongbin giggles, blushing. “Sorry. But I really needed Hyogi’s help.” He holds up the shirts for his brother to see. “I’m going to the city with noona. Which one do you think she’ll like?”

“Noona seems to like you in pink…” Hyuk looks at you for confirmation.

You give him a thumbs-up. “You didn’t hear it from me, but yes.”

“That.” Hyuk takes all the shirts except for a short-sleeved button-down the color of cherry blossoms.

Hongbin puts it on and smooths down imaginary wrinkles. “How do I look?”

“Like you’re ready for a date with noona.” Hyuk makes loud kissing noises. You bite your lip to stifle your cackles. Jungkook frowns at all of you, confused.

“It’s not a date,” Hongbin sighs. “I wish it was, but it’s not, not as long as noona doesn’t want to… do you think she’ll ever want to?”

“You can always go shirtless, then maybe she’ll want to,” Hyuk teases.

“Yah!” Hongbin protests. “She’s going to take me for a pervert if I do that. I’m going now, wish me luck.” He waves at all three of you.

“Good luck on your date with noona!” Hyuk calls after him.

Jungkook gawks at Hongbin’s retreating back. “I’m sorry, but–which noona are we talking about?”

“My unnie, of course.” You wink as his jaw drops. “Your noona.”

“Holy shit.”

Nick's Family Chapter 5

Hi there, frithislord here. With chapter five of Nick’s Family. Hope you will enjoy it and find and figure out all the crossover references:) Sorry for the wait. Let’s begin.

Judy did not know what to be expected. But whatever it is, she was scared but ready.
The reptiles walked Judy to a circle of rocks, with leaves that were sorted in a strange pattern. They told her to stand in the center of the circle and had her face the giant rock in front of her. She did what she was told and waited for what to come next.
“Be ready carrots.” Nick warned, while leaving Judy alone making her even more nervous.
Clawhauser finally woke up from his fainting spell, just to see Judy in the circle. The curious cheetah walk and asked Nick what was going on. Nick explained everything that just happened while he was out. Clawhauser stood next to the fox, to see what might happen next. Swearing to himself that whatever happens next he was not going to faint again.
Judy was nervous, waiting for what comes next.
“I’m ready for the test.” the still nervous Judy said out loud.
Then fire and smoke came from behind the giant rock in front of her. Revealing a dark and demonic looking shadow with a voice as loud as thunder.
“Did hear someone say they’re ready for the test? Let me hear say "Aaah”
“Aaah” Judy screamed, falling on her tail.
“That’s close enough.” said the evil looking shadow.“
‘What is this? A ghost? A demon? What’s going on?’ The scared and confused bunny thought to herself.
"Get ready, little bunny fu-fu. Your serpentine salvation is at hand!” said the fiery shadow. “Many through out the centuries thought they could past 'the test of trust’. All have tryed and all have failed. Except for that fox who brought you here. Trust is extremely sacred to us reptiles. We don’t give it to just anyone. That’s the only reason we have survived and that’s also why we have the test, to see if your warmblooded kind is deserving. We will see if you’re pure and true bunny girl. You will see your true self. What kind of mammal you truly are. What’s in your soul. Your heart. On what’s on the inside. Because those who thought of themselves as kind, turned out to be cruel. Those who thought of themselves as brave and loyal, turned out to be disloyal cowards. Those who thought of themselves as honest and trustworthy, turned to be deceiving backstabers. And even cruel mammals who already thought of themselves to be bad, but when they saw their true selves their fur turned pale with fear and ran away SCREAMING. But heed my word! 'Cause if you fail and prove yourself untrustworthy, the penalty is slow and painful death!!!”
Judy was beyond terrified at this moment. But she dug up the courage to ask in a trembling voice “WH-WH-who are you?”
“Who am I? Who am I? I am the guardian of lost souls. I am the powerful, the pleasurable, the indestructible Mushu.” answered the shadow revealing itself to be a small bearded-dragon.
Judy instantly lost her fear of the little creature. Almost feeling a little deceived.
“You’re a little lizard!?!” Judy said.
“No. Dragon, I’m a dragon. I don’t do dat tongue thing.” Mushu replied before sticking his tongue at fly that flew by his head.
“Fool. Just 'cause you has the word dragon in you’re name, dosen’t mean You is a REAL dragon.” Uncle Lewis said.
“Wh…wh…What, I’m real dragon! I got a nice pedestal of me over there. That proves I’m a real dragon.” An angry Mushu replied, while pointing at statue that looked kind of like him. ( Which he made the statue himself btw )
Everyone burst into laughter at the poor deluded lizard.
“I am real dragon, I’m…just trapped in a bearded-dragon’s little body.” Mushu said before climbing up a sapling to reach the bunny’s face. “If I was my true self, I could breath fire. My powers are so strong, I can see straight through your bulletproof vest.”
The bunny let out a gasp, before putting her left paw over her vest and using the other one to slap the lizard off the sapling and to the ground.
“That’s it. Test is over you failed.” A hurt and angry Mushu said. “You’re no good, you’re the worst kind of mammal, you’re untrustworthy, you’re deceiving, you never deserved love, trust and friendship. Death and dishonor, That’s what you deserve. Dishonor on you’re whole family, dishonor on you, dishonor Zootopia, dishonor on ZPD, dishonor on-”
“Wait a minute, please I’m sorry I just reacted I didn’t think please forgive me.” Judy apologized and truly meaning it. At the same time trying not to laugh at how funny and cute Mushu looked holding up his little fists ready for a fight.
“Okay, I forgive you. But don’t slap me no more!”
“Dats’ my job heha” Mama Oldie said with a laugh. “Someone’s gots to knocks sum sens’ you weren’t born wit’ heha. Now hears da real test.”
Nick picked the old chameleon back up again and put her close to the bunny’s face. “I may be blind” said the old chameleon. “But deez eyes can see more then You know. What’s in your soul. 'Cause don’t matter what you look like, don’t matter what you wear. It’s what’s on the inside dat matters.”
'Well, the moment of truth. Here goes nothing’ Judy mentally said, doubting herself as worthy and even doubting what kind of mammal she is.
Mama Oldie look with her blind eyes upon the scared bunny’s face
“Hmmmm…uh-hu …hehehehaHAHAAA she done past da test. She is 100% pure and true. A good, kind heart and beautiful soul. She trustworthy hehe. Said the happy chameleon.
Judy, Nick and Clawhauser let out a sigh of relieve.
All the reptiles started cheering and clamouring, on the exception of Viper who was still very untrusting of the rabbit.
'I can’t believe it.’ The very at ease bunny thought to herself. 'I really past, I am a good mammal. I can be trusted.’
"You be da’ second mammal to ever pass da’ test.” Mama Oldie said then continued, “Nicky being da’ first. When we found da’ little kit, he be dirty. Only wearing nothen’ buts dat old torn up cub scouts uniform. Nobody wanted him or cared if he lived or died. He was skinny, nearly starved to death. But the infections on his face from dim deep scars on each side of he face. Probably would have killed him first.”
'The Muzzle’ Judy remembered. She started thinking about those cub scouts beating Nick up and muzzled him. Just how tight did those cubs have that muzzle on him. Enough to cut him? Enough to make bleed? Deep enough to die from infection? She looked up at the foxes face to see dark lines on each side of his face. She always thought that was just part of his fur design. But they were the scars are. She put her paw on the left side of her cheek, to feel the scars put there by Gideon. At least her fur covered her scars where no one could notice. Nick’s scars where more then just physical or change of fur color. But deeper then that. 'Could me and Nick be kindred spirits.’ Judy thought.
“Tell ya’ll da’ truth. We told little Nicky, if he didn’t pass da’ test dat we’s gonna eat him. Haha dat little baby cried like a-OW!!!” Mater teased before getting knock on the head by Mama Oldie’s staff.
“Dats why knock ya upside ja’ head boy” Mama Oldie shouted. “Now Mater, you and Mushu go eat dat hawk ohd'er dar’. It’s already cooked and ready to eats hehe.”
Judy’s eyes shot open. “What. You’re going to eat it?
"Of course sweetie. It’s be a sin waste food.” replied Mama Oldie.
“Now that’s what I call Cajun barbecue. Let’s dig in Mater.” Mushu said before him and Mater chowed down. Making Judy faint at the sight.
“Ha. I didn’t faint this time I -huh” Clawhauser said before fainting again.
“Okay, that’s getting old.” Nick said in a annoyed tone. Then putting the bunny’s head under Clawhauser’s armpit to wake her up. It worked but made the bunny mad. As she saw him laughing at her reaction.
“Nick, you jerk!” the angry bunny said before she punched him in the arm while the dumb fox was still laughing. Viper gave Judy the snake eye when she saw the bunny punch her step-bother. Which Judy and Nick were both unaware of the snake’s stare.
“Okay chiiild what’s you need help wit’ ummm?” asked Mama Oldie.
“Well me and Nick need to know what happened to Manchas when he went savage. At the Rainforest District of Vine and Tujunga.” Judy answered and realised she just said her and Nick.
“Lewis, Ted, bring me da’ pot of gumbo.” Mama Oldie ordered and they obeyed.
Judy had no idea what gumbo is. But it smelled good. She smelled celery, onions, sassafras, okra, some hot sauce, bell pepper and something that’s very unfamiliar to her but couldn’t put her finger in it.
“My gumbo hasn’t been da’ same sens’ my favorite grandson Nicky went out on his own. You always knew whats’ I needed. Here take a taste and see what I be missin’.” Mama Oldie said while using her tale to put some of the soup on his mouth.
“Mama Oldie, you need two shots of Tabasco.” Nick said then putting the sauce in.
The old chameleon took a taste and yelped “Hehehaaa dats what it needed. Dat puts sum zang into it. Okay now everyone gather 'round here.” Mama Oldie then looked down at the gumbo and chanted. “Gumbo gumbo in da’ pot. What happened to the savage Manchas. Well, what you GOT!!!”

What will we see in the pot of gumbo. Find out next Find out in the next Chapter. Tell me what you guys think In the comments please. You guys are all awesome.

Enjoy @crewefox @yoshifan30 @nekomimiranger @cloudyloudy @oddwilde22 @master-lux @oggzz @nick-and-judy-daily @alexboehm55144 @albusaquila @diepjun @simonphillip-dosser @fourthdimension99 @imafoxylilringirl @thatweelassie @foxrabbit92 @spazziebunnie @noahthefewkes @notactualusername @kagrs @twilightechos @theunaccomplishedwriter @somethingfurrythiswaycomes @feverwildehopps @gameboy1990 @mikefailsatdrawing

RotG Jackrabbit Week: Crossover

I have written a lot of RotG crossover fics. Found one I hadn’t done: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I may write a follow up to this later, because I have feels about Charlie needing some friends.

On AO3: Wingfic AU, Retail AU, Soulmarks, Royalty AU, Time Travel, Crossover

Edible Landscaping

Jack eagerly followed Bunny down the tunnel he’d formed, expected to emerge into some other spirit domain. Instead, they exited into the parking lot of an industrial complex. Huh.

“A factory?” Jack hadn’t been sure what Bunny had meant by needing to do some magical maintenance work on a garden for a friend, but he was curious as hell. This was no spirit domain, however. Dull, grey, and industrial… Wait. “Is your friend human?”

“Mostly,” Bunny answered and made for the large metal doors. Jack ran to catch up.

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STAN: I have no idea. Trust me, Kenny talks about this all the fucking time!

STAN: And Butters is like… acting really weird and mysterious!
STAN: We all don’t know what he’s up to! He never has time anymore and is always like ‘Aw, I can’t tell you!‘
GARY: When I went out shopping with my pregnant sister for her baby, I saw Butters there too. He bought some stuff for a baby girl.
STAN: What, are you saying he knocked a girl up and is now a dad?

GARY: Well, I think he’d make a great dad.
STAN: He’s twenty! He’s too young!
GARY: Not long ago you wanted to propose to your girlfriend…
STAN: Ex Girlfriend!


A Zootopia fanfic I wrote today :)

“Lizzie! Lizzieee!” The sound of Eliza’s older sister yelling echoed from down the hall. Eliza ignored her, annoyed to be called by her kit name. Lizzie was a name for babies and Eliza was eight now. Far too old to be called a baby name. She continued playing with her dolls who, at the moment, were having a very important tea party. Light thudding footsteps grew louder until they stopped at the doorway to the bedroom. The room, usually loud and full of Eliza’s siblings, had twelve kit-sized beds and was deserted except for her and her sister. Eliza looked up at Emma who was rudely interrupting her alone time. It wasn’t everyday that all of her siblings would be out of the way for such a long period of time and Eliza wanted to savor every moment of having the beautiful dolls all to herself. She wished she had hidden the dolls so that Emma wouldn’t make her share, but it was too late now.

“What is it, Em?” Eliza groaned dramatically.

Emma hopped in place, her ears standing straight up as she spoke. “Everyone’s looking for you. Aunt Judy is here!” Eliza stared blankly. They had hundreds of aunts and uncles and she didn’t understand why everyone was downstairs just to see one Bunny.

“So?” She shrugged and continued filling the teacups with imaginary tea.

“The one who got married to a Fox!” Emma’s eyes were wide with excitement and she smiled as if what she said held the magic words to make Eliza race downstairs.

Eliza sighed. “So?” She didn’t care if Bunny Claus himself were downstairs. She wouldn’t give up this isolation for anything.

“Well don’t you wanna see their little kits? One of them has really cool eyes! It’s like purple but it has green in the middle and-”

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