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I… I don’t even know, you guys. It was supposed to be something cute with Rosie’s first Easter and some domestic Johnlock, but then there was a murder bunny and an infant somehow able to solve crimes and it all turned to crack. I regret nothing.

Happy Easter, everyone!

~ Froggy, your admin

Bad Teeth [Sherlock Holmes x Reader]

Author’s Note: This is another one of those times where I’m posting something I’d written long ago, for the sake of posting. I did want to write a fic today but of course, homework comes first, and part of my homework involves writing a lot of poetry, which depleted my creativity for the day! And now I’m very tired. I need to watch season 4 of Sherlock still. When I have the time. So then I can maybe start writing new things for the lovely detective.

Word Count: 298

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Target: Molly Hooper

(in which Sherlock treats courting Molly Hooper with all the enthusiasm of a case)

Delicious plot bunnies:

-Sherlock reading five thousand books on love and relationships to sort out what his feelings for Molly are

-Sherlock asking John five thousand questions about love

-Sherlock asking Greg for help

-Sherlock overthinking everything until John goes bonkers

-Sherlock having the following exchange with John:

“So you want to date Molly?”

“No, I want to marry her, but we’ll start with dating.”

Cue John losing his mind

-Sherlock realizing he’s not good enough for Molly and John being like so you become the person she knows you can be

-Sherlock having multiple conversations with mind palace Molly to the extent that he can’t remember which Molly he’s told what

-Sherlock trying to ask Molly out for coffee and failing miserably

-Sherlock taking Molly on a crime solving date and they finally have chips

-Sherlock taking Molly to Angelos

-Sherlock testing out theories about Molly’s likes and dislikes

-Sherlock keeping a log of every single moment

-Molly giving Sherlock a dog

-Molly going with Sherlock to see Eurus

-Sherlock and Molly dancing

-Sherlock and Molly playing music together

-Sherlock and Molly baby-sitting Rosie together

-Sherlock writing a song for Molly

-Mycroft meeting with Molly and telling her to be careful because his brother’s heart is easily broken

-Sherlock and Molly having a fight and Sherlock is so miserable he can barely get out of bed. Or he solves crimes until he is dead on his feet.

-Sherlock and Molly visiting her father’s grave

-Sherlock and Molly meeting his parents

-Sherlock and Molly performing experiments together

The adorable possibilities are endless!