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I… I don’t even know, you guys. It was supposed to be something cute with Rosie’s first Easter and some domestic Johnlock, but then there was a murder bunny and an infant somehow able to solve crimes and it all turned to crack. I regret nothing.

Happy Easter, everyone!

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sherlock learning cheap magic tricks to pull on john one day while he’s bored. he pulls a coin out of john’s ear, disappears john’s silverware, pulls a plush bunny out of a deerstalker. john finally stands up and goes over and says, i know a magic trick. sherlock nods and says, go on. and john watches him for a minute, goes in a circle around him, then says, hmm. yes. and suddenly leans in and kisses him. and sherlock goes a bit pink with the surprise, even tho the kissing is a regular feature nowadays, and says, what sort of trick was that? and john smirks and says, the trick to distracting you. would you like to see it again?  

Bad Teeth [Sherlock Holmes x Reader]

Author’s Note: This is another one of those times where I’m posting something I’d written long ago, for the sake of posting. I did want to write a fic today but of course, homework comes first, and part of my homework involves writing a lot of poetry, which depleted my creativity for the day! And now I’m very tired. I need to watch season 4 of Sherlock still. When I have the time. So then I can maybe start writing new things for the lovely detective.

Word Count: 298

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  • Doyle: *writing Holmes* The nature of their relationship needs to be made clear to the reader, but it has to be made in a very subtle way... I think I will have them hold hands here, yes... because of the danger, of course. *chuckles* And then they can share a room in the next scene...
  • Hornung: *writing Raffles* "THEY WERE SLEEPING TOGETHER". There. Done. *cracks knuckles and yawns*
  • Doyle: But, dear brother... the readers -
  • Hornung: Nope. They better deal with it. Lunch?