bunny salad


Munch munch munch
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Yixing likes this video of a bunny eating salad and i’m not crying you are


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i was tagged by @lattinalance thanks sunshine

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Nickname: eli, eli-beli, salad, bunny, motherFUCKER

Zodiac: aquarius

Height: 5′1 im little

Last thing i googled: ice cream paint job karaoke lyrics LOL

Favorite music artist: uH my chemical romance i think (ik ik im emo)

Last movie i saw: in theatres: wonder woman, at home: lilo & stitch

why did i choose my url: cause im klance af and i saw someone say it LOL

do i have any other blogs: hell yup my main is @lnvitation but i post 18+ stuff there sometimes so i mean..at ur own risk yanno

what did your last relationship teach you: long distance will be the death of me communication really is everything

religious or spiritual: uhhh i was raised in the catholic south…but i was really affected by “god hates f*gs” ideology so ive definitely turned my back on it. im unsure if there is a higher power, im unsure if there is a hell, but i do believe in heaven as an option.

Favorite colour: this specific shade of pink

average hours of sleep: exactly 10 hours and 15 minutes. any more or less and i might as well just not get out of bed LMAO

Lucky number: 5

Favorite Character: lance lance lance lance lance

How many blankets do i sleep with: usually 1 but in the winter 2

Dream job: kindergarten teacher!! i love kids and inspiring and helping people so its pretty much a perfect fit for me!!

i tag:

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dont feel obligated to do this tho