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The RFA+V+Saeran giving you cute nicknames

heyheyhey i’m just procratinating studying for the 5 hour chemistry test i have tomorrow (kill me plz), so enjoy this fluff!


  • You know those sickening sweet nicknames
  • Like honey bunny, cutie pie and sweetie
  • That’s everything he ever calls you
  • Everyone hated him for it but he looked so happy whenever he made you blush, so you could never ask him to stop
  • Would die if you called him that as well, so guess what you did?
  • Lots of forehead kisses, hand holding and cutesy nicknames
  • #Goals


  • We all know he calls you babe and princess way too much
  • If you call him babe or prince, he will blush with 200% certainty
  • In private, he likes giving you playful and suggestive nicknames like hot stuff or pretty lady everything sounds playful and suggestive when he says it
  • If he’s tired after a long day, he will just ask for his baby girl to join him to bed


  • She calls you cookie
  • The first time she did it you were stressed about the next RFA party, because the emails you were supposed to answer didn’t make sense
  • How were you supposed to answer an actual cat?
  • When she hugged you and said “you’re a smart cookie, you will figure it out”, then she realized that it was the perfect nickname
  • You were sweet and comforting after a long day
  • She liked to joke about how she wishes she met you earlier when she worked for Jumin and only had time for a glass of milk for breakfast, saying how you already then would be perfect for her


  • He likes the traditional pet names, like sweetie, darling or princess don’t get me wrong i love those but what an old man
  • You bet your ass he will spoil you and dress you up as an actual princess
  • No suprises here, he also calls you kitten
  • You just reminded him so much of his Elizabeth
  • Both of you were loving towards him, smol, precious and soft


  • Most of the time he jokingly calls you his monkey, as you’re able to put up with (and return) his crazy jokes
  • Sometimes he also calls you alien, claiming that you’re “out of this world”
  • When he’s in a more serious mood, he uses names like my love and doll bc you’re so precious and he’s till lowkey scared to hurt you
  • Will most definitely dress up as a ghost and call you his boo


  • Like Jumin, he would use those old, cheesy nicknames he’s also an old soul don’t blame him blame where he grew up
  • Like angel, honey, darling or love
  • After he has gotten his eye surgery, he couldn’t stop looking at you and repeating that you were beautiful
  • That kind of stuck around, now he calls you beauty or beautiful more often than you bother to keep track of


  • He honestly isn’t too big on nicknames, claiming they’re stupid
  • He does call you babe sometimes, especially if you’re in public and he is worried that someone is flirting with you, but usually he just calls you by your name
  • Unless you’re alone, then he would feel more comfortable with calling you things like baby girl or princess
  • When he’s feeling extra affectionate he likes to hold you close, kiss your forehead and say that you’re his everything not really a nickname but shh
Imagine your OTP this Easter

Dyeing eggs, and getting dye everywhere. Then taking a long leisurely shower together.

Trying to make Easter dinner and failing miserably. So they end up eating Easter candy instead.

Going to each other’s families dinners, and spending most of their time in each other’s childhood rooms making out.

In charge of the egg hunt, where they endlessly flirt while they try to separate fighting kids.

In the egg hunt as kids, who are trying to find the most eggs, by any means possible.

As single parents at the egg hunt, whose kids seem to be conspiring to set them up.

Leading the bunny hop.

Eating pie together, lots of pie together.

Being sat at the same table, at a fancy Easter brunch, because they are the only single people there.

Eating mashed potatoes, because it may be the only thing that wasn’t sat on fire.

On a Easter coffee date because why not.

Wearing pastel sweaters together.

With bunnies.

Just try to imagine these.

Property of James T. Kirk. Do not read

Nicknames for Leonard H. McCoy;

Tall and dark
Kitty kat
Honey bunny
Corn cob
Moon pie
Doom an’ Gloom


Telling Shitty

It’s a Thursday night. Jack is just back from a roadie, loose-limbed and happy with himself. Bitty is in his kitchen, making omelettes for a late supper, wearing one of Jack’s shirts.

Moments like this make Jack think things, fierce possessive things like I want this all the time, though they’re not quite there yet. Maybe next year, when Bitty knows what he’s doing after college. I can see there from here.

The phone call is an intrusion, but it’s Shitty, and Jack has been feeling bad about him, so he takes it.

“Hey, Shits.”

Bitty turns and smiles over his shoulder, and that’s distracting enough that it takes a few moments for Jack to realise that Shitty is a bit drunk, and a lot apologetic.

“…Seriously, brah, it was not cool of me to call you out like that in front of everyone, I know you like your privacy, it was a dick move on my part…”

“Shitty,” Jack says steadily. He feels sort of light-headed, but they’ve talked about this, he and Bitty, they have a plan for when he feels ready, but maybe he will never feel 100% ready, not until until he actually jumps of the cliff.

Impulse decisions have worked out pretty well for him lately. 

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Yixing Zhang As A Boyfriend

-Both in personality and in zodiac! Yixing is a Libra.

-He’s going to be forgetful so it’s up to you to remember the where’s and why’s and how’s of what’s going on and to keep him on track! Also, don’t let go of his hand in a store. 

      *Looks up and noticed Yixing has walked off because he saw a necklace stand*

           “Not again.” 

-With that being said he never forgets when your birthday is, and special days in your relationship. 

   “Baobei! Remember our first date and we saw P.S. I love you? I have something prepared for us tonight because of that.” 

         *You: intense watery anime eyes*

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-He doesn’t think of himself a lot, he thinks of others and as a result overworks himself. Yixing is constantly thinking he can do more and pushes himself. It’s up to you to remind him health is more important than anything. 

   “I know it’s a lot but I have a photo shoot, and this company wants me to do a commercial, and I promised them I would. I think the same day Exo has an interview.”

         *Grabbing his face making sure he looks at you.* “Yixing…enough. Wind down…please.” 

-As a Libra maintaining peace and harmony is a staple in a relationship. No matter what’s going on, making sure that you guys remain calm, civil and at the end in love is what his priorities are. 

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-He’s such a cutie. He unknowingly does everything you ever wanted in a boyfriend without even thinking about it twice. From the way he wishes you to have a good day, to waiting at home for you with a meal.

-He’s so precious and innocent. He can be crazy sexy with just a smile or a look and not even know the effect he has on you. 

    *listening to him sing, and dance around the house shaking his groove thing*

         “You have no idea what you do to me.”

               *Confused Yixing* “What am I doing?”

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-At the same time he is very well aware the amount of sex appeal he has, and will purposefully go from cutie pie baby bunny to passionate heart breaker and panty dropper. 

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-As lovers, Libras are expressive, creative and balanced. They will do all that is necessary to please their partners. He’s charming and dedicated to the lady he has chosen to make his own. 

-Surprise butt cheek opening

       “Refreshing isn’t it?” 

-Snapping your fingers in front of his face, when he starts to drift off in la la land. As per Lay usual. 

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-Constantly having the dancer line at your house practicing. Kai, Lay, Sehun, Xiumin feat. Baekhyun because he’s Lay’s number one fan. 

-Getting into cheering competitions with Baekhyun on who loves and supports Lay more. 

      Baek: “You know he prefers it when you just clap on the intense parts the yelling messes him up.”

            *Trying to control the urge to slap Baekhyun as he blows kisses to Yixing.* 

-Grabbing food or visiting family in China and watching him just open up when he’s in his own element. 

      “Oh Baobei there’s a shop here that sells dumplings they are delicious let’s go!” 

          *drags you through the crowded streets but; you’re happy because he’s so happy* 

-The abs. He’ll come around a corner calling your name over and over until you look at him; then he lifts up his shirt, wiggles his hips and walks off laughing. 

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-Libras are always willing to help. They may be indecisive and prone to delays but never doubt that they will be there when you need them to be. Yixing will always be your best friend when you need him to. 

-He’ll be your number one cheerleader. He’s constantly pushing you to do better and encouraging you to be the best you can be. He never doubts what you can do, and knows when to give you that extra push. 

     “I don’t know how these braids look Yixing, I feel like my head is too small.” 

            *Takes your hand* “Let’s go take a few selfies, I like your small head it fits perfectly on my shoulder.” 

-The way he seduces you. Craftily sneaking up behind you, grabbing onto your waist and kissing your neck. He gets right to the point, his hands going up your shirt grabbing your breasts. He’d start to push you towards the bedroom, whispering in your ear about how he’s thought about this all day and he can’t wait to get you under him. 

-He’s a talker in bed. He compliments your hair, and eyes. He tells you how beautiful you look with your lips parted and wrapped around him. He’s the type to caress your face, and ask you if you like how he tastes. 

     “What if I touch you right here? Just stroke this spot just how you like it.” *A breathy moan comes from his mouth, as he watches your body contort* 

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-He’s a moaner as well. Right in your ear, with his hands firmly planted on your waist. His warm breath on your neck, while he’s moving his hips back and forth. 

-The cuddling after. How he buries his nose in your hair and smells your neck. He prefers to cuddle naked too, refusing to let you put on any clothes, he wants to feel all of you and constantly tells you that. 

All in all, Yixing is straight up husband material. He’s not the type of boyfriend you let go easily and if you do (why tho? Unless he’s coming to me) he’s the one you compare all the rest to. You’ll never forget him, and he’ll make sure you don’t. 

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alexandrite-orchid  asked:

I want to know what each heathers ship would call each other in a romantic way in your opinion

okay, so I’ve been sitting on this ask, cause I wasn’t sure if you meant Heathers ships as in, the Heathers, or all ships from the fandom, so I eventually went with Heathers meaning THE Heathers and not all the ships, and their cutesy nicknames. if I got that wrong, I apologise…. anyways, here they are….

chandlmara: Chandler to McNamara: cutie pie, bunny, fuzzy bee, sweetie pie, honeybun, ducky, love bun, and macky wacky. McNamara to Chandler: red hot, hot bod, queen bee (normally after Chandler calls her fuzzy bee), my queen, chandy candy, cutie patootie, and snuggly wuggly Heather poo.

dukesaw: Duke to Veronica: nerd, bookworm, dork, geek, dweeb, loser, ronica, cootie squad, greasy nobody, and occasionally when no one else is around, roni-ron, ron bon, or sweet kisses. Veronica to Duke: cutie, sugar lumps, sweet cheeks, sweetie, hershey kisses, kitten, sugar lips, pumpkin, sweet thang, baby bear, dumpling, pudding pop, and whatever she can come up with on the spot to fluster her.

chanduke: Chandler to Duke: bitch face, asshat, cunt licker, fuckling, bitch lips, dog fucker, and when she’s feeling affectionate, duckers, cutie booty, or smooshy wooshy. Duke to Chandler: ass licker, red rocket, cum guzzler, sperm dumpster, and when no one else is around, chandy, candy cheeks, and can-can.

mcduke: McNamara to Duke: cutie wootie, fuzzy duckling, cuddle bun, sweet pea, Dukey wookey, duckie wuckie, snuggle bug, and DeeDee. Duke to McNamara: goody two shoes, needy weedy (normally when McNamara calls her Dukey wookey), honey, honeycomb, macaroni, cheesy butt, mar mar, ra-ra, and Future Mrs. Heather Duke.

mcnamawyer:Veronica to McNamara: fuzzy wuzzy, sunset, sunflower, cuddle bug, cutie butt, love bug, honey bee, bumble bee, sugar cubes, lovey wovey, maccy, nam-nam, baby girl, angel, lil princess, buttercup, sunshine, and mcnam. McNamara to Veronica: ron-ron, ronnie, lovey wovey, cutie rootie, love dove, snuggle butt, kissy face, pupper, and kissy wissy missy.

chansaw: Veronica to Chandler: babe, hot thing, angel lips, rose kisses, dream girl, kink queen, lil devil, candy chandy, muffin, elegant rose, pookie wookie, doll face, and little girl. Chandler to Veronica: bubble butt, sexy, blueberry kisses, kitty cat, Roni, squishy wishy, liquor lips, and V-Ron.

jduke: Duke to JD: poser, wannabe, walking disaster, bad boy, casanova, and daredevil. JD to Duke: cactus, succubus, wicked witch of the west, miss pouty, sweet envy, and number one.

trenchcoatscrunchie/chandean: Chandler to JD: lover boy, red dawn, wonder boy, honey badger, and kingy. JD to Chandler: head bitch, boner killer, ladybug, wonder woman, panda bear, and queenie.

jd x mcnamara: McNamara to JD: boo boo bear, fire cracker, binky, tough guy, bunny wunny, cutie booty, snuggle butt, and jason wason. JD to McNamara: squeaky toy, mac nam, doodle bug, mac mac, and cuddle butt.

if y'all want other ships not here,or if I missed any, lemme know??? and I’ll come up with some more.