bunny pie

Telling Shitty

It’s a Thursday night. Jack is just back from a roadie, loose-limbed and happy with himself. Bitty is in his kitchen, making omelettes for a late supper, wearing one of Jack’s shirts.

Moments like this make Jack think things, fierce possessive things like I want this all the time, though they’re not quite there yet. Maybe next year, when Bitty knows what he’s doing after college. I can see there from here.

The phone call is an intrusion, but it’s Shitty, and Jack has been feeling bad about him, so he takes it.

“Hey, Shits.”

Bitty turns and smiles over his shoulder, and that’s distracting enough that it takes a few moments for Jack to realise that Shitty is a bit drunk, and a lot apologetic.

“…Seriously, brah, it was not cool of me to call you out like that in front of everyone, I know you like your privacy, it was a dick move on my part…”

“Shitty,” Jack says steadily. He feels sort of light-headed, but they’ve talked about this, he and Bitty, they have a plan for when he feels ready, but maybe he will never feel 100% ready, not until until he actually jumps of the cliff.

Impulse decisions have worked out pretty well for him lately. 

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Romantic Relationship with Swerve

● Being in a romantic relationship with Swerve is like being in a never ending honeymoon phase. It’s filled with smooches, nose boops, hand holding, and a whole lot of ‘I love you’s.

● He’ll come up with tons of nicknames for his partner, ranging from ‘sweetspark’ to ‘hunny-bunny-cutie-pie’ and everything in between.

● He’ll almost always maintain some kind of physical contact with his partner, whether it’s just holding hands or something as simple as having his foot touching theirs when they’re sitting together somewhere. He’ll usually just pull them into his lap when they’re sitting, though. Unless they’re bigger than him, in which case this boy is definitely gonna be sitting in their lap.

● He will use his partner as a pillow if they’ll let him. He’ll probably fall asleep with his head in their lap while holding their hand.

● He’ll give kisses anywhere, anytime. In fact, he’ll surprise his partner with kisses when they’re least expecting it. He’ll start to grin if he gets his partner to blush as a result of a surprise kiss, and comment on how cute they are with said blush. And then he’ll give them more kisses.

What kind of boyfriend would Ten be?

- Ten is the sweetest boyfriend
- He always calls you by some really embarrassing nickname like love muffin, my little cutie patootie, sugar pie, honey bunny
- You guys have a super chill relationship and can tell each other anything
- You two go to each other for life advise
- Both of you have a sweet tooth, you’re always checking out new pastries shops together
- Neither of you can ever decide what to order when you go out, so you guys always order two or three different things and split them
- Ten always has to sleep with you which is nice, but it can occasionally get on your nerves
- You’ll be working on some school assignment late at night, and Ten will not stop poking your side or snuggling into your neck until you join him in bed, so he can finally sleep
- He’s super big on PDA
- Nothing too out there, he just really enjoys physical contact like back hugs or hand holding
- You’re both really lazy, so the dishes are always piled up in the sink, but you guys eventually get to them
- Arguments never last long, both of you are willing to accept when you’ve made a mistake and apologize
- You guys rock couples earrings on a pretty regular basis
- Ten is a lot like a cat in the sense that one minute he’s snuggling up to you and the next he needs his personal space
- When he goes on tour he leaves you cute little love notes around the house for you to find
- He calls your puppy his baby, and always talks about your future children
- You guys go on cute coffee dates regularly
- You can never agree on what to watch, so you always argue over the remote, but eventually you both just give up and decide to cuddle in bed instead
- On the weekend the two of you like to go to the park with your puppy and play fetch
- Neither of you enjoys cooking, so you usually do it together to make it more fun
- Ten loves playing with your hair, he’s usually the one who braids it for you
- When he’s on tour he’ll stay up all night Skyping you while his roommate complains in the background, at this point no one wants to room with him because they can never get any sleep
- Every single time he’s away he comes back with a present for you
- He’s amazing with dates, he never misses a birthday or anniversary
- Overall Ten’s a great catch


“hop hop Bunny hop!”

(did anyone else play that game when they were kids? That’s what she’s doing XD)

Mira barely fit in this one, with her gigantic bust (for an msd) but I’m glad I managed to get her in it. She’s so cute!! All the pictures turned out nice in this outfit. But I didn’t try anything complicated this time.

Another great outfit from kleincrew.