bunny pals


Nick Wilde & Skye Head canon: You found me~ 

Takes place after Nick’s first year in the ZPD. 

Okay, here’s the sequel comic I made for my head canon, Young Nick Wilde & Skye.  

Read : here for first comic

Anyways, yeah I think this is how they would meet up again. This time with their best Bunny & Hare pals ^^”  Oh and if you’re wondering why Jack and Judy knew each other, this my other head canon about them:  here . Basically he was an exchange student in Judy’s high school and was also her friend.  

I feel like there’s story more to this comic. maybe another chapter? I don’t know. if you have ideas for the next chapter feel free to share em with me.

Oh and @pyrophoricitee​ I’m done! 


pressure pals !! weighted white bunny

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things in homestuck my dad got really excited about: 

-Dad’s notes
-Unreal Air (he texted me “THE SKATEBOARD HAS COME IN FOR A LANDING” one time and i was confused) 
-Feferi Piexes
-the circular nature of time
-Pony Pals
-Swole Bunny Men
-that one SBaHJ comic with “i have the car” in it 

anonymous asked:

Ur part of the problem??? Don't stage door a show you haven't seen and then complain about how many people are there??

Ohhhh hunny bunnie pal o mine i promise the girls who did see the show who were pushing each other over were way more of a problem than me showing up early




Here’s some water


It’s alright

Like you said, my complaints won’t change anyone else’s opinion, so if that’s the case, why comment on my dumb text post? Why continue this? Why are you seemingly trying to pick a fight with me? I am a simple person trying to make nice things and say stuff about other stuff I care about and stuff that annoys me, so if you really don’t like me feel free to leave dude. The hypothetical door is over there, it’s not locked I promise. I’m not keeping you hostage on my blog. Be free!