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Now this is interesting.

The moment Finnick opened the door, he scanned for large-sized mammals immediately. With an already-cracked baseball bat at the ready, and a clearly angry voice. And a totally hostile body language. As if this had not been his first time to be disturbed in a similar way.

Then he looked downward.

Within the space of 5-6 frames his scowl disappeared, and he relaxed slightly.

Not because he underestimated a bunny.

But he suddenly recognized, this is the bunny that broke his pal’s heart.

I don’t believe he immediately acquiesced to Judy’s plea for him to reveal Nick’s whereabouts.

My headcanon is that he would demand Judy to explain what the eff happened. He’s The Pal, and he would’ve had appointed himself as the first line of defense against additional emotional distress/trauma to Nick.

Which means his role was more than just “The One to Show the Way to Redemption”, but also prepared her to really looked inward: Was she really remorseful? Did she really understand what she had done? Could she – had she – really exorcised the last vestiges of the evil demon of prejudice?

And probably: What was Judy’s real feelings for Nick? Just friends? More than that? Finnick will not let his pal’s heart be broken further. Now that he had heard the truth from the red fox’s mouth, he would want to hear the truth also from the bunny’s mouth.

Had the feelings not reciprocated, he would refuse to divulge where Nick was. To heck with Zootopia, which had treated the foxes unfairly. It was Nick’s well-being he was the most concerned about.

Such a short sequence, easy to miss, but carries so deep a meaning.

Hats off to the animators & directors.

ssv 02.14.17 part I 

@the-orphan-jedi i was your secret valentine this year! decided to draw up your ocs from new new story. i love the concept of it so much… this was a challenge to draw since i dont do animals a lot but im proud i got it down nonetheless. 

i think the blobby doctor alien is my favorite… hes so cute. im looking forward to hearing more about these characters as you develop the story and i hope you can animate it for your project like you wish to! 

ID #76496

Name: Shelby
Age: 17
Country: USA

hi, my name is Shelby but my friends call me shelbs! i am looking for a girl penpal around the same age as me, who shares some of the same interests and who lives in the united states. my favorite hobby is journaling i like it because i am able to express my emotions and thoughts freely, as i struggle with expressing my emotions to most people. thats another reason id like a penpal it would help being able to discuss some of my problems like i would in a journal but i would be able to get feedback from a real person. i have a bunny named Charlie. i am an aquarius, born on january 24th. i am 17 years old. i hope to find a few pen pals that i can become close friends with.

Preferences: female 14+

starter for askthefnafcrewandme


Freddy slept on his round stage in the breaker room with his bunny buddy puppet pal by his side. There was nothing really for the bear to do so he pretty much just slept. He then suddenly heard someone opening the breaker room door. He opened his eyes but quickly closed them because he didn’t want the other who entered his room to know that he was awake. All he did for now was listen to see who was there.


wahhh so i know i’ve been showing these pillow pals for ever and haven’t had any for sale online yet… but tomorrow i will be putting up the first one up in my shop (after i visit the post office to estimate shipping with and without tracking/insurance☺) 

this one will be the 4th out of 18 to leave my arms 

(ps they will all probably be personally hugged by me, that was not planned, i just can’t help it) 

The first bunny buddy p*low is up in my shop! (well actually it’s the 4th of 18 ♥)

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