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ridiculous Kylux AUs

my lovely @that-vicious-vixen was tired and i love her and want her to be happy so i decided to tell her some stories and she said i should share them and i said ok so here we are.

if any of these grab you in any way and you want to write them/draw them/cosplay/anything please do it and tag me i will love it i want it i want ten billion variations

also feel free to send me other movies or whatever for me to riff on, can’t promise i’ll do them all but these were fun

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Coach Tachibana

So, clearly Makoto, in his course as a coach, would be the object of many a first love.

So what I need now, is an AU where a 17 year old Makoto coaches the rest of our swimming dorks when they’re 12 (Sousuke, Rin, and Haru at the very least) and they all develop HUGE crushes on their coach.  So, there’s a lot of competition with each other for his attention/approval (though they’re subtle b/c they don’t want him to be disappointed in them) and they all kick ass in competitions b/c they don’t want to let him down and just like…all of them following him around with hearts in their eyes.  And of course they all take turns confessing and Makoto turns them down in the gentlest way possible and probably brings up their age.

Which means that five years later, Makoto has doomed himself to a series of “Oh no he’s hot” moments now that his first students are old enough to try and win him over properly.

Rabbit rescue is hard work. SO many people are only interested in tiny bunnies, baby bunnies, or certain “trendy” breeds such as lops or lionheads. Don’t even get me started on people who won’t consider a rabbit because it has red eyes… All rescue/shelter bunnies need homes! Many, wonderful, playful, affectionate bunnies get looked over because they aren’t as eye-catching as others, or maybe need a little while to warm up to the random stranger who keeps trying to touch them.