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I don’t post much about my weight loss journey but Words can’t describe how proud I am of myself for losing 94 pounds in the last year and 3 months! Seeing the difference in pictures motivates me to keep going. I feel like a whole new person and it feels great to be so confident in myself and wear the things I want to wear without caring what anyone thinks. Never did I ever think posting my selfies through out the weight loss process would get me 20 thousand Instagram followers! But with your help I’ve learned to love my body and my journey ain’t over, I’m still going 😊💖


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하이염 반가워요 하핫 가만 생각해보니 카페에 셀카는 오랜만인 것 같아서


[Before bed]

Hi, it’s nice to see you again. I thought about it and noticed that it’s been a while since I posted a selca in the cafe

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Some of my favorite Twin Peaks art on Society6!

Prints available (click the links)

1. Twin Peaks by Ale Giorgini

2. Damn Fine Coffee by Ingrid Skare

3. Black Lodge Coop by Bunny Miele

4. Log Lady portrait by Nes-draws

5. Twin Peaks Map by Robert Farkas

6. The Red Room by Chris Bergeron

7. special agent by Baasama

8.The Giant by Dewey Guyen

9. The Owls Are Not What They Seem by Pyro Dog Pins

10. Twin Peaks. Damn fine cup of coffee. by Delorme1979


>Literally Literal: The Literation

I fucking lost it at Trigun for some reason.

Dungeons & Dragons game log with Bunny


Bard: @aqua-stone
Paladin: @demonicangel67
Ranger: @adorabubbly
Sorcerer: @xenosaurus

Session Ten: Wow it’s been awhile hasn’t it?
So their first job is simple; escort a noble here on business to a few meetings. Just few problems. First the noble is too pretty. No really, like big, beautiful, rubenseque person pretty. They failed a charisma save and spent the first half of the mission blushing embarassedly and collectively losing their shit over their ward. They ran some chores, got to go shopping for the latest styles from the Haus of Strahd, it was all pretty fun up until the attempted assassination of the noble. With the noble delirious while recovering from poisoning and some of their biggest meetings yet to come the party comes to the most logical conclusion: Put the Bard in a fatsuit and impersonate the powerful business magnate they just met that morning.

What’s the worst that could happen?

(These will be shorter than my usual posts in parts just to get everything caught up)

My fave items! time for another acnl food giveaway  (o^▽^o)ノ

starts 8/5/15 ends 8/13/15 @ 4pm pt

Items >>

tteko plate, kimbap plate, rice cake, pumpkin pie, chocolate heart, berliner, birthday cake, afternoon-tea set, shaved-ice lamp, chocolate cake, bureom, new years noodles, twelve grape plate, turkey, coffee cup, milk, sugar, yule log, snow bunny, songpyeon, cream and sugar

handheld items >>

good-luck roll, lemon double scoop, vanilla ice cream, mint double scoop, matcha soft-serve, swirl soft serve, choco soft-serve

Info >>

there will be 1 winner, you don’t have to be following me to enter, likes and reblogs count (remember tumblr only counts 1 reblog so yeah) must have a spot for me to drop off the items, if you win and don’t reply in 24h I’ll pick another winner /sorry!, must be ok swapping FCs with me, if you have any questions just message me!

 good luck  ♡ (˘▽˘>ԅ( ˘⌣˘)

Horoscopes for January 23, 2016

Aries- If you have a central division player as your icon just dig a hole and sit in it, this week will not treat you kindly.

Taurus- If Brad Marchand scores a goal this week you will have 36 years of relatively okay luck. If he fails to score your favorite tv show will go on hiatus even though the last season ended on a cliff hanger.

Gemini- Philly fans who happen to be Gemini’s have a very eventful week ahead of them. 

Cancer- if your team makes the playoffs it’ll be in a wild card spot

Leo- if you counted sidney crosby out at the beginning of the season you’re a punk ass bitch

Virgo- If the oilers don’t let up a 3 goal lead take this picture of nuge with you for good luck

Libra- Chara is the most important person to Libras this week. if he ends the week with a negative +/-, run

Scorpio- if you’re ever followed/believed a puck bunny blog just fucking log off now

Sagittarius- if you can name one NHL player who shares your astrological sign your team will win a game maybe

Capricorn- You will carry a team to the top of your division and people will still be making jokes about the fact you don’t have ice. You’re Roberto Luongo

Aquarius- Aquarius Stars fans need to remember to take a nap before they post anything

Pisces- if your team will play an outdoor game this season your city will have a slightly warmer than average summer.