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The Antoine and Bunnie Retrospective - 137

“Line of Succession Part 2″ - Line of Succession II - Sonic the Hedgehog #156

I’m back! 

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Been real busy as of late and things are about to get even busier for me so I might have to reschedule what days I post the reviews on. Though for now, I had a real tough time with this particular issue. I feel like I covered most of the points I wanted to talk about in the last review and I didn’t really want to repeat myself so here are the edited highlights. 

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I… I don’t even know, you guys. It was supposed to be something cute with Rosie’s first Easter and some domestic Johnlock, but then there was a murder bunny and an infant somehow able to solve crimes and it all turned to crack. I regret nothing.

Happy Easter, everyone!

~ Froggy, your admin