bunny kiss


A little birthday something for Kaz who wanted S4 Sam - SN: 04x12

I’ve been listening to s/c/a/r/e/c/r/o/w for 30 minutes and im about to cry like holy shit i just love this song so much the lyrics are so amazing and the guitar at the beginning i just…. i cant… too beautiful i cant comprehend it

the enthusiastic virgin and the older experienced one
plot full of firsts and really excited make-out sessions and cautious handjobs and full-body blushing and hard breathing and guiding with words lots of ‘yeah just like that i like that’ 'you’ve got it baby’ and bodies shaking from ecstasy and holding and caressing and making soup after sex at two in the morning

Art trade with @beerwolves for more bunny!Stiles :) I don’t know if this counts since the Sterek is so small comparatively :<

I was going to do a cute drawing with bright colours, and then it turned into this wallpaper sized monster with a background.