bunny is the guardian of hope


Hello there! So, ‘apparently’, this person named Em (@cxruscxte) is creating a group verse about… Well… Magical girls! Careful, don’t let the ‘girls’ fool you, we welcome muses of any gender! It’s still a slight WIP, and is open to a certain extent. More info under the cut!

Also guys this is a serious verse I swear

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RotG mini-fanart time! I wanted to do the Guardians’ (and Pitch’s) shape symbols in a style inspired by the idea of how they might look if Jack had created the shapes out of frost. (And no, in case anyone is wondering, there’s no “hidden pictures” in any of these - just swirling and intertwined lines, shapes, and patterns.)

Shows up 20 minutes late with starbucks and a christmas photo.

Note to self, don’t start on a drawing christmas eve with the hopes of posting it christmas day.

But hey! A day late is better than no drawing at all! Man, its been a few years since I did a christmas photo, but here one is!

But come on guys, you’re at a christmas party, keep the smooching until later, ok?


2015.05.22 ♡♡♡ happy birthday to the kind leader the members love to tease, the angel with the beautiful voice and natural acting skills, the guardian who needs to be taken care of by others once in a while too. after training for seven long years, debuting with an incredible amount of responsibility on your shoulders, and then facing unexpected obstacles just as your dreams are all coming true, thank you for still being the kim candy who’s so positive and kind and always wears a beautiful smile on his face. i hope this next year will be full of uncountable joyful memories and your wishes will continue to become realities one by one. 생일축하합니다 김준면!!

Jack Frost + experiencing the other Guardian’s centers

wonder - finding his snow powers
dreams - learning what he could do and realizing that it was beyond his imagination
memories - seeing the town and remembering the idea of civilization
hope - finding someone who might be able to help, even when it didn’t seem like anyone else would

BTS REACTION to them being a superhero, and you’re the villain

ish so I lowkey just made this a pile of useless garbage… Not that it’s that different from normal. Hope you like it :)


There were excuses back and forth about why you both had to be gone. Neither one of you suspected the same thing, because you had “doctors appointments” and “dance practice” conveniently at the same time, but now here he stood, here in front of you, sword in hand.

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For someone who always teased him saying that he would be the superhero with a power for making lame sex jokes, you were surprised. For someone who was standing beneath you, lying on the ground with your foot on his chest, so was he. Normally these positions came under different circumstances.

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“Well, I had thought your powers would be closer to the Easter bunny from Rise of The Guardians, but I guess not.” You tell him with a sneer. This motherfucker had been lying to you about where he was every Friday night for so long, you were gonna beat his ass when you two got home. He just stood there, frozen.

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Maybe you would have bet on captain underpants or some shit if he had to be a superhero, but never would you have imagined his hair flowing back behind him, shaking his head while he faced you in the final battle. “I trusted you.” He says, making you roll your eyes.

“Tough shit.”

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His fiery red hair was even brighter with the fire behind him, and his eyes were squinted to see you through the dark alleyway. “Y/N, I know you. This isn’t you.”

“And this isn’t some shitty romance novel.” You say, walking soundlessly to your unsuspecting lover. You were going to take him down once and for all.

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Hands running through his hair and down his back were actions he was used to from you. Morning kisses and trusting talks were more his section of your relationship. Not battling it out like enemies. Maybe on days when video games got a little competitive, but you were loving people. He just couldn’t face you on such an evil note.

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He was young and naive, cowering below you and waiting for you to show him some mercy you might have left over. There was no way that you could have faked the whole thing, yet here you were, towering above the young boy. “Y/N, please, I still love you…”

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You Shall Become (Me) Part Two

First of all, thank you everyone who liked and reblogged the first part of this story.  I’m overwhelmed by how many people liked it!  And thank you to everyone who also sent me messages about it, telling me how much they liked it!  And welcome to my 27(!) new followers.  I hope you enjoy yourselves.

It’s because of all of you that I was inspired to write this part already- I was going to work on something else, but everyone’s enjoyment fed (and fed) this plot bunny, so here we are.

Part One

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Rise of the Guardians Open RP

(( uhh wasn’t sure what else to title it ;; ))

A large hole opened up somewhere on the outskirts of a town, “Woooooaaaahhh!” Came Bunny’s voice as he slid out the hole and landed face-first into the snow. “Aw eggs, gotta stop losing my footing or I’ll never hear the end of it from Frost.” He huffed, hopping back to his feet and dusting the snow off.
(( feel free to start with whatever P: I don’t really mind ))