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fourth of july 01 | jjk

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pairing: jungkook x reader
genre: fluff, angst, and slight smut
word count: 9k+
description: you and i were fireworks that went off too soon.

A/N: this is the first part out of two! this is based off the song fourth of july by fall out boy. also, a break symbolizes a new season and italics are a flashback!


It started 5 years ago. Your infatuation was peaked when your eyes came across the boy that is Jeon Jungkook. You were only 14 years old, 2 months younger than him, and your whole world changed ever since you met it.

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Johnny, Kick a Hole in the Sky 3/7

“Oh gods then on Tuesday I promised Mama I’d run some errands for her so Jack said he’d love to come along. Day 2 was supposed to be the best! Small introductions the book said, there’s nothing I love more than a day about me.”

 “Of course being my awesome self I could have sworn I had the cookies for Carl when I left the house!”

Day 2 – Small Introductions


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A Rough Timeline of The Secret History, Which I Haven't Read

1. Richard Papen has a weakness which is men  getting kicked out of West Egg aesthetics

2. Richard talks about moving from California to some ritzy college in New England

3. Judy once to bang Richard, Richards’ like nah

4. Richard goes to Greek class and thinks everyone is gay

5. Richard leaves Greek class and Henry asks him to come to bed with him in a language he doesn’t understand so he doesn’t think its gay

6. Bunny invites Richard to sit with him in the cafe, Henry is like “you can’t sit with us”

7. Richard overhears Julian and Henry having a weird conversation so Henry is like “fine you can sit with us”

8. Richard figures out the Macaulays are twins

9. Francis hits on Richard, Richard doesn’t get it

10. Greek stuff happens idk

11. Bunny gets a table at a restaurant by stealing someone else’s name

12. ??? orgy

13. Someone dies at the orgy

14.  Bunny’s like “orgies are gay” and flees the country

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Your Slave (Requested)


    So many things are running through your mind as you drive to the police station. But mostly, you are just mad that you know that you are going to be disappointed at whatever Kian and Sam, especially Sam, have to say about why they got arrested and are now in jail.

    You park your car in front of the station and go inside. When you ask the officer at the front desk for Sam and Kian, she tells you that bail is $3000 or they will spend the next few nights in jail. You, being the best girlfriend ever to Sam, and the best friend ever to Kian, you pay and you are taken to the overnight cell. Sam and Kian hear you walk in.

    “(Y/N), I’m so happy-”

    You stop Sam from talking by saying over him, “Why the hell are you guys in here? This better be good.” You cross your arms in front of you.

    “Um….” Sam starts but doesn’t continue.

    Then Kian says, “We snuck into a private party. We though it looked fun so we snuck into the back.” Kian stops, looks at you, sees that your face expression hasn’t changed one inch, and then continues. “Then we met some dudes there. They wanted to leave to go skateboarding, so we went with them. So we went to the skate park, but we got caught by security for trespassing after hours. The cop also smelled alcohol on us so he arrested us and brought us in.”

    You were right, you are disappointing. “You guys are idiots, you know that?”

    Then Sam says, “I’m sorry babe. So what did they tell you?”

    “Bail for the both of you is $3000.” You keep them waiting just a few seconds to keep them in suspense. “I bailed you guys out.” As you say that, you nod to the officer behind you and he grabs his keys and lets them out. Kian gives you a hug and thanks you. Then Sam gives you a hug too and says, “Thank you so much. I promise this will never happen again.”

    You laugh at the idea you’ve had since you spent your savings on them. “I know you won’t. Because you and Kian are going to be my slaves. Or bitches, as I prefer. For a whole two weeks. Again, fourteen days as I prefer." 

    "What?” They both say simultaneously.

    “You guys heard me. I spent my savings to save your guys’ ass. Now to pay me back, you guys will do whatever I say.” You are now smiling as they just look irritated. But you love it.

    They argue a little longer, but in the end, they caved and you won. In your head you think, This is going to be the funnest fourteen days of my life.


Day 1

   You told Sam the day before that you wanted to be woken up by him singing Let it Go from Frozen. And you told Kian that by the time you were up, that the best breakfast he can make was to be ready for you. 

    So as sure as you were, you wake up to the sound of Sam singing. When you turn around to face him, he stops as he laughs. But then you tell him, “I didn’t tell you to stop! Keep going!”

    “But you already-”

    “Keep going!” And he does. He keeps laughing, but he tries to finish the song. Then you finally get up from your bed and kiss Sam good morning. Then you put your arms out and say, “Now carry me to the kitchen!”

    Sam groans but then swings you up on his arms and starts walking you to the kitchen. On the way there, he says, “You know, this isn’t so bad. I actually like carrying my little boo.”

    You  laugh, “I’m just getting started.” Then Sam takes you to the kitchen where Kian is done making your breakfast. Surprisingly, you eat amazing pancakes with a bagel and orange juice.


Day 8

    “Hey guys, it’s Sam. And this week on O2l is show-off week. So I have Kian and (Y/N) with me and we are going to show off our skills at pampering (Y/N).” You are trying your best not to laugh as Sam introduces his video. Making Sam and Kian pamper you for a video, by far, is on of the best ideas you have had. 

    So they spend the entire video massaging your feet, putting oils on your hair, and making you a face mask. They weren’t the best, but if was funny as heck. Kian hated the smell of the oils and Sam almost threw up at the smell of the face mask they made with avocado.

    “Okay guys, stay beautiful and I’ll see you next week,” Sam says as he turns off the camera. Then he turns to you as you are lying down on the couch all relaxed, “Happy?”

    You nod as you take a cucumber off your face and eat it. 

    “Come on (Y/N)! You are making us do the most ridiculous things! I’m tired of doing as you please!” Kian says.

    “Hey, who paid your bail and saved your asses from spending a few nights in jail? That’s right, me. So to pay me back, you guys are going to continue being my slaves. Now go bring me more of these cucumbers.” You reply.


Day 14 (The Last Day) 

   "Okay guys, come on out!“ You tell Sam and Kian that are behind the curtain. Then they slowly walk out, dressed as sexy bunnies. You invited every Youtuber you could think of that lives in L.A. to see Sam And Kian dance in those embarrassing costumes at the O2l house. As soon as they walk out, everyone screams and cheers and whistles. Sam and Kian look so uncomfortable.

    "Shake it for us ladies!” Andrea yells out.

    “Let the dancing begin!” You say as you start the music.

    Throughout the entire dance, you felt like you were going to pass out of laughter. Sam could barely move because of his tights, and Kian kept on tripping with his high heels. They were laughing too, but not from having fun, from their huge embarrassment. When the song ends, everyone cheers cheers and screams even louder, and Sam and Kian just stand there, taking it all. Then you walk to the little stage they are on and you say, “Okay, you guys are done with your two weeks of being my slaves.”

    “Oh thank God,” Kian says as he takes of his high heels and bunny ears. 

    “I hope you guys learned your lesson not to sneak around or trespass.”

    “You go that right. I really didn’t enjoy painting your room or telling people I had herpes in public.” Sam says.

    Then you take Sam to the kitchen where you guys can be alone. Then you put your arms around his neck. “You know, I only did this because I love you.”

    He smiles and says, “Yeah I know. I love you.”

    You says, “I love you too,” and then touch your lips to his. He kisses you back while his hands are moving around your waist.

    When you pull back, Sam laughs and says, “Now you have red lipstick on your lips!”

    “Yeah, but I’m a girl!” Then you guys kiss again, feeling the air around you get warmer.