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Re: The Murder Strut - I could say Gotta Be The Shoes, but does the walk still work barefoot, or does it rely on a certain style of combat boot?

since the conversation i mentioned involved tony it naturally also involved some scientific experimentation. the strut works in combat boots, boat shoes, bunny slippers, barefoot, and in six inch heels

it is apparently the most terrifying in heels

Pet Platforms by Sweet Thing. @ The Secret Hideout

For Maitreya, Belleza (All), Physique, Hourglass, and Kemono!

These include a large HUD for the ears (4 shapes - shown on the ad above the title!), ear color, shoe base, platforms, hearts.. Purchase by legwarmer color, or get the fatpack HUD for full customization! ♥

Coming to The Secret Hideout on May 1st.

This was an overhaul of one of Sweet Thing.’s very first items, created about 3 years ago! Time flies! I consider it my first “real” release, it was very special to me, so remaking them (with a twist!) has been on my list for a long, long time. I hope you enjoy these. <33

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Bloomers & Boots for Bunny

you know you’ve done something right after you’ve tested the bloomers when the EAH/MH dolls are sitting, and they dont split at the buttocks to reveal their buttcrack!!! Finally these bloomers are working!! Always the most frustrating thing to test and give allowance to the buttock and hips area because they are widest and most problematic part.

And and and because i’ve been painting tabletop miniatures recently, i just realised i could bring what i’ve learnt there over to painting doll shoes, and i couldn’t be happier with the result! Bunny Blanc’s boots are ornate and beautiful, i had so much fun painting the hourglass. i would love to see these in life-scale though, but at the same time i’d wonder what it’d be like to smash the hourglass heel by accident… ouch! D:

ok going to tackle bunny’s shirt again… i actually made one last week but again, the hip area is problematic becos the bloomers made it wider and thicker……. so i have to redo everything from scratch. meh.