bunny humour

first I was afraid

i was petrified

to think i could never live without you by my side

and i spent so many nights 

thinking how you did me wrong

but i grew strong 

and i learned how to get along 

so now you’re back

from outer space

i just walked in to find that sad look upon your face 

i should have changed that stupid lock

i should have made you leave the key 

if i had known for just one second you’d be back to bother me 

go on now go 

walk out the door 

just turn around now 

cause you’re not welcome anymore

Weren’t you the one who tried to hurt me with goodbye

do you think i’d crumble

did you think i’d lay down and die 

oh no not i

i will survive

glad that’s over


pulse [noun]: the rhythmic recurrence of strokes, vibrations, or undulations.

pairing: jeon jungkook x reader
genre/warnings: smut, angst, fluff. the whole packcage. alcoholism and swearing. don’t read if you’re under the legal age of your country. I’ll now and I will contact your parents.
words: 4,604
summary“[…] Cheaters are good for business. A big part of the job is looking for the worst in people. Turns out I excel at that. Clients hire me to find dirt. And I fint it. […]
People do bad shit. I just avoid getting involved with them in the first place. That works for me. Most of the time.”

Marvel - Jessica Jones
Season 1: Ep. 1
Ladies Night


The buzzing that was echoing on your mind was what woke you up from your heavy sleep. You pressed your eyes harder, as an attempt to make the noise go away so you could return to the semi-death state that you were, a powerful mix of sleep and hangover. You probably shouldn’t have drank all that vodka on the night before, but oh well, you only live once.

You tried to give yourself a time for the avoiding technique work, but it was useless. The noise was still there and even so, you were thankful for the eternal vibration mode that your phone always was. God help you - and your device - if you were awakened by those stupid songs that people used to put as a ring tone.

With eyes still closed, you tapped on the nightstand, trying to get your phone to turn it off. After a few attempts to get it - and a small bottle of water that founded her way to the floor thanks to your drowsiness - you found it; now the buzz was not only on your head, but also on your hand.

You perked one eye open to see the ID caller and signed heavily, turning on your back in the bed and staring the black device in front of you. “Incoming Call: Bora”. You waited a few more second before answering, taking a deep breath. You weren’t sure if you were prepared for that to be your first interaction of the day, but Bora was your most loyal client. And a client meant money.

“You better have a great reason to be calling me this early” you said while sitting down and crossing your legs. Your voice husky from the sleep and alcohol.

 “It’s 11:45am. Only for you it’s early. ” The female voice said, not sounding so pleasant with your concept of early. “I have a job for you. Is that a good reason?” you could hear the annoying click clack of her heels on the other side of the line. Knowing her so well, she’s probably walking back and fort on her office, waiting impatiently for your answer. 

 “Well..” your answer was cut with a yawn that left your mouth. In the meantime, you started to rub your eyes in a failed attempt to finally wake up. “Moneys is always an awesome reason.” You felt some pressure on your torso and only then you realized that you were not only wearing your bra, but also your tank top from last night. You need to stop drinking like that.

 “Oh, I’m so happy that you found it ‘awesome’, Y/N. Now please, can you get your ass over here? I have a full schedule and I need you to start working on this as quick as possible.” The click clack has stopped. She’s probably looking at the window with her free hand on her waist. So predictable.

 “For some fancy and powerful lawyer, you have such an ass attitude, Bora. Your clients now that you act like this? I think it would be bad for business” You said with a serious tone, frowning your eyebrows. Even if you had only woken up, you never miss a chance to be a brat and get on her nerves. 

 “Now Y/N” and with that, she ended the call.

You took your phone from your ear and looked at him, the display glowing a

“Call ended: Bora”


 You ignored what just happened and let yourself enjoy the waking up moment. You crossed your fingers in front of you and raised them above your head, stretching your back. Your mouth was sticky and with a morning breath that was getting the best of you, with the Chinese take-out and the bouzz from the night prior dancing on your taste buds. You tried to see the damaged in your hair by combing it with your fingers and you barely made it to the middle of your head. Yup, a shower was definitely a required.

    On your way to the bathroom, you almost fell on your face, tripping over one of your shoes. Probably you took them off in the way to your bed at the same time you were taking off your pants: you could see the other pair inside of one of you jeans legs. Avoiding pajamas and leaving a trail of clothes on your apartment is a standard move from drunken Y/N. That would be the only explanation for you to sleep on your last night clothing.

 You took a quick look around to see if there were any broken stuff or something more serious that your drunken form must have made it, but besides your clothes on the floor, everything seemed in order in. Your place was simple, but it had all the comfort and space that you needed. It was a big room and at the same time, your kitchen, bedroom and living room and you used fake walls and furniture to separate everything. The bathroom was the only thing that was apart from the rest.

It was a clean apartment, decorated with shades of gray and other cool tones. Your walls where all white, with b&w photographs hanged on them and some blackout curtains on your windows. Your bedroom was only semi-separated with a false wall, but no doors, giving you some sort of privacy when required. Your furniture also followed the same patter: white-wooded tables, chairs with some metal details on the rail, nightstand and cupboards matching with your metal kitchen gadgets. You could spot something blue and green here and there, but basically it was all gray. Simple.

 One of the tables also worked as a little workplace with your notebook and a lamp, but only in the nights that you needed a time from your office. It was located a few blocs from your apartment, and also very similar to it: a single one-piece place, with a lot of space - since you had little furniture on it.

 After taking a shower, you wiped the fog of your mirror above your sink and took a good look at yourself. Your bags were bad, but a little of it was due to your mascara and make-up that you took it with you to your bed. You toked almost all of it, but since you were applying more, who cares? Your cheeks were red from the hot water and you had tiered eyes. Not from the sleep, but from life.

On your way to your bedroom, you took a quick glance on you wall clock: 11:58am. You weren’t exactly on time, but you also weren’t that late. If you take a cab and the traffic works in your favor, you can get to Bora’s office at 12:30am tops.

 And that’s what you did. After getting dress - a simple pair of jeans, a white t-shirt, your loyal leader jacket and your gray all-star - you were already heading to your front door. Your phone and wallet on one pocket and your keys on another. You picked a matching scarf and beanie and headed your way to your future paycheck.

12:26am you were getting out of the elevator on the 19th floor. All the floor belonged to the BIH Lawyers - B standing for Bora - a famous law firm that all the big guys wanted to be represented by. Even thought it was a conjuncted firm, Park Bora was the head leader and one of the best fucking lawyers that Seoul has ever seen. The sad part was that she not always defended the good guys. Actually, almost never to be correct. Her clients were probably the richest mans of the whole country (sometimes the whole continent) and the higher you get, the dirtier your hands get.

 And she’s there to make their hands the cleanest hands of the planet. Not that the other lawyers weren’t good, far from that. Bora wouldn’t get her name attached with anyone that wasn’t huge or did a poor job. But she was the best and everybody knew it.

 As soon as you arrive, you make your way to the glass door, not bothering to present yourself in the front desk, where two well dressed woman were sat down. You go there at least 2 times a month, depending on your current job. They already know you pretty well.

 “Y/N, what are you doing?” The short-haired one says a little nervous, getting your attention. “Does Mrs. Park knows you are here?” Her hand automatically went to the phone, dialing somewhat should be Bora’s office number. You roll your eyes in annoyance, stopping right where you are and looking her over your shoulders.

“Jisoo, do I ever visit any one in here besides Bora?” You waited for her response: a slow nod of her head. You slowly turn your body, releasing the glass door and let it bump on your back. “And do I ever come here if Bora didn’t ask me to?” Now, you’re crossing your arms. Again, a slow nod. Jisoo let a low sigh leave her mouth, putting the phone down and looking to her colleague. The other woman lifted her shoulders, giving nothing to Jisoo and once more, her eyes found yours.

 “Just go. But if she starts yelling at me because of you…” There it is. Jisoo doesn’t know, but she’s your favorite secretary from all the ones that Bora had. A small smile spread across your face and you waved a quick “bye” to her. 

“You’re the best Jisoo.” You pushed the glass door with your back and continued the slow pace. You were granted with up’s and down’s stares from other employees, nothing knew with that. The last door on the right was your final destination, and as you expected, it was opened. You leaned your body and finally found your favorite client on her desk.

 Bora was on her forties, but she looked younger than her actual age. One side of her hair was longer than the other, making her left side sometimes hidden from all the stares. She had no wrinkles and you assumed that it’s duo to the fact that she can pay for all the beauty treatments available in the world with the amount o money that she makes. On her lips, always a red lipstick. Her signature look. Sometimes you play with her, saying that she painted her lips with her enemies blood.

 She never denied it. Her office had a huge wall to wall window and at night, it was one of the most beautiful views of the city that your eyes ever saw. Her desk was also big, with a computer on one side and on the other, a small shelf for some papers and archives that she needed close to her. Two comfortable armchairs were perfectly arranged in front of her desk; on the left side of the room, also could be fond a sofa and a coffe table, for more personal clients.

 “Did you summoned me, Master?” You finally said playfully, making and extremely exaggerated bow and walking to her, letting your body fall heavily in one of her armchairs. Her body flinched a little and she looked at you through her glasses. Angrily, she took them from her face and drop them, getting immediately her phone desk.

 “Why nobody told me you were here? I’m taking someones head today” her fingers were rapidly dialing someone’s number - probably the front desk “And why took you so long? I called you 11:45. You should be here at 12:00.”

 “Wow, you said you needed me here, you didn’t say the time. And I came here without letting them inform you because I knew how busy you are and I wanted to spare some time.” You said giving her a sheepish smile, seating more straight on the armchair.

 She put the phone down before anyone could reply and graciously crossed her fingers over her desk, an ironic smile forming on her lips “It would take 1min for them to inform me that you’re here. I need them to tell me when you or anyone arrives because it’s their job. I need people to do their jobs Y/N, the same way that I need you to do yours and be here when I request you to be here.”

 “But I’m here! And again, you didn’t say the tim-”

“Enough!” she said, raising one hand and silencing you. “I’m not having this conversation with you. Just…et me give you the fucking archive so you can leave and get that information that I need”. 

    You made a pounty face and rolled your eyes. Quickly, she found a small file and threw it in front of her. You jolted your body forward and stretched your arm, pulling into your direction. She raised from her chair and made her way to the door, closing it.

“This is Kim Yeong-Soo. He’s not one of the obnoxious corporate man that I normally represent. Actually, he’s a new face around here. One of my clients know him and he came to me to hire my services. “While she explained to you the case, you opened the file and saw only two things: a picture and some sort of small profile: shallow information that you needed to started your research.

She made her way back to her chair and sited, crossing her legs and letting her elbows fall over her desk. She took a deep breath and swallowed slowly, almost as if she was getting courage to speak “He’s getting a divorce”

 You perked one eyebrow and looked from the file to her “Are you seriously? A divorce? “You closed the file and stood up, throwing it on her table, truly offended “You called me to get a simple divorce case? Are you joking?” Now it was your turn to walk around.

 “Y/N, stop bitching around and hear me for one moment”. Bora took her time and breathed again, calming herself before she started again. Something was off. “I don’t need you to investigate the case, or anything. I have all I need to proceed with the case get all that shit over in a few weeks if I want to.” 

 You frowned again. If she had all that she needed, why she was calling you?

“It’s him that I need you to investigate. Something is off about him and I need you to discover what it is.” She finally said, looking at you. 

 You were confused. “What do you mean something is off? Bora, it’s a divorce case. Is people - grown ups - deciding that they don’t want to be together anymore and that’s exactly what they are doing it.”  You signed heavily and walked back to her desk, picking up the file one more time and opening it. You took his picture on your hands and gave it a good look. 

 “I’m sorry, I know this is not of my business, but is it gonna change if you find something?.” She lowered her look and picked her glasses again, opening the first drawer from her desk and from it, she toked a small cloth. Silently, she started to cleaning them.

 “Y/N, I called you because you’re one of the best privet detectives I’ve ever encountered in my life. You do your job quick, you do it well and you normally don’t ask why, you just get it done. And that’s what I’m asking of you.” After cleaning her glasses, she put them again on her face and there they were, her cold  eyes looking right at your soul. “I’m asking for you to do it without questioning my why’s for it, as you always did. Look for something. If you find anything, great. If not, I was wrong and you could make some money on me.”

You bite the inside of your cheek and took a deep breath. “Ok Bora. I’ll see what I can find. I’ll let you know anything.”  Folding the file in 2 and shoving it in one of your side pockets, you started to walk backwards, in the door direction.

“I already deposited a considerable amount on your bank account.” She answered without bothering to look at you, staring at something random in her computer. “ The rest you’ll get when you give me some answers.” You let a small smile appear on the corner of your mouth and left the office.

Favorite client.

 It’s been 3 days since you had taken Bora’s case and she was absolutely fucking right when she said that something was off with him. The guy is facing his 3rd divorce (hey, nothing wrong with that, look at Ross from Friends ), but all his previous wives - including his current one - were graced with the gift of tones of cash and a lot of properties on their names. And lots of them ended up going to his name after everything.

 Which is not such a normal thing to happen if you stop to thing about it.

 This time, however, was the wife that was requesting the divorce and she also had a record on the police files about a small harassment. You don’t know yet if it is related to Yeong-Seo, but definitely you would check it out the later. You were about to make a call to someone in order to get some help when you saw a message from hours ago. From Jungkook

[03:37] jungkook: just because my uncle left, doesn’t mean you need to stop coming here. i’m starting to miss your pretty face 

He got to be kidding. You thought that he had dropped that ‘pretty face’ or pretty whatever thing a few days ago when you told him not to do this, but look who likes to piss the others off. Although, Jungkook (or bunny boy as you like to sometimes call and then is you pissing him off) is actually a cool and nice guy. And really hot. Like, really really hot.

[05:27pm] you: yes, because of you my man is gone. why would I want to look at you again after that?
[05:27pm] you: (sorry the delay on asnwering)
[05:29pm] jungkook: i can think of a few reasons
[05:29pm] jungkook: (it’s ok. I know you wouldn’t avoid me on purpose. actually i don’t see a reason no one would)

Is this guy for real? He could not be more full of himself. Since the first day you meet him, Jungkook always had a smart way to make you wanna rip the skin of your face and stick it down in his throat. 

Jungkook is the nephew of Hwan, the owner of the bar you frequent currently - not so much now since you been avoiding going there - that was toking care of the place while his uncle was traveling. It’s been a little more than a month that he appeared and since that day he’s been messing a little bit with your mind. And body.

Hwan’s Place, that was the name of your local bar. The owner - Hwan - was a man of gentle eyes and silver hair, that played well with his 64 years of life.   He whores round glasses that called even more the attention to his face and off of his protuberant belly. He had a few scars on his arms (according to him, they were the result of fights that he had and got out as a winner, but deep down, you new it was because of broken glass and knifes at the kitchen) and was always dressed like the old times: white shirt, with sleeves up until his elbows, a dark vest and a white cloth hanging on his waist.

 You felt sort of deep bond with Hwan. He was like the dad you never had, giving you life advices and all the tricks you need to get on with. Some nights - most of the nights - you were the last client of his place and helped him to organize everything before heading home.

 But that night, it wasn’t Hwan that was behind the bar’s table. The intruder was wearing a simple white t-shirt with a pair of ripped jeans. His hair was dark and was a little messy, with some bangs brushing his eyes. On his ear, you spotted a metal ring and two piercings on his helix (hot). He was taking some quick notes on a small notebook and was muttering at the same time. Probably he got something wrong, because he had frowned his eyebrows and bitten his lower lip very gently.

 You felt your stomach twist very quick at that sign.

 “Can I help you with something?”

It was only then that you realized that you were staring at him since the moment you entered and that you should look very stupid right now. You regained your posture and closed your mouth (not drooling was a positive aspect).

 “You’re not Hwan. Where is he?” You looked him with small and judging eyes, walking cautiously to the bar and with both hands on your pockets. His eyes stared at you for a moment and you could see how dark and hypnotized they were. Weird, you thought you had seemed them before.

“No, I’m not. At least since I last check myself on the mirror” when he turned around, you saw he had one more ring on his ring. You thought that maybe, God was testing you or something. But then, something called your attention. He was smilling and his smile was different. He had the two central teeth kind of bigger than the other ones and when he did, something on his face changed. The combination of his nose and those teeths…did he looked like a bunny? He looked like a bunny.

 He had a fucking bunny smile.

 “And who exactly are you?” he said, crossing his arms in front of his chest and straitening his back and you could see his arm muscles adjusting to the shirt sleeve. Suddenly you felt the urge to die a little. “Hwan never told me that looking out for pretty girls was part of the job.”

What? Pretty girls? Is he serious? You were about to answer him that whoever you were was none of his business and that he could shove that ‘pretty girls’ on his ass when your eyes found Hwan’s figure appearing behind the boy. You could see the notable difference in height between them.

 “Jungkook, what are you doing? I told you to organize everything and not fool around.” You took a good look on Hwan’s face and it was a little red. His small dark eyes suddenly found your face and a huge smile embraced you ”Y/N! I haven’t seen you for a while, where have you been? I thought you left me to deal with all those drunk people all by myself.“ He was getting behind the bar and walking towards you, putting his hands on your shoulders and taking a good look at you..

“You know, here and there. Sometimes work gets the best of me and I need to avoid people for a while.” A small smile appeared on the mans face and he put a hand around your shoulders, pulling you gently towards the bar. Yours eyes traveled to the so-called Jungkook and he was looking fondly at both of you. What’s up with that kiddo?

 “Here, let’s have a drink. On me” Hwan said with a quick wink and looked to the younger man. Nothing was said between them and suddenly, the boy was putting two glasses with a few ice rocks in front of you and pouring some amber liquid on them. You took one of the glasses and hit it slowly on the other one, taking and long swallow. After letting your glass rest in front of you, you crossed your arms over the table and laid your head on them, looking to the old men beside you.

 “So, care to explain me who’s that kid and why he’s acting like he owns this place?” You heard a bothering sound of  “Hey” coming from him, but you just ignored it and cared to keep looking at the old mans face.

 Hwan pushed his glasses up on his nose and caught quickly. “Well, actually…” His eyes went from you to Jungkook and he signed, smiling coyly”..he kind of is the owner now.”

Your lips formed a thin line and you raised your head, trailing his eyes until you meet Jungkook’s. Once again, he had his arms crossed over his chest, raising his eyebrows and giving you that stupid bunny smile. You had no words on your mouth and no thoughts on your mind.

 “Let me explain it to you. Jungkook is my nephew, he’s my brothers son and it’s been a while since they are trying to convince me to retire. I said no fucking way, I’m not that old for that shit!” He laughed, getting himself more comfortable on the chair. “ However, they did convince me to take some vacations. I love the bar, but I’m a tiered Y/N, I need to get some free time from all those crazy people.” He said in silence, pointing over his shoulders to some customers.

 “Ok, I get that. But where’s the link in getting vacations and him being the new owner?”

 “Instead of hier someone to look after the Place all of the blue and wasting my time interviewing people, I’m hiering my boy here. “ Hwan said looking fondly to the man in front of him and the boy was returning with a joyful and genuine smile.

 “Well, I cannot say that I don’t feel betrayed for not knowing this, but I sure am happy for you Hwan.” You finished your drink and stood up, starting to leave “I need to go now, but let me now when it’s your last day before leaving ok? I wanna have a proper drink.” You putt your hand on his arm and gave it a little squeeze, a smile appearing on your face. You lifted your eyes and meet Jungkook’s. He still had that cocky smile on his face with his stupid muscles marking his shirt.

“See ya Jungkook”

 “Bye Y/N”

You probably got some breeze from somewhere, because suddenly you felt a chill go through your spine.

  You blinked a few times, trying to understand what was that about. You walked until your window and let your body height fell on the all, typing quickly.

[05:32pm] you: like?
[05:32pm] jungkook: i can provide life resources at zero costs
[05:32pm] you: keep talking
[05:33pm] jungkook: i’m not opening the bar tonight and I would like to get to know the city
[05:33pm] you: and where do i fit in your wishes to know the city?
[05:34pm] jugnkook: you’re a privet detective ffs. u must know everything in order to capture your victims in the worst moments.
[05:34pm] jungkook: so i wanna hire your skills to show me the best chinese in town

  Was he asking you out? You know that he was the flirting type. All the other times you went to the bar you saw him talking with pretty girl and getting their numbers. Not that you were paying some sort of special attention to him, you’re just a very observer person. Even you gave him your number in case he needed anything. To help if necessary.That’s all. The only reason.


[03:55pm] jungkook: what do you say?

Oh, what the hell.

[03:57pm] you: meet me at 8 o’clock in front of the bar

A/N: This fic is inspiered by Jessica Jones (the Netflix series and also something from the Marvel Comics). Don’t expect superpowers! If you didn’t saw it, don’t be allarmed. It won’t be necessary a back ground for you to understand an enjoy :) 

English is not my first language so I tried my best to check grammar and everything. Please, take that in consideration!

It’s my first series! Please, feedback is always welcome! Don’t forget to reblog if you like it  <3