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ON THE DAY OF TWO SUNS, two deities named Hollie and Noriko and their…uh…friend, Rocky the Raccoon, appear on the mortal plane to bestow upon the mortals two gifts that will change the course of their lives. Hollie brings a blessing while Noriko brings a curse. I honestly don’t know what else to say but here have more adventures in Body Shop.


A random doodle!! I’m trying to get used to digital art again, because I didn’t make any for like three weeks haha

okay but bart allen having no regard for gender norms in any scenario ever is the best thing ever.

  • his hair is short, shorter in the back, but long enough in the front to get in his eyes and be irritating (especially since it’s sort of curly), so he’ll put it up a little in cute hair pins and clips and stuff. Like pulled to the side on half with bunny hair clips or something. Usually lightning bolt ones, though.
  • he’s trans, and once he comes out and is really sure he can be comfy he doesn’t make a big deal about it at all. He’ll casually expose his binder, wear “girl’s” underwear because it’s more comfortable, not skirt around the topic if people start talking about sex.
  • casually wearing skirts. not as a joke, just because he wanted to. not frequently, but on occasion. maybe a little more once he figures out that jaime really likes it.
  • even without the skirts, his fashion is pretty feminine. shorty-shorts, off-the-shoulder tops, crop tops, skinny jeans, cute socks/leggings. stealing jaime’s hoodies constantly and ting them around his waist because it “brought his outfit together”.
  • not to mention he’s a complete shameless bottom
  • tries to paint his nails sometimes. keyword tries.
  • smells like strawberries probably
Tears // Zach Dempsey x Reader

“20 and 23 for Zach Dempsey:) Thanks!”

20. “Please take away the pain.”
23. “I don’t want to cry anymore.”

Prompt List


Warnings: Jeff Atkin’s death, angst.
Ships and Requests are open!


“Let’s get this party started,” Jess yelled as Monty, Zach, and (Y/n) entered her house.

“It’s only us three and we’re only setting up,” (Y/n) laughed and hugged her,“ But I’m ready to party!”

“Where’s Jeff?” Jess asked as she lead the three of them to the kitchen.

“He’s still at home he’s gonna come later,” (Y/n) answered her question.

“But we brought kegs,” Monty smirked,“ Do you know how to open one?”

“Why would you bring one if you don’t know how to open it?” (Y/n) asked him while rolling her eyes,“ We’ll just have to wait until someone who knows how to open it comes here.”

Zach slung his arm over her shoulder as they lean against the counter,“ It’s fine the party doesn’t start for two hours loser.”

“Okay I’m not the loser you are,” (Y/n) smiled at her boyfriend,“ Can’t you just google how to open one?”

“Okay lovebirds break it up,” Monty rolled his eyes as Clay and Jess walked into the room.

“Clay!” (Y/n) exclaimed happily and hugged the boy,“ Jeff forced you to come didn’t he?”

“Yeah he forced me here,” Clay nodded awkwardly as Zach glared at him.

“You’ll have fun!” (Y/n) cheered and smiled,“ Jess has the best parties in town!”

“You know it,” Jess cheered as the two jocks brought the kegs out.

“You know if you get wasted I’ll drive you home I’m not gonna drink,” (Y/n) smiled at her boyfriend,“ And if you want to stay the night I don’t think my parents of Jeff would mind.”

“I won’t get wasted,” Zach responded,“ But I’ll take you up on that deal.”

“Anytime,” (Y/n) smiled as she swayed to the music,“ Let’s go outside.”

She took her boyfriend’s hand and dragged him into the backyard, finding a long pool chair and sitting in it with him.

“I wanna go on an adventure,” (Y/n) whispered to him, staring at the stars in the sky.

“And go where?” Zach rested his chin on her shoulder,“ We’ve been in ninety percent of this town we’ve lived here since we were kids.”

“Well we still need to explore that last ten percent,“She whispered,” I know we’ve lived here since we were kids, I’ve known you for a while.“

"With that little bunny clip you would always have in your hair,” He teased,“ You were a sobbing mess when you lost it.”

“Okay it was my favorite thing, my brother gave it to me and I looked up to him,” (Y/n) ranted,“ It meant a lot to me. I think I lost it at the park when I was with you.”

“Someone probably took it,” Zach laughed,“ But Jeff probably will get you another one if you wanted.”

“I’m a bit too old for that now aren’t I?” She laughed with him.

“You would still look cute in it,” Zach smiled flirtatiously.

“Always the charmer you are,” She laughed.

“(Y/n)! Zach! There you guys are,” Jeff exclaimed, fist bumping Zach and ruffling his sister’s hair.

“We were just talking about you,” (Y/n) giggled,“ About the bunny hair clip you gave me.”

“ I think it’s in my room, you lost it and I forgot to give it to you,” Jeff laughed,“ I’m going on a beer run I’ll be back soon.”

“Wait did you drink anything,” (Y/n) asked Jeff.

“Two beers two hours ago I’m fine,” Jeff smiled reassuringly.

“Be safe, okay?” (Y/n) told him,“ Love ya.”

“Yeah yeah love you too,” Jeff nodded as started to walk away.

“Get me sour patch kids while you’re there,” (Y/n) yelled to him.

“I got you,” Jeff laughed as he yelled back.
“I shouldn’t have let him leave,” (Y/n) sobbed out as Zach hugged her.

“It’s not your fault, (Y/n)…” Zach breathed out,“ It was an accident.”

“He’s my brother and now he’s gone,” Her voice cracked,“ Zach, please take away the pain.”

“Babygirl,” He whispered, wrapping his arms around her, not caring that her tears soaked his shirt.

“I’m not ready to say goodbye,” (Y/n) whispered to him, looking through the doors to the casket.

“You don’t have to go yet, your parents said you can stay out here,” He rubbed her back in comfort.

“I- It’s just, I don’t want to cry anymore,” She sobbed,“ I don’t want Jeff to be dead. I don’t want to say goodbye. Zach I don’t want to cry anymore then I have. I miss him so much.”

They stood in that hall silently with him wiping her tears away.

“Thanks Zach,” (Y/n) kissed him softly,“ Thanks for being there for me.”

“Anytime,” He wiped away the tear that fell from her eye,“ I love you…”

“I love you too,” (Y/n) sadly smiled,“ Zach, please don’t leave me.”

“I won’t,” He promised,“ You can kill me if I do.”

“I’ll remember that,” She softly giggled.

Recommended (Completed) Supernatural Yaoi Manga

Aku Yori Aku (8/10): A nameless, virgin Succubus randomly finds a fallen angel and wants sex. However, this meeting will change both of their lives. The fallen angel’s heart will slowly start thawing out as he names the Succubus and they start living together. Unfortunately their time together is cut short, but fate works in mysterious ways…so maybe in the next life they can finally be together Romance, Bullying, Cohabitation, Angels, Succubus

Brother Shuffle (10/10): Mafuyu (a short and totally adorable boy) falls down a staircase with his delinquent older brother, Haruki, when they both wake up they discover that their souls have switched bodies. So when Haruki, in his brother’s body, starts having feelings for Akiyama he realizes he needs to get his body back. Not to mention Mafuyu has turned his poor delinquent body into a fluffy fairy prince body complete with bunny hair clip. Body swapping, Romance, Comedy, School Life, Slice of Life

Hana to Junketsu (9/10): Vampires and Humans co-exist in peace and most vampires can simply eat flowers or pre-packaged animal blood. The only ones that this isn’t true for are the pure bloods. They say that simulating human’s sexual desire makes human blood taste better for that reason the line between “love making” and “hunting prey” is blurred. Akase desperately wants to know what side of that blurred line he falls on when it comes to the pureblooded vampire in his class. Vampire, School Life, Slice of life, Drama

Ikusen no toki wo Koete (9/10): Kei’s younger brother, Haruto, is a beautiful model that’s known all throughout Japan. Haruto is known for his timeless looks, but what most people don’t know is that he actually isn’t getting any older. His father abandoned Haruto with Kei’s family when the boy was very young. Since then Kei and Haruto have grown up as brothers, but recently their relationship has been more than that. Kei doesn’t want to accept Haruto’s feelings, but when the reality of Haruto leaving due to either his modeling career or powers he comes to terms with his feelings. Romance, Drama, Forever Young

Innocent Bird (9/10): Karasu is an angel charged by God to return demons to hell. His target this time is a demon named Shirasagi, but when Karasu finds Shirasagi he’s surprised by what he finds. Shirasagi says that he loves God and is aiding his community. This unlikely pair hits it off immediately as they start to question the world around them and God. Together they try to save each other from falling victim to the cruel world around them. (Not going to lie I just found this one night and binge read all three volumes because it was so good) Anyway, the characters go through many hardships and their fates are up to God…or maybe not Romance, Drama, Angels, Demons

Kamisama no Iutoori (10/10): After his parents passed away Hinata has been taken care of by Midori, but the strange thing is that Midori isn’t related to Hinata in anyway. Hinata is very curious about their relationship and of course all the crazy rules and stories that Midori loves to tell Hinata on a daily basis. At first he things that Midori might be a vampire since he didn’t have a shadow, but he learns that Midori is actually a powerful God. He’s grown very weak over the years and the only way he can regain his strength is through sexual contact. However, Midori refuses to force Hinata to do anything. Adorable story and Midori definitely rocks those heels Drama, Romance, Comedy, Slice of Life, Mystery, Gods

Konya mo Nemurenai (10/10): Let me start this off by saying that I love all of Yamamoto Kotetsuko-sensei’s manga so much. Rikiya Higuchi who is called “Hiriki” gathers all of his courage and signs up for a gay dating site. Everything is perfect and he instantly hits it off with the first guy he talks to, that is until he wakes up in a bed being filmed. Terrified he tries to escape and through a series of strange events he ends up cumming on what looks like a wall carving, but it’s actually a summoning circle for a very powerful demon prince named Endo. Endo can’t leave till he grants Hiriki’s wish, but all Hiriki wants is a loving boyfriend. Endo asks who Hiriki wants to be his boyfriend, but Hiriki says that he doesn’t want someone to just love him because of a spell. He wants true love. Thus the two are at a standstill Romance, Comedy, Drama, Demons

This story also has a spin-off: Kimi to Korekara (10/10) that focuses on Hiriki’s best friend and Endo’s former fiancé.

Lonely to Organdy (9/10): Haruta has always wanted to be a musician, but after a rocky start when he first moved in he gave up on the dream. That was until one day he got into an accident and can suddenly see ghosts. He’s currently living with a ghost and together they watch dramas, sing songs, and just enjoy their time together. Haruta goes out and tries again with his music with the support from the ghost he has met; while they try to get closure for the ghost who cries as night. Tragedy, Romance, Drama, Slice of Life, Cohabitation, Ghost/Spirit

Mazu wa, Hitokuchi (10/10): Oda’s family raises magical flying pigs that grant good luck to anyone that eats/cares for them. Oda is a little dim, but his love is true for his best friend Hasegawa. Hasegawa struggles to help the Oda family cover up their fly pig secret when a nosy report tries to uncover the truth. When one of the new piglets grows fond of Hasegawa maybe luck is in the future for Hasegawa and Oda’s love to be more than just childhood best friends. Childhood friends, Slice of Life, Comedy, Romance, Drama

Taiyou no Romance (9/10): The art style in this one is a little old fashion, but I promise that it’ll grow on you. One day Motoki starts to realize that he’s becoming more beautiful: he no longer needs his glasses to see, his face has cleared of any spots, and overall he’s just more beautiful. Then suddenly two men appear in everyone else’s memories except his own, but when they confront him they say that he’s the offering and that they will devour his heart. Drama, Slice of Life, Gods, Magical Powers

anonymous asked:

Happy New Year! I love your blog so much! :3 How would Naki, Ayato, Uta, Tsukiyama react to their partner playing with their hair and putting random cute clips in their hair?

((-Happy New Year to you too! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the blog! ^.^-))

-Naki: His eyes were closed as his head rested comfortably in his lover’s lap, his hands on his chest. His lover stroked their hand over his light-colored hair, and Naki found the movement to be comforting. His face contorted into an expression of confusion when his lover started to do something to his hair, his eyes opening to inspect what it was. His lover quietly told him to remain still, and Naki did just that, eager to find out what they were doing. It only took him a second before he recognized the sound of hair clips, and Naki was further amused. When his lover allowed him to sit up and look at their work, Naki laughed at all the pastel clips in his hair, finding them to be funny.
-Ayato: He sighed irritably as his lover made him sit down in a chair, standing in front of him. He asked them at least four times what it was they thought they were doing as his lover brushed through his hair; however, each time he was answered by his lover shushing him. Ayato crossed his arms with a grumble, but didn’t say anything else. He glared slightly when hair clips came into the equation, but he figured it would be easier to just let his lover have their way. It didn’t take long for his lover to finish up, and then Ayato was allowed to look in the mirror. Upon inspection, Ayato saw that his bangs had been clipped up out of his face with little bunny hair clips.
“This is much cuter than the headband,” his lover explained.
-Uta: He smirked a bit, but didn’t question his lover when they seated themselves on the counter, bringing him to stand between their legs. Uta chuckled as his lover started to play clips in his hair, pulling back his bangs. He thought they only intended to do one or two, but that was soon disproved when his lover continued placing clip after clip into his dark hair. When they finished, handing him a mirror, Uta chuckled again at the sight of all the cutesy hair clips adorning his black hair.
“And why did you do this?” He inquired, blinking his eyes at his lover, who simply shrugged their shoulders.
“It’s art.”
-Tsukiyama: He didn’t object as his lover ran their fingers through his hair a couple of times while his head rested in their lap, enjoying the sensation. When they moved to start placing clips in his hair, Tsukiyama was a little perplexed, but soon accepted that as well. The clips themselves were of varying shapes, with little cute things on them. Not exactly something a gentleman would wear, but cute all the same. Once his lover was finished, Tsukiyama sat up and looked at the hand mirror his lover also had. Inspecting the new array of his hair, Tsukiyama smiled.
“Très bien!”

oo3: Carnival



Sakura loves watching the fireworks at night. Sasuke loves watching her.


She is most beautiful when she thinks no one is watching.

Her eyes glaze over watching sparks of infinite colors dance across a black canvas. Silver stars, only mere pinpricks of light dull in comparison to the festivities erupting across the lake. Next to them, children in small yukatas squeal with glee and cover their ears as each hue explodes and dissipates into nothingness. Their parents—and other couples: young, old—hold each other in loving embraces. Kisses are shared between one another. Some are tender; others are mad with chaos and unbridled passion. Yet it is love all the same.

Sasuke pays no attention to the fireworks around him. All that catches his eye is the woman next to him, dressed almost wholly with souvenirs from the carnival. A bunny hair clip she won for herself holds the normally loose ends of hair in place behind her neat bun. Bead necklaces adorn her neck, draping all the way down to her waist on flimsy string. Rings choke her slender fingers all the way up to the nail, and even those are painted with an outrageously hideous neon orange.

It is not to say that she is flawless by any means. Her eyebrows are too thin for his taste, having been plucked senselessly until they seemed almost invisible, and a few of her battle scars (beauty marks, she calls them proudly) tar her otherwise clear skin. Her feet rest in a V, like a duck’s, instead of straight together, and of course, how could he even begin to describe her hair?

But there are so many other things that overwhelm those subtle imperfections he never truly cared about in the first place. Sakura has the cutest dust of freckles around her shoulders and over her nose. They are doe brown and nearly disappear under her tan skin after she trains in the grueling sun. It gives her the appearance of a soft-spoken, fawn-like woman.

That is not the case, as many men had found out.

And then there’s her charming forehead that, although would be unappealing on others, suits her more than anything else. Tonight, she’s decorated the rest of her forehead with smaller diamonds in various hues to mimic the purple seal in the center. Sasuke wants to kiss each one of them off until only one is left.

Most of all, her hair. He hates it. More importantly, he hates that he loves something as ridiculous as pink hair, because it’s her hair. He loves the short, sharp ends that kiss her shoulders, and the waft of jasmine he smells every time she leans into him. He likes how she styles it in a new fashion every day, despite its length, and how she wears it with pride even if the Team vetoes the look.

“Sasuke-kun,” Sakura says amongst the explosion. “Isn’t it beautiful?”

Her eyes fixate on the climatic booming. She doesn’t bother to listen to Sasuke’s response, but she does take his hand in hers. His skin chafes against the dozens of rings, but he doesn’t say anything. Her hand is still warm in his.

Sasuke loves the entirety of her.

“Yeah,” Sasuke agrees, but his gaze is focused only on her. “It is.”  

little-opalbaby’s 700 follower giveaway

Firstly, I’d like to apologize that this giveaway is somewhat feminine-themed. I PROMISE that my next giveaway will have more boy-ish type stuff in it!

In celebration of hitting 700 followers, I’m offering a small giveaway! This is my very first giveaway, but it will certainly not be my last, as I had SO much fun picking out all these little goodies today.

I made the contents of this giveaway kind of stealthy, meaning that the items included in the giveaway are not necessarily exclusively CG/l related. I did this for a couple reasons, but mostly so that those of you who are not “out of the toy box” would feel comfortable receiving the prize and wouldn’t have to explain anything to your roommates or anyone else you may live with. Because of this, I will not be restricting this giveaway to just those in the CG/l community. As long as you are following me, you are welcome to enter. 

Winners will be selected via random number generator after all entries are written out and organized in order from first to last. Odds of winning depend on number of entries. (Edited because I forgot to include a contest end date!) The contest will end at 6pm EST on May 28, 2016.


  • You must be following me
  • You must be 18+ (this is a legality issue, I apologize to my underage followers in advance for this rule, and I promise I will do something fun for you guys in the very near future, so stay tuned!)
  • You must be okay with giving me your address or PO box information should you win
  • Giveaway blogs are not eligible to win


  • Only notes on this post will count as entries towards this giveaway (notes on other posts from my blog, related to this giveaway or otherwise, will not count)
  • Reblogs: count as 3 entries
  • Likes: count as 1 entry
  • Multiple reblogs are allowed, but, as I stated in the rules, please do not spam your followers 

Now for the fun stuff!


If you are selected as the winner, you will receive the following prizes (see pictures above):

  • a children’s coloring book
  • a sheet of embossed foil butterfly stickers
  • a set of three Hello Kitty plastic bracelets (fits small wrists)
  • a small embellished felt pencil case/cosmetic bag 
  • a Disney princess themed detangling comb
  • one pair of purple and pink fuzzy women’s socks (size listed: 4-10)
  • a pack of 5 bunny-shaped hair clips 
  • a pink lemonade flavoured lollipop

Thank you so much to all of you who follow me. I’m so grateful for each and every one of you. Good luck to everyone!

Disclaimer: The owner of this blog (little-opalbaby) purchased all of the items offered as a prize for this giveaway. This giveaway is not associated with Tumblr, nor with any of the brands or manufacturers of the prizes. The winner of this giveaway will be providing a shipping address to the owner of this blog, not to Tumblr. Approximate retail value of the prizes is $15 CDN.