bunny grunt


I actually ended up doing it: Hatoful Galactic!

Why…? I don’t really know.

Cyrus = Secretary Bird
Mars = Hoopoe
Jupiter = Great Blue Heron
Saturn = Horned Sungem
Charon = Crested Owl
Grunts = Violet-Green Swallow


Cynthia = Jacobin Pigeon

skulls-and-bunnies  asked:

The grunt runs over with their Rockruff at their heals, grasping the other's hand. ❝Yo, 'ow d'ya tell wha' a Rockruff's gonna 'volve inta? 'Cuz I think Akoni's gonna 'volve soon so's I wanna know 'f ya c'n tell.❞

Jacks frowned and looked at the Rockruff. He crouched down to take a closer look, then exchanged looks with RocDepends on the time of day. See, Roc evolved at night when he went berserk.

Someone told me that the harder it gets to control them, the more likely they evolve into Midnight form. See, I think that bullshit. It ain’t about control, depends on your Rockruff’s mood.