bunny garland

Merry Christmas!

I decided to let the bunnies be themselves this year instead of doing costumes (they humored me enough on Halloween). 

River has claimed the snowman plushie, while Simon is trying his best to snag a Christmas cookie off the coffee table.

Wishing a very Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it and a happy Sunday to everyone else!

daisy-entendu  asked:

Do you have any rabbit themed diys? Thank you!!

Yes, I do! Hope these will help you!

DIY Bunny Clay Bowls

DIY Sock Bunny

DIY Origami Bunny Garland

DIY Pom-Pom Bunnies

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Mentally Ill Queer Kids in Need

So you may have seen me and my partner, didnotstopweepingforninedays, rebloging a lot of stuff from our Etsy lately; this is because we’re heading towards a pretty desperate situation money wise. Ellie’s homophobic and ableist parents are forcing her, and our best friend/sibling queerquentinquire out of the house in the next month or so. Ellie works but Nan and me are students and we’re all pretty mentally ill so holding down any job is really really stressfull at the moment. 

Luckily, we’re not in a situation that we need to accept donations (yet) but you can still help some mentally ill queer/trans kids by buying cool stuff from our Etsy! We have pins, charms, candles, hand-knit bunnies, garlands (and soon, goody bags of stickers and stationary!)

So if you have some spare change it would be really great if you could help us out! Or just reblog this!