bunny gal


//Mod: Soon about a week or more it’s Easter time, or Bunny day as the ponies call it in Equestria.
But we are going to dive in early and see what Star is doing in respective universes during that time.

Main universe:
Library Twilight has been reading about how to dress up as a bunny day gal and decides together with @askskypetalblossom and @ask-pegasusneonnotes to do a dress-up for Star.

Universe 2:
While Star and ask-amorarose-and-mods-sfw-art is nuzzling with each other, their foals Indigo Rose and Blackrose are on a hunt for an bunny egg, in which they found.

Universe 3:
Both Star Singer and Mixy (@firemixer) are having sweet time eating the candies from the bunny egg they recieved by Danger Mare.

Universe 4:
Star and Jamie’s filly Milly Singer and Flash are singing while Star and ask-jamison-and-jamie-braveheart are dancing with each other.

Universe 5:
Lookie here! Looks like Star and Red Velvet (@askangelrose) are having a romantic thing, including a chocolate rabbit that she has made.


bunny: hey uni fam, this is Ya Gal Bunny and it’s really hard to get any reception on this shithole of a campus. anyway, i have to run some advertisements for now because i haven’t reached crunchyroll sponsorship status yet :(


Pew pew, pew pew pew.

I’m not inactive, but it has been crazy for many reasons. personal, emotional, or simply holiday business. All I do is mostly sketching while drinking coffee, practicing anthros (I’ll post more sketches soon) and that’s all.

I will open commissions for everyone soon and catch up

It’s 4 am. I want a tall glass of ice cold water, and to figure out what I was dreaming about…but I don’t want to think or move. I’m so very sore from working out and I didn’t feel it till tonight :(…or this no sun in the sky morning time…:/