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I’m wavering between if it would be hilarious or tragic if Thorin fell in love with Bilbo fairly early on, but didn’t recognise the feeling as love.

So when he overhears Kíli going on about Tauriel: about how his heart races and his chest feels lighter and how he can’t help but smile when he sees her, Thorin basically goes:

“That’s not love, Kíli,” Thorin says, shaking his head.

“It’s not?” Kíli asks, a frown settling between his brows.

“It’s admiration and friendship, like what I feel for Bilbo.”

“Your heart skips a beat when you look at Bilbo?”

Well, not always. Just when the sun catches his hair just so, or when he scrunches up his nose, or when his hands flutter about in that particularly endearing way or-

Oh fuck, Thorin thinks, or something to that effect, his eyes widening with abrupt realisation.

That *is* love.


All  he  said  was  "hi"
and I’m pretty sure that was enough to slay most of us.

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Señor Bunny becomes a real bunny, and the Zimbits Team must deal. (Bonus points if the bunny helps make those dorks get together because he's heard them enthusing about each other and being unnecessarily mopey over it, and he is tired of waiting)

Hey, I’m assuming this is a fic request? I’m sorry but I’m not really writing Zimbits anymore. Personal choice. This sounds like a great prompt though. I hope you find someone willing to write it!