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Some autistic Bitty thoughts

(Tagging @ftchocoholic, because autistic headcanon. Thanks to @kitrona and some of the @omgtransplease folks from when I was on there and probably @justaphage and others whose names I’ve forgotten to mention for bouncing ideas with me while this was still percolating.)

  • Everyone knows that autistic people have trouble with social skills. Right there in the definition. “Inappropriate social interaction”, “unaware of others’ emotions”, “poor eye contact”, blah blah blah, autistic people are not charming.
  • Ha.
  • See, here’s the thing. (Okay, here’s the grossly oversimplified thing - save your nitpicks for the end.) Allistic people have is basically social interaction hardware accelerators - built-in specialized tools for interacting with other (allistic) people. Autistic people have to rely on social scripts and a whole lot of training, instead.
  • You know where people have detailed and elaborate social scripts and train you from childhood to follow them? The American South.
  • (…you know what drives the development of unusually acute awareness of the emotional states of people around you? Bullying.)
  • So, Bitty. Charming, friendly, put-together, gets along well with people.
  • Main hobbies are cooking and vlogging, both of which usually involve him going somewhere quiet and doing something by himself or with someone he specifically invites in. Hobbies that don’t require interacting with people face-to-face.
  • Loves interacting with people via writing (comments on the vlog and emails from fans, Twitter, texting).
  • Special interest in Beyonce and possibly baking.
  • Touch-averse. I mean, yes, PTSD, but sensory overload is a thing and it can be pretty overwhelming.
  • His three best friends at Samwell are Shitty, Lardo, and Jack. Two out of the three are really clearly autistic, and he gets along with them like a house on fire.
  • (Feel free to send me more autistic Shitty metas, by the way. I would not object to three out of three.)
  • Seriously, 99% of people, Jack is the hockey robot. Bitty never seems to feel that way. Hell, he gets Jack to open up.
  • (You know who else gets along with Jack like that? Chowder. You know who else is really obviously autistic? Chowder. You know who Bitty’s favorite frog is? Chowder.)
  • Señor Bunny. Like, seriously, Señor Bunny. So many allistic people just do not get how important someone like Señor Bunny can be.
  • I mean, look at the blog post for Hi, Honey parts I and II.

    “… oh no … um … are you sitting on–”
    “I put him in the window.”
    “Oh! ha ha … watching it rain…”

    I mean, ♥. Jack gets it.

  • And maybe if Bitty were less emotionally exhausted and in a place he felt less safe, he’d have hidden the extent of his anthropomorphizing of Señor Bun there, but this is a place where those barriers are dropped, at least mostly.
  • And … I mean, that’s really why I love this hc? Because he’s gonna have that place.
  • Like, for real for real, Bitty can come home to Jack, put on Beyonce, give him a hug, and go cook something and not even try to force his brain to remember language until it wants to, and it’ll be completely okay. He can put down his weapons for a while and breathe.

So, yeah. That’s my sales pitch for Eric Richard “Bitty” Bittle being autistic. Thank you for listening.

Imagine that the dbz ladies have a “ladies night” but piccolo somehow gets dragged into it. Like, Bulma, ChiChi, Bunnie, 18, and Launch are all just hanging out and maybe they stumble upon Piccolo being a loner per usual, but they feel bad and force him to tag along anyways.

At first he’s a bit stiff, but as soon as gossip is thrown out he’s on top of it. Bulma is telling stories about Vegeta? Move aside, Piccolo has twelve worse. Goku? Another fifteen. We’re talking raising kids, now? You wouldn’t imagine how hard it was to train Gohan for a year in the wilderness (Chi Chi luckily wasn’t in the room for this story or else hell would have been let loose)

Piccolo also gets a full spa treatment. Like, his sharp ass nails have never looked better and his skin has never been clearer. Him, 18, and Launch all bond over being villains/criminals. Even though Piccolo doesn’t drink alcohol, he for some reason can mix the best drinks and is designated the barista/DD.