bunny brief

Imagine that the dbz ladies have a “ladies night” but piccolo somehow gets dragged into it. Like, Bulma, ChiChi, Bunnie, 18, and Launch are all just hanging out and maybe they stumble upon Piccolo being a loner per usual, but they feel bad and force him to tag along anyways.

At first he’s a bit stiff, but as soon as gossip is thrown out he’s on top of it. Bulma is telling stories about Vegeta? Move aside, Piccolo has twelve worse. Goku? Another fifteen. We’re talking raising kids, now? You wouldn’t imagine how hard it was to train Gohan for a year in the wilderness (Chi Chi luckily wasn’t in the room for this story or else hell would have been let loose)

Piccolo also gets a full spa treatment. Like, his sharp ass nails have never looked better and his skin has never been clearer. Him, 18, and Launch all bond over being villains/criminals. Even though Piccolo doesn’t drink alcohol, he for some reason can mix the best drinks and is designated the barista/DD.


Vous trouver pas que les bunny dans les animes, leur design se ressemble beaucoup ( les parasite qui disent “ voleur d’arts, plagiat, et tout ces conneries ridicule ”) Même les artistes célèbres font de la copie, cessez de nuire les gens avec ça.

You do not find that the bunny in the animes, their design looks very similar (The parasites that say “art thief, plagiarism, and all that ridiculous bullshit”) Even the famous artists make of the copy, stopped harming of people with that