bunny boxing

domestic couple starters

  • “you forgot to take the trash out again.”
  • “do you think we should just order in tonight?”
  • “what’s the point of making the bed if we’re just gonna mess it up?”
  • “will you pick up your clothes? it’s like a pig-sty in here.”
  • “you cooked, it’s only fair that i clean.”
  • “i haven’t shaved in like a week.”
  • “let me run you a bath.”
  • “you used all the hot water.”
  • “oh come on, i just cleaned the kitchen!”
  • “can you stop using my bath bombs? they’re expensive.”
  • “dinner was ready a half hour ago.”
  • “you cooked me dinner?”
  • “i had to carry you to bed last night, you were exhausted.”
  • “do you even know how to load a dishwasher?”
  • “your red sock turned all my whites pink.”
  • “what’s with the hat? are you having a bad hair day?”
  • “we’ve spent too much on pay per view this month.”
  • “are you watching porn?”
  • “next time it’s your turn to do the dishes.”
  • “my parents are coming over for dinner tomorrow.”
  • “play hooky and let’s sleep in tomorrow.”
Act 1 on Reality

John expects reality to conform with his symbol language. A tree in a kid’s yard MUST have a tire swing to be authentic (1927). “A fire BELONGS in a FIREPLACE” (1950).  “ A father without a pipe is like a strapping roughneck without a toothpick. That is to say, HE IS A RATHER PISS-POOR EXCUSE FOR A ROUGHNECK IF YOU ASK ME.” (1970)

The meta-textual winking in the comic is a distraction. When John knocks over his Nana’s ashes, John understands his mistake to be a “virtual certainty” (1953) because he views the event to be the actualization of a cinematic trope. That is a character moment. That is how John sees the world.

TANGENTIAL: In the living rooom, John comments that he should “exhaust all possibilities before plunging into a DAD encounter” (1979). This is the attitude of a gamer finishing every quest in the game before facing the final boss. Earlier, John took the time to inform us that pipes are his dad symbol. So when the final boss on LOWAS is in a lair covered in pipes, we can see that John’s very concept of ultimate conflict involves confronting his dad.

This attitude is stated most concisely at the fireplace: “As domestic myth of unaccountable origin holds, a home borrows the spirit of the flame for as long as it makes a guest of it” (1950). For John, there is an essence of flame, an idea of flame, that is eternal. Every fire John has seen is simply an instance of an ideal fire-object burning away in the elsewhere. This is essential Plato’s theory of forms, but in the language of a kid who thinks movies reveal that higher reality.

I’m grappling with what this implies about putting the bunny back in the box. Dave’s gift introduces the word “authenticity” into the story, and putting the bunny back in the box clearly takes on a ritual significance for John. I don’t know what the ritual means though.

The boxes themselves tell part of the story. Jade sends her rabbit in a green box – a dead ringer for the Perfect Generic Object, marking its contents as a fundamental idea, an indivisible unit of reality. Yet Jade’s package contains the most complicated version of the rabbit, augmented through several iterations.

Is the augmented rabbit closer to it’s essential symbolic reality? Does it mean a complex idea becomes basic over time? Not sure, but I’ll keep an eye out.


058 Bun in a Box by Trillian
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A Doll A Day February 2017 Treasure

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HEY, IDK IF U HAVE EVEN ASK YOU A QUESTION BEFORE ALL I KNOW ID IM NEW TK FOLLOWING YOU AND YOUR ART IS BEAUTIFUL AND I LOVE IT AND *breath* if it isn't a hassle, could i request Karkat dressed up by one of the kids ready to celebrate easter in all its bunny goodness? Weird request i know but i wanna somehow keep ya busy~ HAVE FUN WITH IT IF YA WANT TO DO IT-

here’s a quick doodle 4 ya


Friendships are so precious in BNHA! [25%] - SKETCH TO BE EDITED

I was looking for a good excuse to draw these three together for a while now, and it seems my prayer’s been heard! …And here I am, drawing Shoto eating his soba again haha…

I’m so used to draw Shoto yet it’s still kind of a challenge for me…
And on this one I’m not confident on how I should draw Deku but I’ll figure it out asap and do my best!

Deku’s shirt is a mix between All Might’s bunnies bento box tissue and his autograph (this is the alt version, I’ll do another version where Deku is wearing a regular shirt)!

TBA ON THIS POST : [a chibi panel of those three interacting about Deku’s alt version shirt]
Iida : “Midoriya, what’s up with this shirt?”
Midoriya : “Its a gift from someone!” *blushing*
Todoroki : *staring at the autograph*  “…So this is that kind of connection you have with All Might.”

Playlist for this fanart:

Just look at this: