bunny bathing


Do not bathe your pet rabbits guys. Bathing rabbits is a known cause of sudden death for them and is abuse. It doesn’t matter how cute they look- they are terrified. They can:

a) Die of shock (which happens easily in rabbits)

b) Break their backs trying to escape the tub (which also happens easily in rabbits, they have a very delicate spine)

c) Die of hypothermia shortly after the bath, the most likely thing

This post is to spread awareness about the dangers of bathing bunnies. Please do not do this or reblog pictures of it. It’s not cute and is actually really terrible. Remember that rabbits can live up to 12 years old with proper care.

Why am I posting a picture in a bathing suit while in a dressing room? Because I legit felt completely comfortable and cute which I can’t say is something I’ve felt before. I am super proud of myself and how far I’ve come with self acceptance and my weight loss 👍🏼

Also sorry this is not an amazing picture but lol who cares