I can’t believe there are people that are angry at Sam. What even…?! How-?! I don’t understand.

And that’s not to say that I think Dean was awful… I’m still equally on both “sides”, and I have always related to Dean most in the series, and still do.

But really- Sam was motherfucking violated and his body was used to kill someone that he essentially saw as his brother hE HAS A RIGHT TO BE ANGRY

Furthermore, he’d just seen Kevin. Of course he kept himself together in front of Kevin, and did his best with the time they had, but that had to have been hard for him. He’s the one with the memory of Kevin dying at his hand.

Of course Sam’s not just going to feel happy fluffy bunnies about everything because Kevin says to. Of course he’d go shut himself in his room as soon as Kevin left, as soon as he didn’t have to keep an emotional mask on. Sam is hurting inside so badly and I don’t see how some people aren’t getting that


Rifftrax Animated Intro by
Harry Partridge