Imagine Garry and Ib - Easter edition
  • Ib and Garry painting eggs. Garry makes an egg with a few simple chickens and brown bunnies. Then, he shows Ib what he made and asks her to show him her egg. She has made the same exact thing, except it looks like a masterpiece. Garry is speechless and all he can say is “wow”.
  • Garry hiding eggs in Ib’s backyard and him being super excited when it comes to looking for them. “Yay! You found it, Ib! I think there’s actually another one around here. Let’s go and find it, shall we?”
  • Ib buying a super big chocolate bunny to Garry. Garry suddenly realise that he bought the same exact chocolate bunny to Ib. “Great minds think alike, I suppose.” Garry breaks his chocolate bunny carefully piece by piece. Ib eats the head immediately. Alternatively: Ib accidently breaks her chocolate bunny and Garry gives her his bunny without a doubt.
  • Also I can imagine Garry decorating his apartment with tiny decoration chickens. He uses so many that he forgets where he put them all, so when he cleans he doesn’t find all of them. Later in the year he finds them on the most random places. “So that’s where I put you.“ “Why on earth would I put a decoration chicken in the fridge of all places.”
  • Ib sees the Easter Bunny. She, of course, tells Garry about it. “I saw it! I saw the Easter Bunny!” “Wow! You are a very lucky girl, Ib! I’ve heard that it only shows itself to some children. What did it look like?” “It was pink! And it had very big ears. And it had a basket full of eggs. And it gave me a huge chocolate egg! And then it ran away!” “Oh, look at that! Yes, this is most certainly an egg from the Easter Bunny. How exciting!” Bonus: It was Garry who dressed up as the Easter Bunny, something that Ib realised when she was a lot older. Later it becomes a tradition that they both dress up in pink and buy each other a big chocolate egg every Easter. They both decide to go for pink bunny kigurumis.

anonymous asked:

Um, hello! I'm fairly new and I noticed on the sidebar you stated this blog is headcanon heavy. I was wondering if you could maybe state what they are or maybe link me to a previous post you might have made about them? I'm sorry for the trouble...

Oh hello! New, eh? I’m so sorry you had to find my blog while the fandom is in such a slump haha sob

Anyway, here are the headcanons currently revealed from asks answered so far (not in any particular order):

  • Garry’s purple hair is dyed.
  • Garry smokes, but is quitting. He uses lemon candy to ease the urge.
  • Garry and Ib’s parents have already met and are familiar with each other. They are aware of Ib’s frequent visits to his place.
  • Ib speaks quietly. She can say a lot when she wants to, but really talks only when necessary.
  • Ib explicitly claims that she “loves Garry” and openly expresses her wish to someday marry him. Garry wards off her “advances” and dismisses her feelings as the “brother complex” sort.
  • Garry has an older sister, whose children he used to hang around with a lot in high school.
  • Garry seems to have a bad relationship with his mother, or at least, they are not in touch anymore.
  • Mary’s favorite color is blue.

Other important info implied/shown/stated as canon:

  • Ib has a close relationship with her mother.
  • Ib loves bunnies. Her father gives her lots of bunny doll plushies, for which her mother scolds him, remarking that Ib is mature for her age and may be outgrowing those type of gifts.
  • The image of bunnies in the “Red Eyes” room was a hallucination on Ib’s part as a result of her weakening heart. Garry and Mary were able to see them as they really were, the dolls. (IMPORTANT)
  • Garry uses female pronouns and uses feminine hand gestures.
  • Mary is friends with the artwork pieces in the gallery, and can to some degree control them.
  • Mary regards Guertena as her “dad” and knows him as a “great artist” but is unaware that he has passed on. (She actually hopes to see him in the real world.)
  • Mary really likes the color blue. (lol)

I’ll add in more if I remember any, but you’ve reminded me to put up that headcanons/faq page that I keep putting off ;u; So, maybe I’ll get around to doing that instead, maybe… haha