(To make up for that earlier post XD)

So @judylavernehopps and I discussed of a very very very overprotective Judy XD And I drew this out to fit one of her ideas

It goes as, if Nick got hurt by ANYTHING, even a damn paper cut, JUDY WILL RUSH IN AND PROTECT HER FOX. (Good job, Jude) This is not brand new, but I forgot to post it on here :p

Soso, I hope you enjoy this goofy little comic! XD 

The Little things in Life
  • The Little things in Life

Noticed @bunny-king was having a bit of a tall problem with some people so…. heheh figured Sans would like to weigh in with his two cents

Hey, whats wrong? What? You’re upset cause people are taller than you? Even me? heh Oh come on, its not
that bad. Besides, the best things come in small pacakges, and i think you’re the perfict size. heh

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do you have headcanons for when the fusions play superheroes? Is wonder creek a thing?

it’s a little hard for me to describe hc, I’ll better draw something :”D
this is wonder Creek with professor Mysterion I guess
lol, is professor Mysterion a superhero or supervillain?:D

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I didn't know you liked Ib!!! Who's your favorite character?

i gotta admire ib herself for having unparalleled stoicism in the face of giant sculptures trying to claw her face off.

but i also like garry for being so enthusiastic about art (i also appreciate his speaking pattern being as flowery as the upside down rose that makes his hair).

i wonder how many folks know there’s a whole bonus half to the game after you beat it once? after completing the game once you can go back thru the whole thing and unlock a second section that’s usually inaccessible. the implication as you go thru it is that it’s what garry had gone through before you met him and it’s… pretty tough compared to the rest of the game. but also still pretty.


I’m late ! I’m late ! by Sophie