Replace Plus Special #11-Tsukimi (Moon Viewing) Special

I had some time yesterday to translate one of the Replace Plus Specials. This is the oldest one currently up on the site so I went with this one not to mention it’s perfect for September where it’s known for viewing the fall moon in Japan. In Japan, a rabbit is a popular mascot used to represent this due to the belief that the markings on the moon look like a rabbit. (For more detailed info, Google is your best friend XD)

And now we’ll at least know why Himuro is dressed up as Sailor Moon.

Original link to story here.

Bonus note: For those who don’t know, Sailor Moon’s real name Tsukino Usagi is a pun on “Tsuki no Usagi” which translates to “Rabbit of the Moon.” More rabbit and moon connections XD

Happy reading!

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