Dreams are made of bubbles 

John Watson is a special boy. While asleep he walks among people’s dreams, shiny soap bubbles. During one of his adventures he meets Captain Holmes the Pirate and his Teddy Bears crew, with First Official Panda Lestrade and Doctor Bunny Molly

Apparently, Sherlock’s dreams are very interesting, very funny and also very dangerous. And I said danger and here you are.

Strength Potion

Edward The Great: Hey man you awake?

Weird Cedric: dude it’s three am

Weird Cedric: of course I’m awake what’s up

Edward The Great: Tryouts for the wrestling team are in three weeks. I don’t think I’ll be able to take the heat. I know I won’t make it.

Weird Cedric: Hey hey hey don’t give up now you GOTTA make it

Edward The Great: I’m a stick. Let’s be honest. Even if I worked out every day there’s no way I could match up to those meatheads.

Weird Cedric: steroids?

Edward The Great: Are you… you’re absolutely serious. Dude. No. Illegal. Expensive. And it shrinks your dick.

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I made more Epictale stuff-
I want to switch Mickey and Oswald’s roles, because of Papyrus’s desire to be popular, but Sans’ desire to protect his brother kinda fits Oswald? Also the color pallets are pretty obvious too-

In order, these are the characters and who they’re representing

Phantom Blot- Flowey
Ortensia- Toriel
Oswald- Sans
Mickey- Papyrus
Abe- Mettaton
Prescott- Alphys
Clarabelle- Muffet
Mad Doctor- Asgore
Bunny Child (any number)- Frisk

I don’t have all of the characters down, so if you guys wanna help me, that’d be highly appreciated! :)

The Houses Of Melanie Martinez’s Cry Baby Characters

Cry Baby: Slytherin

Basic Bitch: Slytherin

Blue Boy: Gryffindor

Mom: Slytherin

Dad: Slytherin

Mistress: Huffepuff

Brother: Gryffindor

Johnny: Hufflepuff

Big Bad Wolf: Slytherin

Alphabet Boy: Slytherin

Cashier: Ravenclaw

Bunny Doctor: Slytherin

Mrs. Potato Head: Hufflepuff

Mr.Potato Head: Slytherin

Nurse: Ravenclaw

A Shipper.

I am a proud shipper.
I ship a rabbit and a boy. (Jack Frost and Bunnymund)
I ship an 11 year old and a 27 year old. (Clementine and Luke)
I ship a tree and a raccoon. (Groot and Rocket)
I also ship a man with the raccoon. (Starlord and Rocket)
I ship a thousand year old alien with a young adult human. (The Doctor and Amy Pond)
I ship a high-functioning sociopath with a war veteran. (Sherlock and John)
I ship a robot and a 14 year old boy. (Hiro and Baymax)
I ship two brothers. (Dean and Sam Winchester)
I also ship one of the brothers and an angel. (Dean and Castiel)
I ship a fire and a human. (Calcifer and Sophie)
I ship a goldfish and 5 year old boy. (Ponyo and Soske)
I ship a convict and a Floridian. (Lee and Kenny)
I ship that Flordian with a boat. (Kenny and boat)
I ship a god with a veteran. (Thor and Captain America)
I ship a hero and a villain. (Batman and The Joker)
I ship what I ship.
If you have a problem with it,
You need to keep your fucking opinions to yourself.



So, you know how at the end the ‘basic bitch’ flashes Blue Boy, and that’s how she gets him to stay with her? I thought it was kinda weird that Melanie added that part. I mean, they’re supposed to be kids, right?


The next song is Mrs. Potato Head, right? And Mrs. Potato Head is about loving yourself despite your insecurities, right? SHE ADDED THAT PART TO SPARK CRY BABY’S INSECURITIES ABOUT HERSELF.


Whenever Melanie sings Mrs. Potato Head live, she has the bunny doctor guy hold up those fake boob props she has. MAYBE THAT’S WHY. BECAUSE CRY BABY DOESN’T FEEL LIKE HER BODY IS GOOD ENOUGH AFTER BLUE BOY DESERTED HER.

I don’t have a life, sorry.


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DMMD Anime Interpreted By Someone Who Hasn't Played The Game

Hi. So I’ve been meaning to play DMMD for ages now but have never quite had the time. Luckily for me there’s an anime for me to watch! So now I’ll understand why it’s so popular… right?

Turns out I don’t understand anything. Or maybe I do. I’m not quite sure. Either way, here’s my interpretation of the episodes so far.

Episode One

There’s a blue haired guy called Aoba who has a sexy voice that makes people hard and hair that makes him hard (like, his entire head of hair is Italy’s curl). He lives with his grandmother who’s a psycho bitch yet also simultaneously manages to be awesome. There’s this babe called Kojaku who’s a sweetheart but I bet he’s over-looked by the fandom and put in a permanent ‘friend-zone’ category, a cool guy with a tear tattooed on his face who likes to fight (and their rival gang was introduced so obvs he’s having hate-sex with the leader of that gang), there’s a blonde Hikaru and Kaoru who accidentally wandered out of Ouran and had their balls drop at the same time because their voices got fucking deep, and a detective who is on a combination of LSD, Speed, and Ecstacy. They all play a game where a chick with multiple arms and a man’s voice makes them play a virtual version of Tekken, then a psycho cyber bunny attacks Aoba while his computer dog turns into a computer samurai and Aoba goes from being a loveable blah person to a sexeh badass bitch. There’s also a guy who I’m guessing is a hacker, but he’s not been introduced yet. Oh and the WWI veteran with the gas mask and umbrella and a motorcyclist on steroids who does the whole ‘I will not talk because I’m mysterious and have a tortured past you don’t know what I’ve seen bitch’ thang.

Since leaving Ouran Hikaru and Kaoru decided to fuck shit up

I connect with this woman on an emotional level

Episode Two

Aoba neatly summing up my feelings on Rhyme

Okay so Aoba conveniently has amnesia after fighting the doctor bunny psycho thing after he turns into Sora/Yoru from Sukisho and channels his inner badassery. We then see some shady people- in the form of a butler and a woman who is clearly allergic to the full spectrum of human emotion- looking at footage from the fight. His grandma is still taking no one’s shit and then Koujaku shows up being the total babe that he is and we find out that he has a computer bird that needs to go to an anger management class. Aoba calls up Hikaru and Kaoru for some banter as the twins lounge on top of a bunch of unconscious bodies and then the computer dog has like a system crash or something. I actually really like the computer dog… can Aoba end up with the computer dog? Like he turns into his computer samurai form and they ride into the cyber sunset to live happily ever after? Is that a ship? Hm.

Adorable Computer Dog x Aoba. I ship it. Or just give computer dog his own series

Aaaaanyyywaaaysss it cuts to tear tattoo guy in the Bracku Neederu and then briefly shows us that biker dude on steroids who has a computer parrot with an eye-patch which means his coolness level is over 9000, and then the WWI veteran falls out of the sky.

It’s raining WWI veterans, Hallelujah!

WWI veteran is all ‘Aoba-senpai-sama-master-chan, notice meeee uguuuu’ and then that delightful hacker guy who constantly seems thoroughly pissed off with the world enters the scene and then the episode ends.

So basically what I have concluded here is that Aoba and cyber dog samurai used to be soldiers fighting in WWI but then travelled through time (because computer dog is actually The Doctor) and Aoba became a master at Virtual Tekken/Virtual Street Fighter but then he had an accident, got amnesia, and therefore didn’t recognise his fellow WWI soldier when he followed him through the time rift. Hacker guy, pissed that people are bending the time-line, is gonna do something drastic.

So yeah, pretty sure I have this series sussed.

Am I the only one that has a staring contest with Aoba at the end?