“Vincent and the Doctor” Recap

One of the benefits of having a time machine, as the Doctor does, is that the past no longer needs to be a mystery. This is something his traveling companion Amy Pond discovers when on a trip to the Musée d’Orsay museum in Paris. As the pair enjoy the work of her favorite artist Vincent Van Gogh, the Doctor notices a mysterious figure hidden in the background of his 1890 painting The Church at Auvers, and rather than having to wonder why or how it’s there, it’s a simple enough matter to take the TARDIS and travel back to that year to find out.

When they get there, however, what follows is an unusual adventure by the normal standards of Doctor Who. Sure, there is a literal monster involved — facing alien monsters has always been, and always will be, a key part of the show — but the true story is that of a tortured genius, an artist of almost unparalleled brilliance, damaged by his own personal demons and unappreciated in his time.

The relationship and sense of understanding that develops between Vincent and Amy underpins the episode. Amy can empathize with Vincent’s hollow sense of loss, since although she doesn’t know it at the time, she’s still affected by the events of the previous episode “Amy’s Choice,” in which her fiancé Rory died and was wiped from existence, leaving her with no memory of him. For his part, the artist sees a kindred spirit in this strange Scottish girl from the future.

You can read the rest of the article as well as watch some bonus videos over on the BBC America website. 

Guys, this is an oil painting by Богородский Ф.С. in 1945, named Слава павшим героям (Glory to the fallen Heroes translated by Google), to remind those heroes sacrificed in the Great Patriotic War. Source

But when you take a closer look…


What the…

Is that…?

Doctor Who is real, guys!

Actually it wasn’t me who discovered this. The original poster (here) is a visitor to the anti-Fascist exhibition held in China Art Museum in Beijing. All I did was to find the original painting and post it.

27. Super Space Blaster Centi-Asteroid Invaderpedes 2

Track List Reveal for Steam Powered Giraffe: The Vice Quadrant: A Space Opera

Track #27 - Super Space Blaster Centi-Asteroid Invaderpedes 2
Written by Isabella Bunny Bennett

“Rabbit: Oh my, this gives me an idea for a song.
Lessee…lets just…grab the accordion here…

You’re such a whale
You’re a big big whale…No, that’s no good…”

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