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i’ve seen a few posts on here in which members of the marvel fandom are pissed that benedict and martin are doing movies in the mcu

to those fans: get over it. seriously you don’t see me complaining when actors i don’t like join my fandom, or when a fandom i don’t like joins with mine!

makes you look really petty and childish

The ultimate fanbunnies.

Simon and River are huge fans of Neil deGrasse Tyson because he makes astrophysics come alive and more importantly, because he’s nice to bunnies.

They’re a bit jealous that we get to attend one of his speaking engagements but they can’t come along because bunnies aren’t allowed at the venue.

River is adamant that we let Dr. Tyson know of her disagreement with him on Pluto’s planetary status.

lmao i’m watching the long game right

and just after a siren blares and the doctor says, ‘oi, mutt and jeff!’ to call rose and adam over

rose starts sauntering towards him

and the doctor, without taking his eyes off her, licks his lips

lollllllllll omg i can’t breathe CHRIS how did i not notice that before