Rowdyright Boy Breaker

Breaker is the best fighter amongst his brothers, coming out on top usually above Beacon and the weakest Barron. Sometimes, Beacon beats him in sparring since his brother is so ruthless in a fight. Though other than that, Breaker secretly breaks a lot of the rules and his brothers would never believe that their own brother would do such a terrible thing. Little do they know that Breaker is quite the pervert and has a hidden stash of magazines on womens’ lingerie.

Often times, Breaker usually just wants to hang out but unfortunately his brothers are far too busy to spend any time with him and he doesn’t really get an opinion when plans are being formulated. He’s the only one in their team that does not really want to spend all his time being a hero, sometimes he just wants to be a normal teenager.

He meets a girl called Beast (Bunny) and she was basically the only one that understood him, however upon her destruction, he breaks down and goes after the punks for revenge. Thankfully his brothers stopped him and now try to spend more time with him.

Breaker is probably the most normal out of the three of them, but is also the most awkward around his own family. As a result, he’s often caught in the middle between Beacon and Barron.

I’m preparing previews and whatever to upload a big pose pack, it has tutorials inside the zip because it won’t be pose list compatible, I am sorry but I can’t make 150+ poses pose list compatible without loosing my mind.

BUT there will be tutorials inside on how to use clips, how to search them, how to use the pose code in game so I will pay off that non pose list thingy XD