Don’t play with your food!

This was the face that greeted me first thing in the morning.  For a moment there, I was wondering if she was nesting (even though she’s spayed) and if I needed to make a vet appointment.

I soon came to find out that Big Human gave River a large handful of hay to distract her from her favorite game of “bunny jacks” (where she’ll pick up a piece of hay then drop it while simultaneously seeing how many times she can dig at the ground before it hits the floor).

River was then inspired to create a new game…

This new game consisted of racing in a circle around her cage while picking up more hay with each successive lap.

This game went on for 5 minutes.  She’s looking pretty proud of herself here and is preparing to make another lap to go for a new high score.

Simon is intrigued by her antics while I’m wondering exactly how much hay River can cram into her mouth at once.

(Note:  That white blob is to protect your eyes from funkified litter box–no one really wants to see that.  You’re welcome.)

She managed two more laps before she thumped, came to a stop and pointed her nose to the sky.  I abruptly ended her game at this point because a bunny pointing their nose in the air usually means that they can’t breathe.  I gently yoinked the hay bundle out of her mouth…

And River collapsed exhausted, but with a new-found appreciation for why we don’t play with our food.  She had a wicked case of cotton mouth and I was picking tiny bits of hay out of her mouth for a short while after.

You’ll be glad to know that River has not attempted to go for a new personal record in this little game of hers.  Lesson learned.

Bunny Dewitt and Casybeth

I loved this game.

Fun fact: I usually play with english voices. But for this one I kept the french dubbing. Because the voice actor who dub Booker Dewitt is also the voice actor who dub Nathan Fillion in everything he do. Making me feels like I was playing as Nathan Fillion. And it was awesome.

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