"Whose Wedding?" Favorites.

 bunniewatson answered your questionSeason 3 Questions

John’s marriage. Not for sure if they are going for Mary or not. But definatly expecting some vows to be made. We expect the worse, Moffat.

 badwolf-avenger answered your questionSeason 3 Questions

Mycroft will be marrying his umbrella

 nijitori answered your questionSeason 3 Questions

Sherlock and Mrs. Hudson, but only for the legal benefits.

 thehoundsofgayville answered your questionSeason 3 Questions

Anderson and a Velociraptor.

 brenananutmuffin answered your questionSeason 3 Questions

the pigeon and the traffic cone. ITS TRUE LOVE THAT EVEN MOFTISS CANNOT DENY

Just We Two in All the World

This is a gift for bunniewatson who came up with the following prompt:Sherlock abuses his Brother’s power to stalk a wealthy man named John Watson.

The result is a little cracky and a lot fluffy. It was a lot of fun to write! Cheers to the Johnlock gift exchange, and to bunniewatson for her wonderful prompt!

Summary: In which Sherlock is being much more obsessed than usual, John is convinced he’s going insane and Mycroft is only three steps away from well-planned murder. What’s a big brother to do?

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