bunnies are the shit

meet Soland and his pet bunny, Alice!
He works as a janitor at a Chinese restaurant In New York just trying to get through life. He’s a soft spoken man who’s dream is to get enough money to get a college education and or become a animal rescuer. He found Penny on the side walk a little bruised up and he offered to help her out, now they work together to try and make the world a less shitter place :3

Okay, so I’m about midway through my vacation, and we’re currently staying at this little lodge complex by Cannon Beach in Oregon, and hoLY SHIT, THERE ARE TAME BUNNIES EVERYWHERE. LIKE THEY SIT ON YOUR DOORSTEP AND YOU HAVE TO STEP AROUND THEM BECAUSE THEY DGAF IF THEYRE IN THE WAY I LOVE IT HERE


I know that a bunch of people have done screenshot redraws of this already but I couldn’t help myself I love these two too much


he just wants one good picture brandon 

wheres the pic of the dude who got tiny toons cancelled because he described his sexual fantasies about babs bunny to tress macneil and found out her fuckin phone number and shit


Bunnies coming to town

What your fav TSH character says about you

• Richard - you’re hopeless but at least you can write

• Bunny - you’re problematic af and annoy all your friends 

• Charles - you try to be friends with everyone but suck at it because you can’t keep up appearances and drink a lot

• Camilla - you probably run a pastel themed blog and question life ten times a day

• Henry - you’re probably an INTJ and you’re pretentious af

• Francis - you’re gay and afraid of confrontation but at least your fashion sense is good


reigens stage partners:

- a dove, father of six with a stable income;
- an old rat who likes soaps and eats raisin
- two espers