Driving to Campaign
  • Jessi:*honks as a car cuts us off* I hate you! Go ahead and turn! I'm gonna slap you with my car!
  • Bunnie:YOUR car! YOUR bear!
  • Jessi:Well, you're mine, so all your possessions are also mine. Transitive property.
  • Bunnie:Oh... ok ^^
  • Jessi:My natural reaction, "She's going to see that I'm being territorial, quick, call her a thing! She likes being things!"
  • Bunnie:I do like when you call me a thing.
  • *Rory and I driving, talking about possibilities for Friday, 12/21/12, weather it'll be the rapture or a zombie apocalypse, bearing in mind neither of us is religious*
  • Bunnie:I believe as long as your a good person you'll get into heaven. But, if the people from the Westboro Baptist Church are going to heaven, I'd rather not.
  • Rory:Amen.