bunnie is my fave villager though

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read any fics lately? *winks*

*wonks* you know I have

Snuggle Bug (Kyungmyeon) - cutest one shot I have ever read. Basically Kyungsoo sleep walks and sleeps in different places including the members beds.

Description ~ Kyungsoo sleep walks when he gets stressed out. No problem, except when his final destination ends up being the other members' beds. How awkward.

The Boy with the Blues (Kaisoo) - completed 48 chapters. This has trigger warnings but I was such an amazing story despite the warnings. You’ll cry, a little bit of laughter but god, its an amazing story and I hope you’ll read it.

Description ~ Kyungsoo seemed like a relatively normal kid, even if he was bullied. His main torturer was a boy named Kai. But will Kai see something about Kyungsoo that will change how he acts.

Sins of the flesh (Kaisoo) - hehehehehe. smut. hehehehe.

Description ~ Kai records himself using a flesh light  and uploads it to the internet where his not-quite friend Kyungsoo sees it.

That Playboy is my Husband (Kaisoo) - complete 24 chapters. I really enjoyed this one. No smut but it’s the plot that counts.

Description ~ We discovered that having an arranged marriage was a great icebreaker, and our social circle mushroomed each time we told our story. An arranged marriage is like dating only two hearts were already married.

Buns (Kaisoo) - hybrid au. Jongin is a wolf and Kyungsoo is a bunny. And they basically go at it.

Description ~ Jongin likes to eat buns…hun.

Everything Can Be Loved (Krisoo) - this is by far my fave fic ever!! wolf au. Kris is the feared monster wolf who protects the moon village if he gets three virgins each year to eat. All he wants is mate though so when Kyungsoo becomes a sacrifice and shows no fear, Kris doesn’t kill him. He claims him yet Kyungsoo becomes distressed. 16 chapters so far and the writing is amazing. Please read.

Description ~ There is a land, a deep valley nestled between a river and a mountain. With lush trees that create a green canopy, and fertile dark soil on the forest floor. The land is alive with nature and above all else magic. Everything is alive. Everything serves a purpose.In this valley a tribe lives, they flourish, and they pay respect to the beast that protects them from their enemies. Three virgins a year is all the beasts asks. A child is born, meant to be a warrior. A wolf waits alone. Everything is alive. Everything can be loved.

That is it for now. Ask box is open for any other recommendations. Just send me a ship :)