Bunni: How We First Met

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(Play it here!)

It’s coming up to exam time, and I’ve been playing TripleTown, but having to pay $4 for unlimited turns really gets me down.. So, what to do when I have the need to play a cute game? Looking up Spryfox online, I found a link to a game I haven’t played for at least 2 years - Bunni: How We First Met. It’s a quick game but it definitely was a satisfying experience, kind of like rereading a good book. 

Synposis [Spryfox]

“Bunni: How We First Met” is a game about adventure in the land of Bunni, where players can discover cute animals, scary monsters, and go on quests to rebuild the world. Some people love to explore Bunni, others enjoy defeating the monsters that occasionally plague the land, while others like to simply decorate their territory with beautiful things. What’s your favorite thing to do in Bunni?


I just finished the game bunnibunni!

And it was interesting and funny! I completed all the achievments save for logging back in, and visiting the forums

if there was more story after this

I missed it

oh well.

im not replaying that.

it took a long time