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Spitzbunker von Florian Thein
Über Flickr:
2017, Waldstadt, Wünsdorf, Yashica T5, dm Paradies 400

Thousands of bunkers were built during World War II along the French coastline to forestall an Allied landing. The so-called “Atlantic Wall” was decommissioned after the Allied invasion of Normandy and now lies abandoned.

Paul Virilio (°1932, Paris) stumbled upon these relics with his camera and began a study that would continue for 30 years. His book Bunker Archeology (1975) became an inquiry of war and its structures and a personal memoir of exploration, merging technical analysis with philosophical questioning.


An interesting contrast between the damage to the flight decks of USS Bunker Hill (top) and HMS Formidable (bottom) after 550lb-bomb-carrying Kamikaze hits amidships.

On Bunker Hill, the exploding bomb and burning fuel killed 389 and put the carrier out of action for four months. On Formidable, the exploding bomb and burning fuel killed nine and put the carrier out of action for six hours. America’s Midway-class aircraft carriers which entered service in late 1945, did so with armoured flight decks.


Movies Watched in 2014

Downfall / Der Untergang (2004) | dir. by Oliver Hirschbiegel | 9/10


A whole bunch of Teen Titans cut-outs

(from right-to-left: Robin, Kid Flash; Wonder Girl; Aqualad; Speedy; Bumblebee; Guardian; Joker’s Daughter; Nightwing; Starfire; Cyborg; Wonder Girl; Raven; Kid-Flash; Changeling (Beast Boy); Tera; Wonder Girl II; Robin III; Superboy; Impulse; Artimis; Ms. Martian; Ravanger; Blue Beetle; Robin IV; Shazam; Batgirl; Aqualad II; Mary Marvel; CMJ; Dove; Hawk; Jericho; Rocket; Batgirl II; Static; Bunker; Lagoon Boy; Bombshell; Kid Devil). 

sorry to anyone whose favorite was left out 

Unexpected Abilities

-Give me an incredibly flexible Percy. Not just like “Look I can touch my toes” but like he can do the splits both ways and do needles and shit. Nico thinks that this is unfair because he worked for years to become flexible and Percy is just able to. The only reason he knows this is because he felt flexible one morning and decided to try to do the splits. The next day he paraded around camp bragging.

-I know Percy is strong but I want Jason to be able to dead lift like 550 pounds. He just has so much muscle from both camp training for all of his life and natural muscle. He and Reyna have lift competitions monthly. However Reyna wins most of the time because she’s a bamf.

-This isn’t my idea but I really like the thought of Nico being able to speak like so many languages. When he was in the Lotus Hotel there was this game where it taught different languages and Nico adored it. He grew up speaking Italin and English, so he’s already bilingual and thanks to that game he can also speak Korean, Swedish, Spanish, Greek (ofc), Latin, Arabic, French and Dutch all fluently.

-Piper has killer art skills. Annabeth normally has Piper draw her ideas because they take her too long and Piper has gotten good at drawing exactly what Annabeth was imagining. She draws for Leo too. She has a notebook dedicated to the drawings of Leo’s crazy cool ideas. Piper does drawings for campers who miss their family, and the drawings are very realistic.

-Leo. This kid is insane. He is brilliant. If he manages to slow his brain down to think he may as well be as smart as Annabeth. Of course he never figured this out until he was working on the Argo II in Bunker 9 alone. Even if he had known this when he still was in school he wouldn’t have tried to. Leo must enjoy what he is doing to focus all of his energy into the project. 

-Hazel is really good with kids. She doesn’t want more than one or two but she loves working with the younger demigods at the camps. Leo takes it personal that her favorite is Harvey, his brother that she meet after the war. Once Hazel is old enough she wants to become a teacher in New Rome. Hazel really enjoys working with two to three year old kids.

-Frank may as well be telepathic to animals. It might be because of his ability to turn into animals, but he can tell right away if there is something wrong with your pet. This is why he decided that he was going to study veterinarian science as his major in New Rome. Percy and Leo find his ability amusing and they think that he should go around telling people what their pets hate about them. “Clarrise did you know that your dog hates the groomer you mom takes him to?” This idea has gotten Leo and Percy beat many times.

-Annabeth can play four different instruments without much struggle or practice. When she was six, her step-mom made her take piano lessons and soon realized that she was a prodigy. Annabeth then discovered that she could play violin easily after playing around with it at a friends house. Her only problem was not knowing notes right away. She has an inner metronome so she can play any percussion instrument once she gets the hang of it. When Percy went missing she spent a shit load of time at Paul and Sally’s apartment and she slept in Percy’s room. Percy had been talking guitar lessons from Apollo (since like Titans Curse) so when Annabeth was home alone she would play Percy’s guitar.

-Reyna can dance. Not twerking or shit like that. Formal ball dancing, waltz, salsa. She was also a dancer back in Puerto Rico. She was one of the best point dancers in the dance academy. Do not ask her about those days because she will at least try to break you neck. Reyna tries not to remember those days.


WW2 fortifications (St. Katarina hill, Rijeka, Croatia)

The area of Rijeka was heavily fortified even before World War II (the remains of these fortifications can be seen today on the city outskirts). This was the fortified border between Italy and Yugoslavia which, at that time, cut across the city area and its surroundings. When Yugoslav troops started to approach the city in April 1945, one of the fiercest and largest battles in this area of Europe ensued. The 27000 German and additional Italian troops fought tenaciously from behind these fortifications (renamed “Ingridstellung” – Ingrid Line – by the Germans). Under the command of the German general Ludwig Kübler they inflicted many thousands of casualties on the attacking Yugoslav partisans, which were forced to charge uphill against well-fortified positions to the north and east of the city. Ultimately the Germans were forced to retreat. 

Text source

a small-town library; a dusty-paged escape.
if i read careful enough, the reality floats and sinks.
and i can imagine i’m
anyone but me
anywhere but here
doing anything but this;
but the reality’s still there when i
shut the book and open my eyes.
a five-page essay and a salt-n-burn
all due friday;
and i think, this is how my life is gonna be like
(and i can’t imagine anything worse).
i’m not getting a gravestone, but if i did, they’d write
sammy winchester; dead at sixteen
by a random thing that went bump in the night;
a son, a brother, a freak.
a bunker underground, a leather-bound truth.
and i write it all down just like it was,
so that years and years later
someone else will walk this library 
and know what it was like to be me
to be us;
and learn from the mistakes we made
and mistakes we didn’t.
and however long our road may run,
there’s no one i’d rather travel with but you,
brother mine.
and if we’re lucky, your hair’ll go grey,
and i’ll need glasses to see the small writing
(i don’t want to imagine anything better).
if any of our friends outlive us,
we’ll go up in flames
and down in history;
but honestly, no flame can burn brighter than
the fourth of july fireworks you and i
will share when we are
at peace at last.
—  prompt: the bunker’s library; Sam & Dean poetry challenge; partner: nephilimeq

Top photo: Looking into a bunker on the Neckar-Enz line. One of 450 bunkers along 86Km of river. This was a serious hold up to the US advance into Germany in the spring of 1945. The line held the US back for 12 days. 

Bottom Photo: The embrasure that protected the entrance is to the right, the exterior embrasure is at the end of this passageway and covers the approaches to the bunker. 

Here you can see the extent of smoke damage to the interior. Some bright bulb decided to torch a couple of mattresses. 


Panther turrets were mounted in fixed fortifications; some were normal production models, but most were made specifically for the task, with additional roof armour to withstand artillery. Two types of turret emplacements were used; (Pantherturm III - Betonsockel — concrete base) and (Pantherturm I - Stahluntersatz — steel sub-base). They housed ammunition storage and fighting compartment along with crew quarters. A total of 182 of these were installed in the fortifications of the Atlantic Wall and Siegfried Line (Westwall), 48 in the Gothic Line and Hitler Line, 36 on the Eastern Front, and two for training and experimentation, for a total of 268 installations by March 1945. They proved to be costly to attack, and difficult to destroy.

There’s something futile about placing a tank turret into a permanent fixture. 

The top twp photos I took in Pirmasens, Germany on the westwall. 

I just find these fascinating. Wish I could have climbed in…….