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I use to work as a Hotel maid, and once I was cleaning and the guest came in, and I didn't hear him, and I screamed. So he got mad and was like I said hello, are you fucking deaf or what? I calmly said oh no sir, I'm actually hard of hearing, and I took my aids out to show him, (i took them out since i was alone, and they were hurting) And I put them back in, and I've never seen someone go so white before. He ended up leaving and tipping me 30 bucks. Literally made my day better.

Had something similar happen last week. Though the customer didn’t scare me. I was stocking sandwiches in the deli bunker when a customer approached me. I couldn’t quite understand him but because he pointed towards the deli I said “I’m sorry the deli closed an hour ago”. He got furious and started to yell “THAT’S NOT WHAT I SAID!” I apologized again and pointed to my ear “I’m partially deaf.” His demeanor immediately changed and he brought me to something he was trying to show me. It was a small puddle of water on the ground where absolutely no one would be in danger of slipping. I thanked him and cleaned it up, but Jesus that is not worth getting pissy over. At least he understood that I just couldn’t hear him. -Abby


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