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Four + Reader, 16 and 27? If you can?

Characters: Reader x Tobias “Four” Eaton + Peter Hayes

Warnings: violence, swearing

Prompts: 16: “I’ll kick his ass if you want me to.” 27: “Oh, fuck off.”

Word Count: 394

A/N: of course I can! hope you like it! (and i think this is the first Tobias request)

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You ripped your arm from Peter’s grasp and scowled. Peter laughed as he leaned up against the bunk bed, refusing to let you pass. You gritted out your teeth and balled your fists. 

“Let me pass, Peter.” you hissed, and Peter scoffed. 

“What are you going to do to me, Amity?” he laughed, and you felt a flush rise to your cheeks. You had transferred from Amity, which had surprised everyone, but it was what showed up on your aptitude tests. Despite constantly proving that you didn’t fit the joyful, peaceful ideals of Amity, Peter still constantly harassed you. 

“I swear,” you growled. “I’ll break your nose.”

“Yeah, right. Well go on, give it a try then. I’ll give you a free swing.” Peter leaned his face closer to yours, a taunting smile on his lips.

“Oh, fuck off.” you growled, punching him in the jaw and he stumbled backwards. He staggered for a moment, shocked, before he grabbed your arm and punched you in the stomach, hard. You wheezed, doubling over. Staggering to your feet, Peter shook his head at you as he rubbed his chin.

“You’re going to pay for that, Amity.” he spat, and raised his fist as Four walked in. 

“Hey!” he roared, and Peter froze. He looked at you, clutching your stomach, and Peter’s red face. “What’s going on here?”

“y/n tried to pick a fight with me.” Peter pointed at you, and you felt the anger bubble up in your stomach. You lunged at him, but Four grabbed your arms from behind and dragged you back. He dragged you out of the room as Peter smirked, pulling you into a empty hallway.

“He’s lying!” you yelled, trying to go back into the dorms but Four kept a firm grip in your arm.

“I know, y/n.” Four responded, his voice low. You looked up at him, incredulous. 

“Then why wouldn’t you let me kick his ass?” you demanded, and Four shook his head.

“You’ll just get yourself into more trouble, y/n. Drop it.” you pulled yourself away from Four’s grip and sighed. Straightening your shirt, you took a deep breath. “However, I can do something if you want. I’ll kick his ass if you want me to.” 

“Whatever.” you shrugged, but finally smiled. “Go ahead if you want to, but I didn’t give you any ideas.” 

Rogue Squadron, Attack on Titan AU

…Because I have zero impulse control when it comes to visually perfect AUs

Premise: *cough* Luke is the light of humanity (no differences to canon except you could replace humanity with galaxy) and leads his elite team of Rogues to the rescue when the outer wall of Trost falls. And then they encounter a titan with black armoured plating shaped strangely like robes, and a head with titan crystals armoured into what could almost be a helmet…

Timeline-wise, characters who are alive between Yavin and Hoth.

This is the first part of a two-shot, probably, depending on the response this gets. It’s about as AU as I’ve ever written.

Also, gore warning. Because Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan.

Part 1 out of 2

Index for this AU

The first warning Commander Luke Skywalker receives when the wall falls is a tremor in his bunk-bed frame that jars him out of a dream.

He remains still for a moment, staring up at the mould-encrusted ceiling. In the dream he had been with a family only thought up in his most distant imaginings; vaguely, the image of a father, tall and strong and steady, and a mother with wit as sharp as her gaze is warm, and a sibling - the fuzzy impression of a sister, overlaid inexplicably with General Organa’s voice. Strange, that.

Luke’s lips press together. What he knows of family is gone, wrestled from him two years ago in Shiganshina. Tatooine, the small district where he grew up - smashed to smithereens, and his Uncle and Aunt burnt alive in the crushed ruins of their home.

A gift, someone had once told him, in comparison to being eaten.

But what woke him?

Another thud, so loud and deep that Luke does not hear so much as feel it, trembling across his sternum to the sudden horror in his heart.

In the bunk below his, Wedge mumbles something about impossible earthquakes as he too is startled awake.

And then the garrison bell begins to ring, and Luke vaults over the side of his bunk to land cat-footed to face a wide-eyed Wedge.

“Titans,” Luke says, reaching for his uniform where it is hung on the wall.

“Titans,” Wedge says, grimly, in return. There is nothing more to be said. 

Gearing up is something so ingrained it is like pulling on a second skin. Shirt, trousers, boots, leather waist-pads; then the 3DMG harness proper, straps pulled tight and then loosened just so; the double-barreled axles of the gear itself, snapped to metal locks in the small of the back; blade-hilts, triggers tested for pressure, control-lines flexed; and finally, the grounding weight of double blade-boxes painted with the crossed crimson stripes of Rogue Squadron, with a gas cylinder slid snugly into the top of each.

In less than two minutes, Luke and Wedge are out in the corridor, and racing towards the courtyard. Doors open as they fly past, equipment clattering to the urgent pace of their boots; Zev Senesca and Wes Janson sprint out of their respective rooms a half-second after the first pair pass by, falling in behind their commanders as Tycho Celchu and Derek Klivian nearly smash into each other in their haste to run after their roommates.

By the time Luke rounds the last corner to the courtyard, he is tailed by eleven men, the crimson stripes painted on their gear flaring in the sunlight.

General Leia Organa is waiting for them, hair bound tight in a circled braid about her head to keep it out of her gear. She looks, as she always does, older, wiser, and harsher than the rest of them combined, with none of the hint of vulnerability that had surfaced before these hard years.

It is hard to believe they share the same birthday, unrelated as they are.

The newer recruits lined up in a different section of the courtyard look green at the gills. Han Solo - the soldier-not-soldier of unclear rank who somehow manages to fly loops around trained recruits anyway - is giving orders to them with the disgruntled expression of a man who would much rather be flying alone, but has a duty at present to carry out. His personalised gear is a mishmash of stuff that looks like spare parts, but flies faster than anything Alliance-issued.

Luke snaps to attention.

General Madine steps up beside Leia, ramrod-straight, with the expression of a man who knows he is close to death. He opens his mouth, and the silence as he begins to speak is more deafening than the words themselves.

“Rogue Squadron. These are your orders.”

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I live in a tiny dorm right now and what you can do to make more space is raise your bed up so you have space underneath or bunk beds with your roommate it makes such a huge difference trust me

ohhh that’s a good idea. thanks!!

matt has been officially banned from picking movies after choosing fellowship of the ring (extended edition) for the past four saturdays in a row

bunk beds (Promptio version)
  • Gladio: top or bottom?
  • Prompto: there's no way you're top, you'll either break me or the bed! I don't even know what we're talking about!
  • Gladio: ...I was just asking which shelf you wanted to use, but are you asking me to ride you?
  • Prompto: well, I dunno, I guess? I won't say no?

but really can you just imagine mushroom-haired louis crawling into harry’s cramped bunk bed in the dead of night like “we need to discuss this” and harry cheekily going “discuss what” and pecking him on the lips while louis blushes and puts his hands over his and then says “us” so sincerely, so in love with this boy already at the ripe age of 18

Daryl's sexuality and romantic life

I am one of those people who has been watching TWD from the beginning. And I’ve read Daryl as gay pretty early on. I considered it a possibility in season one simply because we didn’t have a gay character at that point and I thought Daryl may end up being gay as his sexuality was undefined (unlike everyone else). Season two was what really made me think that Daryl was gay. The episode when he’s searching for Sophia and he starts hallucinating Merle, and Merle calls him Darlene and challenges his masculinity made me really wonder. We know that Daryl was abused, and there are many reasons he could have been but the fact that he feels insecure about being seen as feminine is worth noting. We see the same thing when Merle meets Rick and calls Daryl his bitch.

So, Daryl has an abusive past, and we don’t entirely know if there were specific reasons he was abused.

Season 2-4 we see Daryl become close with two different women, but he never expresses romantic or sexual interest in either one of them. Obviously Beth is dead now, but with Carol there’s still ZERO romantic or sexual tension/chemistry between them. They’re close friends, but unlike with richonne, it doesn’t feel like their friendship is building up to anything more.

And now let’s move forward a bit to the last couple of seasons. The group moves into Alexandria. Daryl, predictably, doesn’t fit in. In fact, he only ever interacts with his own people and doesn’t make an effort to socialize with anyone from the safe zone. Oh, except for Aaron, Eric, and Denise. Obviously I understand that gay people don’t only hang out with other gay people, but it’s an interesting character choice to have Daryl bonding only with the LGBT members of ASZ and no one else.

And then we meet Jesus. The first people he interacts with are Daryl and Rick. That entire episode’s interaction is like a ridiculous post-apocalyptic meet-cute (and clearly Rick ships it😉). Fast forward one episode later, and directly after the group scene with Jesus, Abraham approaches Daryl and asks if he’s ever going to find someone to settle down with. This is HUGE. No one has ever asked Daryl about that kind of stuff. No one has ever questioned him on romantic prospects. And it’s interesting that Abraham uses a gender neutral term as opposed to saying something like “are you ever gonna find a nice woman”. The writers are drawing attention to Daryl’s romantic/sexual life. There needs to be a reason for that.

After this, Daryl and Jesus are separated for quite a while. But the first time they separate, Daryl is with Denise and Rosita and Jesus is with Tara and Gabriel. And again this is interesting because both Denise and Tara talk about their relationship and romance (Denise to Daryl and Rosita, Tara to Jesus and Gabriel). Denise make an impassioned death speech about not letting fear stop you from going after what you want and pursuing what makes you happy.

And then what? Well Daryl gets taken by Negan’s group, Jesus ends up there for reconnaissance, and stays behind to help Daryl escape. And we are specifically shown that Daryl is why Jesus stays. Like that man had his ticket out and the moment he realized Daryl was there, he is off that damn truck. Then last week, Jesus casually comes out. It was done in such an innocuous way but at least alerts audiences who may not be familiar with the comic to his preferences. And it doesn’t do so the way it does in the comic, where we are made privy to Jesus’ sexuality by meeting his boyfriend. There may be an Alex, but if so, we haven’t met him. Now this week, he and Daryl are basically attached at the hip. i’m not saying that pairing the two up on missions means that they are going to hook the characters up. But they are teaming Daryl and Jesus up at least and getting the audience used to seeing them together.

I’m not saying this means definitively that they are going to make this Canon. I have major doubts that they will. But I am saying that narrative foreshadowing is supportive of a relationship between Daryl and Jesus. The writers have now gone out of their way seven seasons in to actually draw attention to Daryl’s lack of a romantic life (via Abraham and Denise). To me something like that is only brought up if it’s going to be resolved. And my question is, who is Daryl going to be with? The only woman he has ever really shown any closeness to is Carol, but he’s never shown attraction toward her. And I find it highly unlikely that some rando woman is going to just appear and make Daryl suddenly go gaga. That really wouldn’t fit with what we know of him.

The writers may deny it, but they’ve certainly done a nice subtle job of setting up a possible Daryl/Jesus romance.

(Also a little side note about Daryl’s sexuality: I also think both Carol and Rick know, even if Daryl has never actually come out to them officially. Carol making that joke at the prison about she and Daryl hooking up and then later her bunk bed comments when they were on the road are just so winky. And with Rick there’s literally no reason for him to be all nudge nudge when it comes to Jesus.)