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13th-16th december
Taupo is a town about five hours (by bus) south of Auckland, just north of the Tongariro national park (aka the location of Mount Doom). I’d heard a lot about it just being a really nice city to visit with a beautiful lake, great for cruises, jet boating and other water sports. It’s (possibly?) the largest lake in New Zealand and is supposed to be really clear and amazing.

Unfortunately, when I was there the weather was working against me a bit. The first day I arrived, I walked down to the lake which was very pretty but there were clouds hiding all the mountains and the water was a bit rough, and it pretty much stayed like that the whole time I was there, with some interludes of rain in between. Luckily, I managed to get into a really nice hostel with No Bunk Beds!!! and I met some really friendly girls in my room (including two girls who coincidentally had been on the same boat as me the first time I visited Paihia!)

On my first full day, I didn’t really have any plans so I got chatting to a girl in my room and we decided to walk up to Huka falls. By car, this is about five minutes but by foot it’s a lot more of a trek, although it is a nice walk. You pick up the river (beatiful and clear etc etc) and follow around the edge past the bungee platforms. We met two guys feeding the ducks, one of whom already knew the girl I was walking with and the other one who was a bit aimless (he was cycling around NZ but his bike had just broken down) and decided to join us ‘just as far as the hot springs.’

We hadn’t really realised the hot springs were on our route, but we found them with him. It was this tiny trickling waterfall that flowed into the main river. The sun came out for a little bit, and I was glad I’d bothered packing my swimming costume because the water coming out of the spring was really nice. You had to start where it mixed with the freezing river water and work back towards the source so your body could acclimatise, but sinking into the super deep hot pool at the end of it was very rewarding and it took us a while to summon up the willpower to get out into the wind and start walking again :)

But we did, and in the end we made it to Huka falls. This is a much more unconventional waterfall than the normal tall cliffs sprinkling clear blue water, Huka falls is interesting because of the sheer amount of water being funnelled into what is really a quite small canyon. It’s long rather than tall and not the sort of waterfall you’d want to dip your toes into, because you would probably be instantly washed away! It was a lot more crowded with people taking photos than some waterfalls I’ve been to, probably because there was a car park right beside it so all those with transport didn’t have to do the walk. Although we did end up taking advantage of that to hitch a lift back into town with some kindly campervanners to save repeating the same walk back ;)

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💚💔 for jeri

  • 💚- A memory that makes them feel guilty 

Jeri lay, half-leaning on her back, one of her hands occupied with the pendant around her neck. She fingered the pointier edges, feeling the shape of the tiny dagger and brushing it over to make out the carving of the heart on the blade. She stared up at the top bunk of the bed rather blankly.

There was a girl in her arms and she did not know how they got there. Ry was already asleep, but Jeri was awake. She was thinking, casually drawing circles on Ry’s arm with the thumb on her other hand. What are you doing, Jeri? she thought to herself. She looked down at the other girl fondly, briefly smiling before she took her hand off her pendant and put her fingers on the side of her face and sighing. What are you doing…?

  • 💔- A memory that leaves them feeling lonely 

Jeri had her arms crossed, a horrible scowl on her face, and one of her legs crossed over the other. She leaned back, slumping in her seat slightly. She eyed the office angrily. The secretary paid her no mind, and there were teachers standing by the copier, but they said nothing. She hated it.

He deserved it, she thought. The boy thought he could get away from her after calling her that horrible name. Maybe she went overboard, but in the moment, it did not matter to her. She didn’t think he would actually break something. After what felt like ages of waiting, there was a call for her from one of the rooms at the far end and a woman stood in the door, beckoning her towards her.

Jeri narrowed her eyes. She stood up rather reluctantly, not unfolding her arms as she did and she began walking towards her counsellor. Nobody was going to vouch for her, she thought. She didn’t need them to.

She thought.

#9 Bunk Fun


You were Luke’s girlfriend of 7 months. He was going on tour with the boys next week and asked you if you’d like to come along. Of course you were going to say yes.

One week later it was time to head off. You got on the tour bus and started in Sydney. You unpacked on the bus as you were going to be on here for a good 15 weeks. Luke showed you to your bunk, above his. You all headed to sleep ready to wake up for show 1 tomorrow. One thing you hated was sleeping alone, so you decided to get down and crawl in next to Luke. He felt you get in and rolled you on top of him so you were straddling him, trying not to bang your head and began to kiss him. Things started to get pretty heated and you began rocking back and forth on his growing bulge through his boxers. He kissed your neck and you began to moan his name until a confused Michael opened up your curtain and asked you

“What the fuck are you both doing? it’s 3am”

During the show the next day, Michael announced to the crowd

“Oh and Luke looks tired right? yeah he was in y/n’s bunk all night”

y/n’s face went red and fans looked at her on front row.

“Actually Michael, she was in mine.” The crowd whistled and cheered.


It was midnight and you were in Calums bunk spooning when suddenly you felt something poking on your ass. “Calum really?”


“it’s midnight and you’re turned on.”

“Well what can I say, i’m lay in a bed thinner than a single bed with a hot twenty year old brunette wearing nothing but a thong.”

He rolled you on your back and sat on top of you, now taking his boxers off and throwing them on the floor outside your bunk. Without a word, he thrusted into you and you screamed his name.

“y/n quiet Luke’s above us” Calum whispered

“That’s okay, Luke is already awake now love birds” Luke spoke clearly.

The next morning, Calum asked if everyone had a good nights sleep. Luke cleared his throat “Calum did you even sleep, y/n did you? I don’t think you did.”

Lost Relatives

*Runa tosses and turns in bed as she has what she thinks is a dream but really a vision. A Clone that looks like he’s in his mid-20’s watches over two young girls in bunk beds. One looks like Runa but is slightly taller, has a calmer face and has longer hair. The other is slightly pale and has short red hair. The Clone smiles at the two. The first girl stirs and slightly wakes up.*

Girl 1: Stork? *kind and gentle voice*

Stork: Just checking on you and Mira, Mika. Go back to sleep.

Mika: Okay. *goes back to sleep*

*Stork sighs and closes the door. He goes to his own room and looks at all the relics and items from the war. He activates a holocron and Roku, Taranny, Loka, and Star appear on it. He looks at Star with determination.*

Stork: I’ll find you, Mother. I promise.

*Runa’s eyes snap open and she sits up.*

Runa: Dear Force. I need to talk to Ahsoka. *gets up and heads to Ahsoka’s room*


Charles’ EscApe

I’m really not sure how Charles escaped the fire, but I noticed that when the girls found the air vent into the soul room they made a big noise when they removed the grate. It seems odd if they’re trying to not be caught. I thought they made a big deal out of making the noise to show how in the season 5 finale, Charles escaped without a sound. Mona was facing the air vent so she would have noticed Charles climbing into the wall. This reminds me of how CeCe disappeared after her coat ripped and she ‘died’. 

Other Observations: 

The IT’S A BOY onesie in a frame. 

The bedroom before the soul room.

The bunk beds in the bedroom. (Twins?)

The alarm turned on when the girls entered Charles’ childhood bedroom but turned off when they found the entrance to the Soul Room.

Charles has old school technology (film movies, old popcorn machine)

The only rooms that can burn are the girls rooms and Charles room. They are the only ones with wood. The rest of the dollhouse is cement. Cement doesn’t burn.

The vent in the woods seems odd. Like Charles was planning for a fire.

The bunker that Ezra and Caleb open in the end looks like the same one that the girls ran out of in the finale, but there was a fence around it. There was no fence this time. Also, the bunker was in the middle of the woods but this one was closer to the road. Are there two? Was the fence and lights removed? There was a bar over the handles so someone must have come out to take away everything and lock the door from the outside. 

CeCe Drake (C.D), Charles DiLaurentis (C.D). What’s the connection?

RWBY RP Starters
  • "Do you believe in destiny?"
  • "I don't need help growing up. I drink milk!"
  • "Yeeeeeeeah. . .I can see that."
  • "Boop!"
  • "We'll break his legs!"
  • "I know, will bribe the headmaster, no, wait, that wont work, he has a school."
  • "IS SHE A MAN?!"
  • "Great! The gang's all here. Now we can all die together!"
  • "You know what else is great? Me, [insert name]."
  • "Well maybe we were just tired of being pushed around!"
  • "Hey, a no-good stowaway would have got caught. I'm a GREAT stowaway!"
  • "Or we could ditch the beds... and replace them with bunk beds!"
  • "She's a hazard to my health!"
  • "Aren't you... that girl that exploded?"
  • "Unfortunately, the real world isn't the same as a fairy tale."
  • "Are you sure you didn't hit your head?"
  • "AWWWW. Its broken"
  • "Magnets are cool too."
  • "Oh my god you really exploded."
  • "Run and live! That's an idea I can get behind..."
  • "Yeah. No, Yeah."