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The Bittle Kids

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Eric Bittle is four years old when his mama and his daddy sit him down and tell him they have something special to tell him. He’s excited, and curious, and a little confused.

“We’re going to have a new baby soon. We’re going to bring you a little brother,” his mama says.

Eric is only four, so he doesn’t understand completely, but he’s excited to have a baby brother. To be a big brother.

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Home is where we park it.

We’re buying a travel trailer. We’ve been talking about this for over a year, and we’re finally going to make the jump. It’s going to require some creativity on our part, but logically it makes sense. We aren’t sure where we want to settle down just yet and this gives us the ability to explore our options because we’re guaranteed a roof over our head. So yeah, for the time being this will be our home! We will be raising the bottom bunk to make room for a third bed. The middle bunk will become a crib for Lenyx while the girls will take the other two. I want to lay down wood laminate flooring just because I think it looks nice and I want to paint the entire inside. I’m nervous but optimistic and excited. It will be ours and that’s what really matters to me.

i don’t like to judge people but there are some people on House Hunters that i can’t help but judge:
-the guy that wanted to live close to church bc he liked to walk to church barefoot
-the family with 5 kids (1 son, 4 daughters) that gave the son his own room while the girls were in one room in two bunk beds. not even just in the old house–that was the case in the new house.
-every guy that wants a goddamn “man cave”

#9 Bunk Fun


You were Luke’s girlfriend of 7 months. He was going on tour with the boys next week and asked you if you’d like to come along. Of course you were going to say yes.

One week later it was time to head off. You got on the tour bus and started in Sydney. You unpacked on the bus as you were going to be on here for a good 15 weeks. Luke showed you to your bunk, above his. You all headed to sleep ready to wake up for show 1 tomorrow. One thing you hated was sleeping alone, so you decided to get down and crawl in next to Luke. He felt you get in and rolled you on top of him so you were straddling him, trying not to bang your head and began to kiss him. Things started to get pretty heated and you began rocking back and forth on his growing bulge through his boxers. He kissed your neck and you began to moan his name until a confused Michael opened up your curtain and asked you

“What the fuck are you both doing? it’s 3am”

During the show the next day, Michael announced to the crowd

“Oh and Luke looks tired right? yeah he was in y/n’s bunk all night”

y/n’s face went red and fans looked at her on front row.

“Actually Michael, she was in mine.” The crowd whistled and cheered.


It was midnight and you were in Calums bunk spooning when suddenly you felt something poking on your ass. “Calum really?”


“it’s midnight and you’re turned on.”

“Well what can I say, i’m lay in a bed thinner than a single bed with a hot twenty year old brunette wearing nothing but a thong.”

He rolled you on your back and sat on top of you, now taking his boxers off and throwing them on the floor outside your bunk. Without a word, he thrusted into you and you screamed his name.

“y/n quiet Luke’s above us” Calum whispered

“That’s okay, Luke is already awake now love birds” Luke spoke clearly.

The next morning, Calum asked if everyone had a good nights sleep. Luke cleared his throat “Calum did you even sleep, y/n did you? I don’t think you did.”

Weiss: Episode Six Analysis

So I’ve had a bit of time to think about it and there are a couple of things I want to point out about this scene. 

First and foremost is that it’s entirely about control. 

Think about it. Weiss could have summoned any kind of Grimm here (she’s killed a lot) from a regular Beowolf to the huge Nevermore they took down during initiation. Or hell, even a piece of the Knight like she did when helping Velvet take down the Paladins - that’s at least something she’s somewhat familiar with. But instead we get the Boarbatusk from Port’s class. 

This is a deliberate choice (overlooking practical, narrative considerations, such as keeping Weiss from summoning something massive that would immediately harm numerous guests). It seems pretty clear that Weiss can’t summon deliberately yet, so anything she does summon is instinctual. Why, then, would her subconscious choose the Boarbatusk? I think it’s because above all Weiss in looking for control in her life and she fears a further loss of that control - a fear that this early scene represents. 

Back in “The Badge and the Burden” Weiss has escaped her father’s presence for (presumably) the first time, but she’s also just learned that she’s not the leader of Team RWBY, a role she both expected and partly needed, to have as much power as possible in this new part of her life. (There’s a reason that Weiss is so “bossy” and it has everything to do with abuse, not how ‘awful’ she is). But instead this young, “childish” girl is given that power, a girl who then proceeds to boss Weiss around in a capacity outside of battle (waking Weiss up with the whistle, telling her it’s time to decorate their dorm), acts immaturely in class, and - worst of all - continues to give orders when Weiss declared that she would be the one to kill the boar, all by herself. Ruby, of course, has only the best interests, but Weiss only sees someone else trying to control her in this moment, someone who is not even as respected/educated/powerful/etc. as her father. 

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While Stan and his team hide out in the shack, they’ve gotta bunk up in pairs.  The girls would bundle up on Mabel’s bed, the gnomes on Dipper’s bed.  Cele and Multibear and Manotaur would have to sleep on the floor since they’re too big for beds.  That dude and his woodpecker wife would have the whole living room because they fight all the time.  Blubs and the biker would know each other (Blubs would be at that bar a lot to calm down fights) so they’d share Ford’s study.

Gee, that just leaves Stan and someone else.  Gosh darn, I sincerely hope Fids doesn’t mind cuddling up with Stan all night long.  Pretty difficult to keep calm with the apocalypse and a huge, hot, and handsome beefy guy at your side.

Camp Counselors

A/N: Saw some text post on tumblr that inspired this. I don’t know the user or I would give credit, but thanks for the amazing idea whoever wrote that post!

It started on a weekend in May. School in Australia was just let out this week and now all of the summer camps were going to open this weekend. This summer, you were going to work as a counselor. Mainly because, you needed the money and this was the camp you had gone to as a child. Unfortunately for you, Luke Hemmings was also going to be a counselor. You had gone to camp with him from age 5 until age 16. As if every childhood summer of yours wasn’t enough for him to bother you, now you’d have to see him every week day this summer. Luke was always trying to get your attention with stupid chat up lines, but you knew better than to fall for a player. He was cute, yes, but his reputation with girls from your small christian school was awful.

Today was a meeting day for all of the employees before the kids arrived. Each of you would be assigned a cabin and a group of kids. All the counselors gathered around a middle-aged woman who owned the camp. Just your luck, Luke walked over and stood next to you. Since the meeting hadn’t began yet, he started with his pointless flirting. “Wow (y/n) I do like a girl in uniform,” Luke said biting this lip and looking you up and down. You immediately felt uncomfortable. “No need to feel nervous. You better get comfortable around me since we will be spending all summer together,” He smiled. You rolled your eyes and patiently waited for the meeting to start.

“Okay, counselors, the cabin assignments are Luke in cabin1, (y/n) in cabin 2…..”the owner started reading down the list. This was one of the worst situations for you considering you’d be stuck next to Luke. You looked over at him in disgust and saw the smirk on his face.

The meeting ended and you angrily stomped away. You were going to go to your cabin and start setting things up. “Hey, wait for me,” Luke called to you from a few steps away. You only walked faster at his comment. “Trying to sneak away from me, are you now?” Luke said when he caught up to you.

“Trust me, I’d like to be as far away as possible,” you sassily replied. He continued walking next to you. Can’t this boy take a hint that you aren’t interested?

“Ooh feisty,” he winked.

“Pig,” You scoffed to yourself.

“Anyways, I can’t wait to prank your cabin,” Luke laughed.

“You better not,” you warned him.

“Watch your back, cutie,” he playfully warned.

“Do not call me that,” you instructed just as you reached your cabin door. Luke went his separate way and you were grateful he did not follow you inside.

You set your suitcase down on the single bed. The room was all wood. It had 2 sets of  bunk beds for the little girls to sleep in and a small bathroom. The cabin was hotter than outside was, so you decided to change out of your jeans and T-shirt. You slipped on denim ripped shorts and a tank top with your favorite band’s logo. You had just finished putting your hair into a pony tail when the alarm signaling dinner time went off. You sighed and made your way to the dining hall.

Since your cabin was one of the furthest away, you arrived 5 minutes later than everyone else. You waited in line for your cheeseburger and fries. By the time you had gotten your food, all the seats were full. You walked through the rows of tables with your food trying to find a seat.

“You can sit here,” a familiar voice said. You looked down to see Luke patting the seat right next to him. There was no where else to sit so you sighed and sat down. Your seat was so close to Luke that you were almost sitting on his lap. It was awkward and uncomfortable.

“Are you gonna eat, babe?” Luke asked you. You looked down at your plate to see you hadn’t touched a single thing on your plate.

“Oh erm, yeah,” You replied. You dipped a french fry into the ketchup and then plopped it into your mouth. You continued this until all of your fries were gone.

The next morning, you woke up and went straight to the dining hall for breakfast. Today, the kids in your cabin would be meeting you at the assigned table. You walked into the eating area and saw your table full of 4 little girls. The table next to you was full of 6 boys and Luke.

“Hey girls! My name is (y/n) and I’m going to be your counselor this summer,” You greeted the small girls. The girls sitting at the table greeted you and told you their names.

“Looking good today,” a voice behind called out with a whistle. You knew it was risky wearing just a bikini top and shorts. You knew the voice was Luke. No one else at this camp was so desperate. You rolled your eyes and continued talking to the girls. “Don’t be shy baby,” Luke laughed but you just chose to ignore him.

Breakfast was almost done. “After this we are scheduled to be by the lake today, so we’ll go to the cabin and put on our bathing suits,” You said to the girls. They all nodded and cheered happily.

You and the girls were back in the cabin getting your bathing suits on. Since you were already changed you sat on the bed and waited. “Miss (y/n), who was that boy that was talking to you at breakfast?” One of the girls, named Rosie, asked you.

“That was Luke. Why?” you asked back.

“I think he likes you!!” 3 of the girls including Rosie shouted.

“No. He’s like that with every girl,” you reasoned. To get them off the subject you told them it was time to go.

You and the girls were down by the lake. All the kids in your group were swimming while you sat in one of the lounge chairs to tan. You heard some one sit in the chair next to you and your sunlight was immediately blocked. You lifted your sunglasses up to see who it was and it didn’t surprise you to see Luke sitting there.

“Hey,” he said trying to act smooth.

“Move, Hemmings, your blocking my sunlight,” you instructed him.

“No can do, baby. I was scheduled to be a lifeguard today,” he smirked.

You ignored him, as you normally did. To tune him out you put one headphone in and kept one out incase the girls needed you. You played “I miss you” by blink 182. It was an older song, but it was still one of your favorites.

“Nice music,” Luke commented. What the hell? How’d he even know what you are listening to?

“Thanks?” you confusingly said.

“I can hear it,” he answered your thoughts. It’s like he knew what you are thinking.

He kept babbling on about how blink 182 was going to be at some music festival this year. You really didn’t give a shit about what he had to say.

“Can you sit somewhere else, Hemmings?” you rudely asked. It was annoying you that you could barely hear your music over his talking.

“Nope,” He replied popping the “p”.

“God damnit your so fucking annoying,” You whispered under your breath.

“Princess, I don’t think the owner would be happy to hear you saying swear words on camp,” Luke teased.

You gave him a death glare and he put his hands up in defense. “You know, you don’t always have to be so mean,” he said.

“Maybe if you didn’t annoy me 24/7 we could be friends and I wouldn’t be so mean to you,” you fired back at him.

“I bet your just mean to me because your in love with me,” he casually announced. You sat up in pure shock of his words and started laughing.

“No way. You think every girl likes you. How long will it take you to realize I hate you?”you shouted.

This time he laughed. “Whatever you say princess. I can guarantee you’ll love me by the end of this week,” he challenged.
“Don’t hold your breath. I’m leaving now,” you lastly shouted. You gathered up all of your things and told the girls to follow you.

It was late at night, after dinner. All of the girls were in bed and sleeping, but you stayed awake. The cabin was so hot you could barely sleep. Your throat was dry, making you even more uncomfortable. Your only option was to tough this out, or go get a drink in the dining hall. You chose to go get a drink.

After changing into more appropriate attire you headed to the dining hall for a glass of water. You had made it there safely while using your phone as your only flashlight. The door creaked as you opened it. Surprisingly, the lights in the room were already on.

“Can’t sleep either?” A voice asked you. It startled you making you jump 20 feet into the air. Then a chuckle came and you knew who it was once again. Luke always seemed to be surprising you.

“Don’t do that, you ass. And yes its too hot to sleep,” you answered with attitude.

“What if I told you, I had a great idea?” Luke asked.

“Then I’d want to know what it was?” you confusingly answered.

“Let’s go night swimming,” Luke suggested while walking closer to you.

Something about the way the light caught him made his eyes sparkle. You never realized how blue they are. “O-ok,” Your mouth said before you could even process it.

Luke and you silently walked down to the lake. He was taking off his shirt and had his swim trunks already on, but you realized you didn’t have a swim suit on. “Erm Luke, I don’t have a suit,” You told him.

“Bra and underwear are fine,” He winked. He then did a cannon ball into the water from the dock. You thought for a moment. It was dark outside. It’s not like he’d see you in your underclothes. You stripped out of your pajamas and then walked over to the dock.

“Luke, I’m scared. What if theres like an alligator or something in there?” you admitted one of your fears to him. Ever since you were little you had been scared of open water.

“You’ll be fine. Just jump in and I’ll catch you.” he instructed. You plugged your nose and closed your eyes before jumping off the dock. You felt strong arms wrap around your torso before your head could go under water.

You opened your eyes and unplugged your nose. You couldn’t really see Luke clearly but  you could make out his ocean blue eyes. “Thanks for catching me,” your broke the awkward silence.

“Yeah, no problem.” he answered. “and I’m sorry for always flirting with you. It’s just I’m not used to having to work to get girls and I guess it can be kind of annoying,” he added. Luke was acting shy.

“It’s fine. Sorry for being a bitch to you,” you answered. He lightly laughed and so did you. You only then realized you were still in his arms. But you didn’t want to move. You wanted this moment to last forever.

Your body took over and it might’ve been weird for you to make the first move, but you did. You leaned in to seal your lips with Luke’s perfect ones. He leaned in too and the kiss was honestly magical. It was like a movie where the fireworks explode behind you kind of kiss.

When the kiss finally ended you pulled away and stared into his eyes. He ran a hand through your hair to tuck it behind your ear. “Remember when I bet you that you’d fall for me by the end of the week and you denied it?” He asked. You nodded to answer his question. “I think you just fell for me and I think that means you were wrong,” He laughed.

“Shut up and kiss me again, you idiot,” you interrupted him.

RWBY RP Starters
  • "Do you believe in destiny?"
  • "I don't need help growing up. I drink milk!"
  • "Yeeeeeeeah. . .I can see that."
  • "Boop!"
  • "We'll break his legs!"
  • "I know, will bribe the headmaster, no, wait, that wont work, he has a school."
  • "IS SHE A MAN?!"
  • "Great! The gang's all here. Now we can all die together!"
  • "You know what else is great? Me, [insert name]."
  • "Well maybe we were just tired of being pushed around!"
  • "Hey, a no-good stowaway would have got caught. I'm a GREAT stowaway!"
  • "Or we could ditch the beds... and replace them with bunk beds!"
  • "She's a hazard to my health!"
  • "Aren't you... that girl that exploded?"
  • "Unfortunately, the real world isn't the same as a fairy tale."
  • "Are you sure you didn't hit your head?"
  • "AWWWW. Its broken"
  • "Magnets are cool too."
  • "Oh my god you really exploded."
  • "Run and live! That's an idea I can get behind..."
  • "Yeah. No, Yeah."
Lost Relatives

*Runa tosses and turns in bed as she has what she thinks is a dream but really a vision. A Clone that looks like he’s in his mid-20’s watches over two young girls in bunk beds. One looks like Runa but is slightly taller, has a calmer face and has longer hair. The other is slightly pale and has short red hair. The Clone smiles at the two. The first girl stirs and slightly wakes up.*

Girl 1: Stork? *kind and gentle voice*

Stork: Just checking on you and Mira, Mika. Go back to sleep.

Mika: Okay. *goes back to sleep*

*Stork sighs and closes the door. He goes to his own room and looks at all the relics and items from the war. He activates a holocron and Roku, Taranny, Loka, and Star appear on it. He looks at Star with determination.*

Stork: I’ll find you, Mother. I promise.

*Runa’s eyes snap open and she sits up.*

Runa: Dear Force. I need to talk to Ahsoka. *gets up and heads to Ahsoka’s room*


Charles’ EscApe

I’m really not sure how Charles escaped the fire, but I noticed that when the girls found the air vent into the soul room they made a big noise when they removed the grate. It seems odd if they’re trying to not be caught. I thought they made a big deal out of making the noise to show how in the season 5 finale, Charles escaped without a sound. Mona was facing the air vent so she would have noticed Charles climbing into the wall. This reminds me of how CeCe disappeared after her coat ripped and she ‘died’. 

Other Observations: 

The IT’S A BOY onesie in a frame. 

The bedroom before the soul room.

The bunk beds in the bedroom. (Twins?)

The alarm turned on when the girls entered Charles’ childhood bedroom but turned off when they found the entrance to the Soul Room.

Charles has old school technology (film movies, old popcorn machine)

The only rooms that can burn are the girls rooms and Charles room. They are the only ones with wood. The rest of the dollhouse is cement. Cement doesn’t burn.

The vent in the woods seems odd. Like Charles was planning for a fire.

The bunker that Ezra and Caleb open in the end looks like the same one that the girls ran out of in the finale, but there was a fence around it. There was no fence this time. Also, the bunker was in the middle of the woods but this one was closer to the road. Are there two? Was the fence and lights removed? There was a bar over the handles so someone must have come out to take away everything and lock the door from the outside. 

CeCe Drake (C.D), Charles DiLaurentis (C.D). What’s the connection?