Distraction - Stiles Stilinski imagine

You’re laying down on the couch just scrolling through Tumblr whilst Stiles sits on the floor in front of you playing video games with Scott. Once there aren’t any more gifs to watch, you put it away and look up at the TV-screen. Your eyes wander around the room, ending up on the boys in front of you. You are lost in thought, and start massaging Stiles’s shoulders. It was second nature to start doing it, his shoulders looked like they needed it.  Maybe it was his posture, how tense his back looks from not sitting straight? When he feels your touch, he immediately relaxes in your hands, and sits up straight.
“GUYS WHAT KIND OF PIZZA SHOULD I ORDER?” you hear Lydia shout from the kitchen.
“HAWAIIAN!” Scott shouts back, barely turning his head from watching the game.
“WHAT ABOUT YOU, STILES? Malia screams, after a few seconds.
He doesn’t answer.
“STILES?” Malia asks again.
“Dude, what pizza do you want?” Scott asks, nudging him.
He still doesn’t answer. Scott looks up at you and smiles like a three-year-old. He nods his head at Stiles, and you know you must step in.
“Hey, Stilinski.” you taunt, leaning closer to him.
“Hm?” he heavily breathes out, looking up at you for just a second and then turning back to the screen.
“What kind of pizza do you want?” you politely ask.
“Pepperoni.” he smiles slightly before refocusing on the game.
“PEPPERONI.” Scott yells at his two friends in the kitchen.
Stiles looks startled at him but turns back to his game. You realize how much fun it would be to distract him and let Scott win this round because it’s always funny to see Stiles’s reaction when he loses. You sit down on the ground next to him and scoot as close as possible. You see his eyes close in on the screen, trying to play it cool. You stretch your arms and lean over so your head is resting on his shoulder. You start playing with the hem of his sweater sleeve and you look innocently up at him. He has just looked down at you and you smile. He awkwardly smiles before looking back up.
“NO no no no no…” he begins muttering, looking at how badly his team is losing.
“YES YES YES YES!” Scott starts screaming.
A lot of profanities are screamed in the next few minutes as the game ends and Calum’s team has won.
“Forget this.” Stiles grunts, going to his bunk. Scott starts laughing, knowing he’s going to get over it, but you can’t help but feel a little bit bad for distracting him, even if it was still really funny.
You laugh at Scott’s happiness and go over to Stiles’s bunk. You peel back the curtain and see him laying down, scrolling through his phone.
“Hey.” you lightly smile.
“Hey.” he says awkwardly.
“Do you mind if I come up here?“
He shrugs. You hoist yourself up to the top bunk and sit next to him.
"Not so used to losing?” you awkwardly laugh.
He shrugs, “guess not.”
“Want another massage?” you laugh. His eyes shoot up to you then back down to his phone, still trying to play it cool.
He shrugs. You roll your eyes and sit him up so you can begin massaging him again.

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The Wire: Final Death Standings

Total: 110 Kills
  1. Chris Partlow: 20 Kills
  2. Snoop: 15 Kills
  3. Sam, The Atlantic Light Crewman: 14 Kills
  4. Unkown/The Streets: 13 Kills
  5. Avon Barksdale: 8 Kills
  6. Wee-Bey: 5 Kills
  7. Omar: 4.5 Kills
  8. Drugs: 3 Kills
  9. Marlo Stanfield: 3 Kills
  10. Natural Causes: 3 Kills
  11. Michael Lee: 2 Kills
  12. Slim Charles: 2 Kills
  13. Vondas: 2 Kills
  14. Bird: 1.5 Kills
  15. Bubbles: 1 Kill 
  16. Cancer: 1 Kill
  17. Cheese Wagstaff: 1 Kill
  18. Dante: 1 Kill
  19. Jelly: 1 Kill
  20. Kenard: 1 Kill
  21. Kimmy: 1 Kill
  22. Lex: 1 Kill
  23. O-Dog: 1 Kill
  24. Prez: 1 Kill
  25. Stringer Bell: 1 Kill
  26. Ziggy: 1 Kill (1 Duck Kill too)
  27. Bodie: 0.5 Kills
  28. Brother Mouzone: 0.5 Kills
  29. Little Man: 0.5 Kills
  30. Poot: 0.5 Kills

Season 1: 11 Kills

Season 2: 24 Kills

Season 3: 20 Kills

Season 4: 33 Kills

Season 5: 22 Kills

Death Scenes:




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