To all the fucking assholes selling fake xanax bars STOP. You’re literally murdering people. To anyone buying them: GET A TEST KIT. Make sure it doesn’t contain opiates. Someone dear to me almost DIED due to greedy assholes selling literal poison and they only took ONE. That’s all it takes. If you don’t have a test kit or an actual prescription, think twice before you lose your life.

In 1985, I’m sitting in the casting office of a major studio. The head of casting said, “I couldn’t put you in a Shakespeare movie, because they didn’t have black people then.” He literally said that. I told that casting director: “You ever heard of Othello? Shakespeare couldn’t just make up black people. He saw them.” I started carrying around a postcard of Rubens’s “Studies of the Head of a Negro.” The casting director actually was very kind to me. He referred me to my first agent.