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You Get Uncomfortable

calum : 

You were claustrophobic and hated tight and small spaces. 

It started off as a nice lunch date for you two. Hand in hand walking down the side walk to your favorite restaurant was tough enough with all the people following you two with cameras. Calum insisted that you could drive to the restaurent instead, but you didn’t want to. You wanted to enjoy the nice sunny weather and get some excersise in your body. 

Soon enough fans found out that you two were out on the streets walking around. They had to figure out where you two were heading to get pictures and meet their favorite singer. It wasn’t much of a problem to you when a few of them asked nicely, but when it came to a point where they started to mob you and Calum, that’s when you got uncomfortable. 

“Can I have a picture with you Y/N?” asked a bunch of girls around you. You nodded and smiled a bit posing for the pictures. Calum noticed that you weren’t by his side anymore. Quickly scribbling his autograph on papers and smiling for photos, his eyes were immediately looking for you because he knew you weren’t good with small spaces. 

“Excuse me, I need everyone to please step a side for a quick minute so I can find Y/N. She doesn’t really get along with the pushing and shoving, so I’m going to need everyone to please back away and give her space.” Calum spoke loudly. The fans were nice enough to step aside so Calum can find you. 

You stood there clutching your side bag tightly as Calum jogged to wherever you were standing. He wrapped his arm around your shoulder to make sure you were close next to him again. He leaned down a little to whisper something in your ear. “I’m so sorry,” he paused pecking a kiss on your cheek, “They didn’t hurt you right, babe?”

“No of course not! It’s just that my heart started pacing too fast and I felt like collapsing, but I’m okay now.” You reassured him. Calum smiled down at you admiring every little detail. He thanked the fans for giving you space and made sure to take as many photos and autographs he can while walking down to the restuarant. 

luke :

Luke makes a bet with you to see how long you can get through a horror movie.

“One dollar you can’t go through it for the first ten minutes!” Luke giggled. You arched an eyebrow biting your bottom lip. Luke pulled your legs to pull you closer to him. 

“No, fifty! Fifty bucks I’ll get through half of it.” You challenged him. Luke played around your hair strands twisting and curling them around his long fingers. 

“Don’t make it too hard on yourself, darling. Last time we went to the movies you hid your face on my chest not getting through the first minute.” Luke reminded you. You laughed throwing a handful of popcorn at his face. He picked the pieces off his shirt and popping them in his mouth. 

“No, I’ve toughened up this time. I got this!” You pressed play on the remote. Luke smiled to himself knowing deep down you really can’t do it. Every time the music got more interesting, you would inch closer and closer to Luke. 

“Ahh!” Luke screamed as close to your ear. You jumped up making all the popcorn from the bowl scatter around on the floor and sofa. Your heart continued to beat faster and faster just because your boy friend screamed in your ear. 

“I hate you!” You shouted at him. Falling down on the ground, he laughed so hard at your reaction. You brought your knees close to your chest keeping your eyes focused on the TV. Luke couldn’t help, but focus his eyes on you to see if you were getting scared or not. Once in awhile he would glance at you to see if he should shut it off and kiss you deeply, or watch you get scared shitless from the movie. 

Of course, the middle of the movies get to the interesting and scary parts. You had a pillow sitting on your lap so you can shield your eyes from the nasty blood and knives the killers had murdered. It came to a point where you couldn’t take it anymore and Luke decided that you had tortured yourself enough. 

“Hey!” You pouted your bottom lip, “It was getting close to the part.” You whispered. 

Luke sighed and draped a duvet around your bodies, “I know, but I had enough of watching you shivering and shrieking every time you see blood on the screen. We can watch something else to take your mind off it? Sound good, babe?" 

You leaned in kissing Luke and biting his bottom lip before pulling apart. "Sounds good.” You smiled. 

michael :

A girl compliments his hair which leads to flirting. 

The boys were attending a meet and greet at the mall and you were invited being Michael’s girlfriend. You watched as the fans stood in line waiting to meet their favorite pop runk band. All the girls would blush and giggle as they would simply say “Hello, thanks for coming." 

But there was one imparticular girl that made you uncomfortable. She walked up to Michael pulling out her phone to take a picture and for him to sign her phone case. "I really like your hair, Michael. It makes you look so hot." 

Michael laughed nervously thanking her. "Thanks. My girlfriend, Y/N picked it out. You should thank her!” Michael turned to glance at you and wink. You shook your head giggling and muttering, “Dork." 

The girl rolled her eyes and leaned down against the table a bit to get closer to his face. "Maybe after you and your band are finished with this, we can hang out sometime? Here’s my number.” The girl pulled out a black sharpie and scribbled her phone number on his arm. Calum, Luke, and Ashton looked at you to see if you were okay. 

You were at complete shock when she pulled that move out. You crossed your arms over your chest watching Michael whisper something in her ear. Ashton immediately slapped his arm hard pointing towards me. The girl looked down at the ground walking away happily.

Michael took a five minute break and apologized to the fans. He walked over to you where you were waiting and surfing around your phone pretending nothing had happened. He sat down next to you wrapping his arm around your shoulder shaking you lightly. 

“I know you were uncomfortable about it,” He whispered close to your ears, “But then again who’s the girl that gets to play video games all night with me and eats pizzas with me?” Michael poked your cheek trying to make you notice him. 

“Me!” You giggled. Hearing your giggle was everything to him. He loved to make you laugh which brought happiness to his ears just to hear that little giggle coming out of you. 

“That’s right, babe,” He giggled, “Plus I told her that you were my everything and that I loved you a lot. I didn’t want to make her sad, so I assured her that a guy will love her as much as I love you.” He kissed the tip of your nose. 

“Real bands save fans,” you smiled. 

“Real fans save bands,” he smiled. 

ashton :

It’s in the middle of the night and you get uncomfortable sleeping in your bunk. 

Tossing and turning around in your bunk was getting uncomfortable for you. You were traveling around on the tour bus with your boyfriend, Ashton. The manager didn’t want anyone sharing bunks, so he made sure to keep you and Ashton in separate bunks. 

You were okay with it of course. Traveling around with them was enough for you. But tonight was different. You were so used to Ashton’s arm lazily hanging around your waist. His lips so close to your neck every night. He would always place sloppy kisses around your neck and jaw making sure everyone knew you were his. 

2:52 AM displayed the time on your phone. You shut your eyes again trying to fall asleep, but it didn’t work. You were getting uncomfortable with the empty space beside you. You wanted Ashton with you. 

You decided to text him in the middle of the night. Yours and his bunk was on the bottom and across from each others. 

can we cuddle? x 
You pressed sent and watched as his phone lit up in his hand. You watched as he lazily rubbed his eyes and giggled. He turned his back around to face you, and patted the empty space next to him.

You smiled widely getting out of your bunk and heading into Ashton’s. He planted a kiss on your forehead as you cuddled closer to his warm body. “Uncomfortable in your bunk, babe?” he whispered. 

“Yeah,” you nodded, “I just miss this.” Ashton lightly ran his hands through your back to soothe you down. 

You heard a big sigh from above Ashton’s bunk. “You two better not have sex right now. It’s 3:00 in the fucking morning, and we’re waking up in a few hours. So please no funny business tonight.” Michael spoke loudly following by the other chuckles from the boys.