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Reality TV Isn’t For Me

by Kirsten F. (@ Kirstenreneesays // @ Kirsten_Renee_ )

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I’ve been asked multiple times to audition for reality TV, and no I’m not bragging because it’s not as glamorous as it sounds. Sure being asked by casting agencies to come and audition for their show because “they like your look” is a wee bit flattering.  However, the process isn’t as grand as you would think, they ask you invasive questions about your life, and then expect you to come meet them in person. I’ve auditioned for two shows; The Bad Girls Club, and The Real World. 

The auditions are often overcrowded because even though they ask you to pick a specific time slot, they still open up the doors to walk-ins. They group you together with all sorts of individuals, like I met a girl in one of my groups whose life dream was to sleep with Captain America… No not Chris Evans, Captain America. Although in her defense, she was still severely drunk from the night before which I gave her props for. I’ve met people who spend their lives chasing that reality high, and it was weird to me.  

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Can someone PLEASE tell me

what possible reason Oxygen and Bunim Murray have for picking fucking Nancy and Stephanie for Season 2 of All Star Battle? Shannon is PREGNANT and still a better competitor than both combined.

BGC 14: Raw & Real

No one will ever understand or be able to wrap their heads around what happened to Shannon, Shannade & I. Yes, girls on previous seasons have had their things touched or thrown in the pool, but never permanently destroyed. Tonight’s episode will be like pulling an old scab off of a wound. This situation has affected our lives forever. It was funny and it may be entertaining to watch, but it’s really not. Do you realize that the water Shannon pulled out shoes and purses out of was full of their bodily fluids. No one tried to stop her from touching that contaminated water. That was a health risk on its own. Did anyone acknowledge the fact that they let a security guard attack me? Or how about them not answering the phones when we called production. How about when we had to run into the street screaming for help because they kept cutting the phone lines and when 911 was called they told them never mind. We all went to the hospital that night. I resprained my arm that still hasn’t healed properly.
They paint us out to be these superficial & stuck up bitches when we really weren’t. The majority of the time we spent in the house we had to defend our character and our natural being against girls that were from a different side of the tracks.
- Jasmine: she told us in the beginning that she was jealous & envious of us because of how we looked. She also said in that same episode that she hated HERSELF. She said it the say after she had sex and realized what she had done. she had an issue and felt intimidated by the twins from the moment we got into the house. Her own mother called her devious in her casting tape. Her hate for the twins ran DEEP. She never got over getting her ass beat on her birthday. A fight she started and hit both of the twins. You got jumped and deserved it.
- Kat: I still don’t understand how she could be involved in something so evil. She cried all season about how her house burned down and she and her family lost everything. In knowing this, you would think that she would know how it feels to have your life and belongings ripped away from you. Why do that to someone if you know what that hurt feels like. Then you run up on a person (me) that’s been there for you from day one and always had heart to hearts with you. That’s the part that hurt me the most with Kat. She was a follower. I mean hell, she only went to the seance with Jas and Jenna because she didn’t want them to be mad at her. Way to make your own choices Kathryn.
- Lauren: she was already a mess because of all of the issues she had coming into the house. But literally no one had any beef with her when this was done. She even says if herself that she didn’t wanna touch people’s stuff they worked hard for. Where y'all that afraid of Jas that you had to follow behind her. It’s bad enough she was the production pet, now Jas’s too. she came to me one day and apologized for messing with me and starting shit. She told me the only reason she did it was because production asked her to start drama. That’s why you don’t see me POP her at first. I knew what she was up to, so I let it build. However, she wasn’t the ring leader of the destruction, but the only one who ran up when we were upstairs. Jas and Jenna just stood there like the cowards they are.
- Jenna: she’s still irrelevant and wasn’t there long enough to have a real beef with us. Yes, I beat her ass 3 times in one day, so I guess you can say she was still mad at me about that. But who really pisses on someone’s clothes? Great idea and so original Jenna Wenna.
At the end of the day I blame the girls for following behind Jas & production for allowing it to happen. They can’t say they didn’t know. Too many cameras & everyone wears a mic so that’s BS. Like they always told us “we’ve been doing this for 14 seasons”. You would think that they would know how to control their “circus animals” by now. They were so worried about making good tv & going down in BGC HISTORY, they forgot about having morals, values & common decency. I don’t wish bad on anyone, but I hope they look in the mirror and feel like terrible human beings. How could your family, friends or loved ones agree with what you did? I can’t rationalize someone being left behind & destroying and pissing on people’s stuff.
To make matters worse y'all played with the pee. Throwing it on our beds and in our other clothes and purses.
You know what you won’t see on the show: the REAL reason they didn’t get to take a trip (too much damage to the house and not enough money in the budget to even go outta the state) 🌚 or that the replacements had to go to the hospital because they broke out from sleeping in the beds the girls threw their pee on.
Y'all feel like we got what we deserved and we feel like y'all are still getting what y'all deserve. Y'all wanted to make us look bad, but only made yourselves look like insecure, jealous women. Oh and the scum of the earth.
We ARE the stars of BGC 14. We filmed for almost 4 weeks and made it to episode 7. Y'all filmed for another month WITH replacements and managed to only give them 3 more episodes. We all know that a traditional season has 13 episodes. Hmmm..
I bet Bunim Murray & Oxygen are kicking themselves. So much happened that y'all didn’t get to see. They could have easily stretched us out like 2-3 more episodes 😭😭😭 more than enough footage.
But hey.
The SEASON FINALE is tonight. Be sure to tune in.
Don’t worry this won’t be the last time you see me or Shannon & Shannade on TV 💞

i’m done with BGC/Oxygen/Bunim-Murray

idk if anyone will read this because i don’t usually blog and don’t really have followers, but i really need to get this off of my chest. i have watched every season of bad girls club, love game, and bad girls all star battle. i have been a huge fan for over five years. however, i started to get annoyed with it after season 10 with the jumping and the cattiness, and last night’s episode was the last straw. yes, people have thrown girl’s stuff outside before, yes mattresses and pictures have been removed. however, Rocky said on twitter that producers only allowed this when the girls were in the house. so, for them to let girls not only throw their stuff out, but pee on it, pour water, food, and paint on it, all while clerminah was gone and have no way to defend themselves or their belongings.  i don’t even particularly like them, but no one deserves that to happen to them. in addition, it is hella sketchy how they got the paint. i think producers played some role in it, possibly giving them the paint. in addition, none of the girls seemed like they really wanted to do it expect for Wannabe Judi. another thing is they showed so little of what actually happened. they hyped up this fight since episode one, but the actual fight was like five minutes. there were many parts from the trailer they excluded- one of the twins with a knife, talking to the police, and more damaged stuff. they only showed a tiny bit of what was really damaged- and when i saw some of the parts not shown on twitter and instagram (you can see them @bgctea) i literally got chills. and if that wasn’t enough, the producers defend the four who did this, but do nothing to help clerminah, and kick them out for simply yelling at the four, and then ban the twins from the reunion. in addition, they don’t reimburse them for the tens of thousands of dollars of possessions damaged. after this episode, i will not be watching bad girls club anymore, and i hope other people do the same. i hope clerminah sues them and that bgc gets cancelled. the seasons have gotten whacker and whacker after ten,  but this takes the cake. i am sickened.

Bill Nye Lands Netflix Talk Show
Each episode of the series will tackle a topic from a scientific point of view, dispelling myths, and refuting anti-scientific claims that may be espoused by politicians, religious leaders or titans of industry.
By Laura Prudom

Scientist Bill Nye has landed a new Netflix talk show set to launch in spring 2017, the streaming network announced Wednesday. “Bill Nye Saves the World” will explore science and its impact on politics, society and pop culture.

Each episode of the series will tackle a topic from a scientific point of view, dispelling myths, and refuting anti-scientific claims that may be espoused by politicians, religious leaders or titans of industry.

“Bill Nye Saves the World” marks Nye’s long-awaited return to TV since first emerging as a household name in the 1990s as the creator and star of the Emmy award-winning syndicated television show “Bill Nye the Science Guy,” which ran for five seasons and introduced millennial audiences to science and engineering.

“Since the start of the ‘Science Guy’ show, I’ve been on a mission to change the world by getting people everywhere excited about the fundamental ideas in science,” said Nye. “Today, I’m excited to be working with Netflix on a new show, where we’ll discuss the complex scientific issues facing us today, with episodes on vaccinations, genetically modified foods and climate change. With the right science and good writing, we’ll do our best to enlighten and entertain our audience. And, perhaps we’ll change the world a little.”

“Bill Nye Saves the World” is produced for Netflix by Bunim/Murray Productions. Gil Goldschein and Julie Pizzi serve as executive producers for Bunim/Murray Productions. Michael Naidus (“The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson”) serves as showrunner and executive pproducer. Writer and standup comedian Mike Drucker serves as Head Comedy Writer; and, astronomer, author and award-winning science communicator Phil Plait serves as Head Science Writer.

Nye is represented by United Talent Agency.


One of my old family members (ex step brother) works for Bunim Murray, the ones who actually organize the filming, and helped filming the reunion. He’s one of the two camera guys who filmed the girls while they were entering the building. I just want you to know that reunion is set up.


1) The week before the reunion, the producers ask you who you’re going to fight, who you have beef with, so they can tell Tanisha what to say and HOW to say it. Her job is to instigate FIGHTS and LOUD ARGUMENTS.

2) Tanisha doesn’t come up with the fat jokes herself, they give her food (in this case pizza) and tell her to do something about it. You guys need to know that Tanisha is cool with everybody, even with Redd. And if you thought she really favors certain Bad Girls… She doesn’t. She simply does what she was told to do.

3) The producers are the ones who come up with the stuff the girls bring to the stage (like Britt’s “Lame/Lie” board” and Nancy’s Holy water on S10 and Camilla’s weaves on S8).

4) These girls are reading scripts and some of the lines they say have already been prepared and even Diamond’s. I’m not talking about the taping before the reunion starts, but during the reunion too. Why do you think they bring them to the hotel days before the reunion starts?

5) In the next episode, you’ll see a bunch of security around Redd. Let me tell you why: Jada’s family had threatened to sue Bunim Murray for the Redd vs Jada  limo fight (since there was footage available). Appearantly it took them a whole 30 seconds to undertake action, while Jada could’ve been hurt badly, while Redd had ALREADY TOLD the camera crew she was “bout to smack Jada” and “get sent home”, right before they entered the limo. And there’s always security in the limousines, so it’s not even like they weren’t close enough to them. That’s why they put all that security around Redd, just in case she wouldn’t obey the orders she was given. 


And there’s even more. Really. Taping the reunion (on stage) takes HOURS. Other arguments, like between Tanisha and Britt will never be shown, since they squashed it right away. You guys shouldn’t believe she stayed quiet like that, while Tanisha called her a follower. Don’t believe everything that you see on TV.