Destiny  news from the Twitter machine.

One of the coolest being some exotic armors will accept shaders colors as of September 8th with the coming of the 2.0 patch, Specifically mentioned by Luke Smith Helm of Saint 14!

Xur Will sell the Three of Coins which upon consumption will help you have a higher chance of Exotic drops from bosses. Along with A legacy engram for Year one exotics so it separates the Year two and year one engrams.

Exotics you can also infuse power into by using stronger weapons.

Playing Strikes one after the other will give you a Streak bonus.



Okay, okay.. SO IM LIKE REALLY EXCITED ABOUT THE TAKEN KING DLC AND THE RECENT GAMEPLAY TRAILER W/ ZEPPELIN HAS ME HYPED!! I already have it preordered on PS4, so all I have to do is wait. :3 So I decided I should try too draw my lvl 34 Hunter with the Nightstalker subclass and here is the result. (I tried soooo hard to draw her, the armor is tricky though, but I did it! Lol)

Is anyone else ready and excited like me?! :)

(If you like my art, please check my tag below! :) Have a great day!)