The entire damage formula for Destiny explained, including steps for your own calculations and what it all means • /r/DestinyTheGame
In summary, I'm sharing the following things: 1. The importance of RoF and Impact. 2. The equation for damage. Yes, the exact equation needed...

One of my friends which i play destiny with pointed me out to this post on reddit. This post is about how damage works in destiny and with examples and calculations also give you an insight of the ranking of weapons within our destiny universe.

Hope you enjoy this article.

Fight Hard and Keep your Light safe!!!

A List of Stuff to do in Destiny

1. Watch airplanes under an amarillo sky.

2. Tour the falls of the Cosmodrome.

3. Visit the beach.

4. Go swimming on Venus.

5. Hiking.

6. Camping near the Vault of Glass.

7. Cliff-diving.

8. Visit the locals. They seem pretty friendly.

9. Go on a trip in your favorite rocket-ship.

10. Join a cult.

11. Do some drugs…

that you bought from the Black Market.

12. Hire a prostitute.

13. Go clubbing.

14. Become an engineer.

15. Or become one with nature instead.

16. Stare endlessly into the void and contemplate the meaning of life.

17. Then end your life once you realize there is no meaning…

And that concludes the brochure of activities to do in Destiny! Happy gaming, kids!

– Based on a bunch of screenshot spamming I did to a couple of my friends while I was waiting for them to get online.


Destiny: The Taken King PS4 Exclusive Content

The Jade Rabbit Scout Rifle

The moon-dwelling Jade Rabbit of yore is made manifest in this adorably deadly exotic scout rifle. Sporting a 13-shot magazine and a sniper-like scope, the Jade Rabbit is a lethal combination of kinetic power and long-range accuracy.

Titan Armor Set: 


Built to honor the Hesperonauts, the first human astronauts to land on Venus, the Hespero armor is built to withstand excruciating heat and pressure. Don it to remember the Golden Age of peace and exploration.

Warlock Armor Set:


The millennia-long search for true alchemy ends with the Warlock. Bend the infinitesimal mysteries of matter and energy to your will.

Hunter Armor Set:


Neuroghast armor enables a perfect union of mind and body, through the interface of lightweight fieldweave, transcranial sensoria and cytogel exowiring. Become an elite assassin with all the power of both machine and man.

One Crucible Map:


Once a part of the mighty Cosmodrome wall, Sector 618 fell long ago to the Fallen House of Devils. Now reclaimed by the City, the beams and walkways of the wall’s interior are in dangerous disrepair—thus, an ideal location for the Crucible’s grueling games.

One Strike:


The Vex have laid siege to time itself. Attempting to unravel your once-decisive victory against Sekrion (from the Destiny strike, “The Nexus”), the Vex are constructing a time bridge to call the Nexus Mind from the past in order to execute a terrible future.

*All timed exclusives until Fall of 2016