bungalow heaven

Strangers in the Night Part 3

Owen x Reader

Summary: Owen and the reader meet at an annual masquerade work party, where Claire drags the reader (her assistant) along, and she ends up meeting Owen. The only problem is she doesn’t know it`s Owen, thanks to those pesky masks.

A/N: I`m so happy at the response for this story! I am so sorry I haven’t been updating quickly, I was on vacation and laptopless (which was horrible) so here is part 3, and I hope you enjoy it guys!

Warning: Swearing

Part 1/ Part 2

“No, it does not have a picture of Cher in it” Owen sighed.

Woman twenty-nine was just like the other twenty-eight: a waste of time.

“Barry, I am never going to find her. All these women came out with the weirdest answers. Elvis, John Cena, Leslie Knope, and Grumpy Cat? I mean, seriously, who the fuck has a picture of Elvis in their bracelet?” Owen vented.

“Owen, man, maybe you need to do this another way, maybe try to ask around. Someone has to know who your mystery woman is,” Barry suggested, as he walked off to check on his girls.

Owen sat at his desk, and begged his brain to remember something about her, anything that would hint at what she did at the park. He racked his memory, but soon grew frustrated, “fuck, where the hell is she?” he slammed his hand on his desk.

“Go home Owen, and don’t mess with my raptor skeleton display,” yelled Barry.

Owen slumped out of his office, and swung onto his bike, just as the sky thundered above. He shook his head at the Central American weather, and sped off to his bungalow.

Y/N was currently heading home in her jeep, reflecting on her day.

It had gone from bad to worse, and after the email incident from Owen; you had barely been able to stop thinking about him.

The truth was that you barely knew him, but that night at the party, you just connected. Tequila may have had a small impact on the spark between you, but if you were completely honest, you just felt like he shared your experiences; it also didn’t hurt that he was the most attractive guy you knew.

Claire had made the day worse by mentioning all the women that were talking about the email, apparently it was the hottest gossip, and all the female workers were going crazy trying to come up with the picture inside your bracelet.

Dear god you wanted your bracelet back, you had even considered asking Claire to tell Owen it was her, just so you could get your beloved jewelry back.

Your jeep sped down the dirt road towards your bungalow, when the heavens opened up, and rain clouded your vision.

“Damn humid rainstorm” you cried.

The jeep made a loud banging sound, and stuttered to a halt.

“Shit. Shit. Shit. Why?” you yelled, slamming your hands on the steering wheel.

You jumped out of the jeep, and opened to hood. Maybe you could fix it?

The rain soaked you to the core, and the jeep still sat there stationary, when you saw a light in the distance.

A motorbike pulled up next to you, and someone seriously hated you, because who was riding the bike? Only Owen motherfucking Grady!

“Y/N right? You okay?” asked the man of your constant thoughts.

“Owen! Go! I can deal with this myself” you replied over the loud rainfall.

“No! It`s pouring down, let me take you home and get dry, then we can come back and fix your car” he reasoned, gently tugging your arm towards his bike.

“Fine, but only until the rain subsides” you relent, anxious to be warm and dry, and get away from him at the same time.

You both swing onto his bike, and he revs down the track, the rain blurring your vision, “how the hell can he see?” you think.

You pulled up at his bungalow, and your stomach had butterflies from the thought of being alone with Owen.

He cut off the bike, and you both sprinted into his house, shaking from the cool shower.

“Jesus, that shit is cold” shivered Owen.

“Ugh, I can`t believe my jeep broke down, I thought jeeps were indestructible?” you complained, shaking in the living room.

“Guess not” Owen replied, and began to take off his shirt.

You were frozen in place…his muscles were ridiculous. His abs flexed as his shirt left his body, and you suddenly didn’t feel so cold.

“Is that okay, y/n?” asked Owen, who stared down at you, slightly smirking.

“What?” you whispered, still in awe from his amazing torso.

“I asked if you wanted a dry shirt” he was still smirking at your reaction.

“Oh yes! That would be awesome” you smiled back at him. Cocky bastard.

He walked to what you assumed was his bedroom, and came back with one of his button down shirts, and unfortunately, he was wearing pajama pants, and a white t-shirt.

“Here” he handed you the shirt and pants, “the bathroom is down the hall” he pointed and moved into the kitchen.

You found the bathroom, and were surprised to discover it to be squeaky clean.  Drying off, you collected your thoughts, Owen was really sweet to help you, and let you dry off at his bungalow. Then you remembered that he probably did this for other women, and you shook your head to rush away any Owen-related thoughts, not matter how sweet, and hot he is.

You tried on the pants, and they were way too big, falling down as soon as you pulled them up. Your wets clothes were not an option, so with annoyance, you just used the shirt (it was practically a dress anyway).

You headed out of the bathroom, nervous as hell, and walked into the open living room of the one and only Owen Grady.

“Hey y/n! Is grilled cheese okay? I got hungry, and figured everyone likes grilled cheese” he chuckled, flipping the sandwich on the griddle, yet nearly dropped it all on the floor when his gaze followed up your legs to his shirt on your body.

“Grilled cheese is awesome” you smiled back, “anyway I could dry my clothes?” you asked, holding the dripping heap, and feeling slightly smug at his reaction.

“Oh yeah, washer and dryer is in there” he pointed to a cupboard, and you placed your clothes in the dryer.

It should take forty minutes. Forty minutes before you could head home, and get away from Owen before you do something you regret.

“Food is ready now,” he declared, and you quickly walked back to the kitchen, with a growling stomach.

“Ugh you are awesome!” you moaned, the grilled sandwich you were currently eating was the best ever.

“Woah, we barely know each other, y/n!” laughed Owen, who had already demolished his meal, and was sat next to you on the couch.

“Well, you are a totally amazing grilled cheese maker” you replied before taking another bite.

“I will add that to my boyfriend qualifications” he chuckled.

“Whhaaa?” you choked on your sandwich.

“Oh…no…I didn’t mean we…I mean…” he stammered.

“Oh yeah. Of course…I didn’t mean” you were still choking really.

“You see, I am looking for this girl, I’m sure you saw my email…well today was a massive failure. So many women came to me, and gave me stupid answers about the bracelet my mystery girl lost, and well, I guess I`m just anxious to find her” he declared, looking down at his lap.

“I am sure you will find her,” you mumble back.

You really badly wanted to tell him it was you, but you knew he was a womanizer (according to all the rumors) and yet a part of you wanted to trust him.

“Well, after that depressing speech, how about tequila?” he perked up.

“That`s my poison” you reply, and you both pause, your words bringing back that night.

“Don’t want to keep the lady waiting” he recovers, and his thoughts are confused.

Owen felt that he recognized you when he saw you earlier, you looked familiar, sounded familiar, and your eyes were deep like those of his stranger that night.

He grabbed the shot glasses, and poured out the liquor.

“To rainstorms” he toasted, and you clinked glasses before downing it.

Your throat burned, but eventually the shots kept flowing.

“You know, I fucking hate Hoskins, he thinks he owns the dinosaurs,” you slurred, the tequila taking its full effect.

“Seriously, that asshole! I could punch him every time I see him” he growled, and you hated to admit it, but you were slightly turned on.

“And Claire panders to his demands, making sure InGen has everything they need, and she`s not the one who has to deal with it! I do!” you yelled, and Owen shook his head.

“Oh shit, Claire and I do not get along, especially after that disastrous date!” he yelled, downing another shot.

“Oh hell, I didn’t hear the end of that for months!” you replied, shaking your head, making yourself dizzy.

“Damn, how do you deal with her?” he genuinely asks.

“I love her, but she can get too much sometimes” you admit.

“You know, you should be more than an assistant, you are crazy clever, and hot, and…” he leaned down and captured your lips with his own.

The spark that happened that night came back with a vengeance, and you immediately responded to his kiss.

Your arms looped around his neck, pulling him closer, as he nipped at your lips, and soothed them with his tongue.

His hands ran down your side, and you moaned, causing him to draw back, shifting his lips to your neck.

He pulled away from you, and whispered, “it`s you”

“What?” you questioned, trying to catch your breath.

“From the party, I finally found you” he smiled, relieved.

“No! No! You’re confused, it’s not me” you panicked, and stood up, your head spinning.

“What is my Navy nickname?” he asked, praying he had found you.

“Dinosaur, ironically” you reply quickly, and immediately regret it, and step away from Owen.

“I knew it! Y/N, why didn’t you tell me?” he stands up too.

“I don’t want to talk about it” you yell, and run out of the bungalow, straight into the rain.

“Y/N!” you hear behind you, as you run into the forest, the darkness covering you, and confusing you.

You run for a bit, and in your drunken state, trip over a branch. Falling into a ditch, your ankle screams in pain, and you give up.

How did your life come to this, stuck in a ditch, with a possibly broken ankle, drunk, and tired? It seriously sucked.

You sat for about an hour you estimated, and finally gave up, crying at your failure.

“Y/N?” asked a gruff voice.

To Be Continued…