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The veterans' dream house (Modern!AU)
  • Levi: The outside looks of his house wouldn't be important; as long as he has a roof over his head and food on the table, he's set. However, if he really had to dictate how his house would look like, he would choose a small apartment in the quiet side of town that has a supermarket, hospital, fire station, and police station nearby. He would be very minimalistic and monochrome when it comes to his place's interior design, and would rarely want to have guests over to avoid the mess and ruckus.
  • Erwin: For sure, he would choose the modern life and rent out a very sleek and new flat smack in the center of a busy, bustling city. He would opt to choose a higher floor, just so that he could admire the city skyline, especially at night. On nights wherein he doesn't have any work to do, he would sit in front of his flat's huge window with a glass of wine or whiskey, and admire the twinkling lights.
  • Hanji: She would pick a bungalow tucked away in the woods. The seclusion would give her freedom to disconnect from the busy, modern life and reconnect with the gifts Mother Nature gives to her. She would be content with having an ample amount of alone time, but she would be overjoyed if she had friends or guests over as she would love to show them around.
  • Mike: A decent sized bungalow or apartment located in the outskirts of the city would certainly be paradise for him. He would love the idea of living in a quiet area and still have access to the vibrant, lively city. On most days, he would opt to spend his time taking in the view (day and night) from his bedroom as he listens to music that calms him. However, he would still be up for going downtown, either alone or with friends, to check out new restaurants or bars and just soak in the energy.
  • Nanaba: To suit her calm and quiet nature, she would opt to live in a quaint and rather rustic house in a small town predominantly surrounded by nature. It wouldn't matter how small or big the house is as long as she has ample space to work and think. She would also prefer to have a market not far from where she lives– perhaps a 10 minute walk from her place.
obligatory Pioneer Day post

My ancestors survived the misery of Winter Quarters.

There’s a city of half a million people here now. No one gets scurvy or malaria and people live in midcentury bungalows or modern apartment buildings and not dugouts made of mud and sod. There’s industry other than subsistence farming. Most of the population is Catholic or Lutheran, with their own stories of their immigrant ancestors’ struggles in the railroad industry or the meatpacking plants.

I moved back to Winter Quarters more than 150 years after the Mormon pioneers abandoned it. Mormonism still isn’t a big thing here, especially compared to the West Coast communities I grew up in. Traces of my ancestors remain: there’s a temple, a small museum, and a cemetery where 3 graves out of the original 359 burials are still visible. There’s a statue of a pioneer couple burying their child. There’s Mormon Bridge Road. There’s the infamously gross Mormon Trail Motel–the patch of land that was once Winter Quarters isn’t a great neighborhood today.

Of course, these days I’m educated about what western expansion meant for the Native Americans, uncomfortable truths about the polygamist theocracy in the desert my ancestors helped build, and other ugly realities of American history. Still, when I bundle up against ice storms in January, sometimes I remember the pioneers who wintered here and struggled through disease and deprivation in the name of their faith, who left their footprints here and ultimately determined where and why I was born a century and a half later. Sometimes I wonder if they’d be offended that I no longer practice the faith they sacrificed so much for.

They definitely wouldn’t believe me if I told them that Winter Quarters in a nice place to live.

On The Down Low

Hey there! I absolutely love your writing, so thank you so much for sharing it with us! :) I hope this doesn’t come off as stupid, but I’m going through this phase where I have a major crush on one of my co-workers and your fics are my escape. Could you possibly do one where the reader has a huge crush on Owen and makes a fool out of herself while trying to keep cool and on the dl about it? Maybe he overhears her talking to the girls about it or something. Thank you for your time! :)

 So, not sure where I was going with this early on, tried to make it kind of fluffy. Minor warning, mentions of devious coworkers trying to take advantage of a situation. Our dear Alpha puts a stop to it of course but figured I should warn anyway.

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“Come on now,” she whispers, lips brushing his, the weight of her pressed against him making it hard to not stagger back against her car and just do this, let her win this once, let them have this moment.  “Don’t you think it’s high time we got to that pillaging and plundering you’ve been hinting at for so long?”

He clenches his fist, swallowing hard.  The scent of her is all but overwhelming, the glint in her eyes dangerous and hypnotic.  “I can wave my hand,” she murmurs, “And we’re anywhere you want to be.  A private beach bungalow? My old apartment in New York?  The cabin of your ship, out on the open sea?”  Her breath is warm against him.  “Come on, Captain.  Can’t we just get out of here? Take this moment?”

Killian holds his ground, face set like a stone.  His voice is sure, though it can’t help but break a bit as he beholds the creature consuming his true love from the inside out.  Gorgeous, tempting, and terrifying to behold.

“Not like this, Emma.  Not like this.”