If Bayern was a real family

The super-smart one - seems to always know what to do; calm and composed. and, unsurprisingly, just happened to marry a super talented karate master too. :)

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The fun one - always has a joke, is everyone’s friend and all-around great guy

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The older brother - protective, brave, kind and always willing to lead when needed. is a great role model to the younger kids in the family :)

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The shy one - young, really smart and gifted, kinda quiet, but loves to hang out with his brothers

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The fun-loving uncle - the guy who’s great to have around, sometimes isn’t able to play, but when he does, its sure to be a good time :)

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The leader- gets along great with everybody, so always ends up heading up teams at family reunions :) super nice and unassuming but very skilled as well.

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The studious uncle - likes to play, but spends a lot of time with his family and academic pursuits

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The social media guy - always snapchatting, tweeting and instagramming himself and the rest of the family. for some reason also seems to be singing a lot too

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The super cool brother - super stylish, he’s a bit intimidating maybe, but very talented

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The gregarious one - has a great personality, a lot of fun and super talented on the pitch

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(disclaimer) the gifs are not mine and it’s simply my opinions, meant to be (hopefully!) funny so don’t be too offended :)


Marc-André ter Stegen returns home. The upcoming UCL duel between FC Barcelona and Borussia Mönchengladbach will be special the FCB goalkeeper as he was born in Mönchengladbach and is a product of the BM youth academy he entered at the age of 4. He spent eighteen years of his life as their player before signing for Barça, his dream club, in May 2014. (x)

I had a great time there. Mönchengladbach is my first love and that will always be the case. My farewell really was overwhelming. I think people know that Borussia is in my heart and I’ve always given everything for the team. But I identify with Barça 100% and on the pitch it’s the only team that exists for me.”