weekly fluri #43

Daytime’s running later than usual, Flynn mused as he gazed at the dark morning sky. Drowsy, he ignored the ache in his sore muscles to hurry into the bathroom and somehow fix his bedhead.

“Give it up, man. Your hair just can’t be tamed.” Yuri yawned.

Startled, Flynn turned to meet his boyfriend’s sleepy grin. “Good morning to you, too.”

Yuri snorted. “It’s way too early to be considered anywhere near ‘good’. Come back here, I’m freezing.”

“You know I can’t be late for work.”

He could’ve sworn he’d heard Yuri snicker. “Take a look at your watch.”

Flynn did as told and frowned. “…Yuri, what’s the meaning of this?”

“I set up your alarm clock an hour earlier. “ he winked, “Consider it payback for constantly waking me up at awful hours. Now get your ass back over here.”

For several minutes Flynn debated whether or not he ought to punch Yuri in the face, but eventually decided it wasn’t worth it. Besides, he didn’t mind extra cuddling time with his idiot of a lover. As he crawled back under the covers, he couldn’t help a small, amused smile. Yuri could be such a child.