bunch of vegetables

Got7 at the grocery store
  • Mark: The minimum effort shopper. Everything in his cart has easy microwave directions or the word "instant" somewhere on the packaging. Buys one bag of baby carrots so he can claim he's eating healthy when his mom asks.
  • Jaebum: The "cool" shopper. Writes a list but forgets it at home, then panics inwardly and buys way more than he needs just in case. That guy who tries to carry 20 bags at once just so he won't have to make two trips.
  • Jackson: The impulsive shopper. Buys a bunch of vegetables because they look good and he wants to eat healthy but doesn't know what to do with them once he gets home. Claims to have a sixth sense for picking the best produce. Buys a bunch of stuff he doesn't need because it was on sale and he can't pass up a deal.
  • Jinyoung: The smart shopper. Writes a list, clips coupons, brings reusable shopping bags. Budgets plenty of time so he can go slowly and be thorough. Counts his change after he gets it from the cashier.
  • Youngjae: The eccentric shopper. Doesn't write a list because he claims he'll remember everything. Spends the whole time walking back and forth across the store as he remembers things he'd forgotten. Sings while he shops, and pauses to say hello to every baby he sees.
  • Bambam: The "mission impossible" shopper. Writes a list, but you'll never see him use it, because he knows all his recipes by heart. In and out in twenty minutes flat. That guy who almost takes someone out with his cart because he turned a corner too quickly.
  • Yugyeom: The freeform shopper. List? Never heard of it. Goes to the store because his cupboards are bare, but won't know what he wants to buy until he sees it. Ends up taking a few hours to shop because he keeps stopping to help short people get things from high shelves.

After everything, Blue’s St. Mark’s Eve tradition changes.

She does not go out to any churches. She stays away from the ley line.

She insists on a night in, and they end up having a picnic on the floor of Monmouth, amidst the cardboard miniature of the town that brought them together.

Ronan grumbles but shows up with a bunch of vegetables and fruit from the Barns (out of season and sometimes strange colours, but delicious) and Adam actually books it off work. Opal goes to spend the night at 300 Fox Way (and maybe dances with Gwenllian on the corpse road). Henry presents her with a book of maps, a subtle nod to the future, to making plans.

Gansey is unusually quiet, and so is Blue, and they hold hands most of the night. No one makes fun of them for it.

In their heads they’re both replaying prices of the same conversation, but that’s something they’ll discuss later, when the sun is out, when there’s no soaked shoulders in sight.

They spend the night with the people they love and they finally, finally start letting themselves believe that they get to continue to live. Blue starts to let go of the little nagging belief that it was her fault. Gansey traces Blue’s palm and wonders at what they’re all going to discover together.

As a group, they really start to understand that they’ve won themselves a lifetime of this, of these people and these feelings.

And without really talking about it, they set an extra plate for the friend they lost along the way.

Andre Burakovsky #1.3


Anonymous said: your andre writing is so so good!!! would you consider doing another part? its ok if not, but i love the way you’ve written it so far :)

Anonymous said: your writing is so good!!!! and definitely do not apologize for length! your writing is so good, i would read it even if you write 10,000+ words for one imagine!!!

Anonymous said: are you gonna add onto that andre burakovsky imagine? i really hope theres more

A/N: I honestly didn’t expect this much response out of this imagine but I’m so okay with it haha!! also buckle up cause it’s a long one folks, but hey you guys said it was okay sooooo :))))

Word Count: 3,397

Originally posted by temipanarin

A new summer day had begun in Washington. The reality that your vacation was over was officially hitting you. You were no longer in Europe, celebrating with Andre’s family. Although the celebrations weren’t quite down. Though it was no longer Andre’s day with the cup, the ring on your left hand was still there. 

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Modern AU

Lafayette x Reader; ft. Hamilsquad

Author(s): Lil Laddie

Words: 919

Warnings: Knifes, pumpkin guts, mentions of nudity, PDA

“We’ve got pumpkins!” You yelled, struggling to carry multiple pumpkins.

“Mon cher, I told you not to grab so many pumpkins at once!” Laf sighed behind you, his breath warming your neck.

“I didn’t want to make two trips though.” You said, dumping them on the kitchen counter.

“I’m ready to carve!” Alexander bounded into the kitchen.

“Who said we bought this pumpkins for you to carve?” You quirked a brow.

“But…” Alex’s smile dropped off his face.

“Yeah, we were planning on carving all of them ourselves.” Laf smirked, putting his arm around you.

“Ew, stop doing couple stuff!” John walked into the kitchen, covering his eyes.

“We’re barely touching.” You protested, watching him blindly walk around the kitchen.

“PDA!” Hercules screamed, covering both his and Alex’s eyes.

“We’re not touching anymore!” Laf yelled over their whining.

“But, Laf-” You began, before he put his finger over his lips and winked.

“You can uncover your eyes.” Laf said, the boys hesitantly doing so.

Once all the boys had opened their eyes, they took their time turning to look at you and Lafayette. When he had all the boys eyes on him, Laf pulled you in for a deep kiss. As you kissed you heard screams and groans from the boys.

“Can we start carving the pumpkins now?” Alex asked, horror all over his face.

“Sure.” You smiled, walking over to the counter of pumpkins. “I don’t get why that terrifies you guys so much.”

“Because you’re our best friend, kissing our other best friend.” John turned from his pumpkin to smile at you.

“Nah, I feel like she’s our little sister that’s kissing our best friend.” Hercules protested.

“Touching moment and all, but can you shut up! I’m trying to focus!” Alex said. He was carving quick jagged lines into his pumpkin. Somehow he already managed to scrape out the insides.

“How did you do that so quickly?” Your eyes widened.

“Can’t talk. Must carve.” He mumbled, never once taking his focus away from the pumpkin.

“Don’t worry, mon ange. He will tire himself out quickly.” Laf grinned, moving your head to look back at the pumpkin in front of you.

You and the rest of the boys, besides Alexander, began scraping out the insides of the pumpkin. You started to pull out the guts of the pumpkin. The cold slimy feeling made you shiver.

“Brains!” John shoved a handful of the guts in your face.

You screamed, latching yourself onto Laf’s shirt. He put a firm arm around your waist making sure you were okay. It wasn’t long till you noticed that you had covered each other with pumpkin.

“Sorry.” You laughed, trying to brush off the goop on his shirt, as he tried to do the same for you.

“Aw, how cute!” John cooed, watching the two of you.

“Not as cute as my pumpkins going to be!” Hercules exclaimed, sticking his tongue out as he carved it.

“What are you carving?” John tilted his head to look at it.

“Are you carving a bunch of vegetables?” Alex asked, shuffling away from his pumpkin to take a look.

“I don’t get it.” Laf said in confusion.

“Oh.” You said, your mouth dropping in shock. Unlike the boys, you picked up pretty quickly what he was carving.

“It’s a french girl.” Hercules said smugly, showing it off to the rest of you.

Laf quickly covered your eyes, walking you away from the pumpkin. You giggled as he muttered french words under his breath.

“Laf, I think I should be the one covering your eyes.” You laughed.

“No, mon amour. I have seen a french woman before, you have not.” He protested.

“Then how come I recognized what it was before you?” You smirked, prying his hand away from your eyes.

“Go back to your carving.” Laf rolled his eyes, picking his own carving knife up.

“What are you carving?” You peeked over Laf’s shoulder, only to have him turn the pumpkin away from you.

“Hey! That’s not fair!” You cried.

“Why is it unfair, ma moitie? Because I want it to be a surprise?” He quirked an eyebrow up at your pouting face.

“You know what I’m carving!” You pointed at your half carved pumpkin.

“And it is simply wonderful. I just want you to be surprised by what I’m carving.” Laf smiled at you.

“Fine.” You huffed, continuing to carve your pumpkin.

In the end, Alexander had carved three pumpkins, each had a different face on it. John had carved a hoard of turtles on his pumpkin. He had spent ten minutes naming all of them. Herc had carved a french woman that he loved very much, to everyone else’s horror. And you had decided to carve the face of Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

“Okay, Laf, we have all revealed ours. It’s your turn!” You bounced in excitement, wondering what he had put so much time into carving.

“Ta-Da!” He exclaimed, turning the pumpkin around to show all of you.

He had carved both his and your initials in the pumpkin. They were carved in what seemed to be perfect cursive. Underneath the initials he had wrote the word forever in the same curly cursive as the rest.  

“Awwww,” The boys all cooed in unison.

You laughed, walking towards Lafayette and pulling him into a hug. “That was cute. Really cheesy, but cute.” You smiled up at him.

“I try.” He leaned down to kiss you, much to the protest of the boys.

Yesterday was just another day

Written for @redrobin-detective‘s birthday! I’m sorry it got so angsty, I need to learn how to write fluff… Happy birthday friend!!

“Are you doing alright Batman?”

Tim watched as Dick hoisted himself into a sitting position until he was leaning against some of the rubble behind him. “Yeah. I think so. My leg might be broken though. How about you? Any injuries?”

Cracked ribs, severe bruising to his right shoulder, possible concussion. “Nothing major. Here, give me your arm.” Tim scooted under Dick’s arm, using it to help lever Dick to his feet, being very careful not to hit his shoulder. Luckily, the bruise was closer to his upper arm than his neck. “Let’s get you out of here.” Who knew when the enchantments on the building would wear off?

They walked through the ruined corridors in silence for a few minutes, Dick hopping on one leg, Tim supporting him as best as he could. Which wasn’t a lot, considering the height difference. “Thanks Red.” The words were quiet. Tim looked up at Dick, noting the softness in the one eye visible under the broken cowl, the smile that had no place on Batman’s face. “Saved my life.”

“I didn’t do much. If I could have stopped the bomb-”

“You did plenty.” Dick cut him off, then groaned, using his free hand to clutch at his side. He waved off Tim’s concern. “I’m fine. Just a bruise probably. I’m not sure how you think you could have stopped the bomb though. You had what, a minute?”

A minute, to stop the bomb or at least reduce the damage. So he’d thrown the bomb into the pit that the cultists had dug for whatever reason. Instead of taking out the ten blocks surrounding the condemned apartment building they were now making their way through, it had taken out the foundations. He’d dropped most of an apartment building on their heads, and it was pure luck they weren’t dead.

Dick patted Tim on the chest with the arm he had slung around his neck. “You did fine. Better than fine really. So thanks Red.”

“I…” Tim faltered. He could have done better. If he’d gotten through the cultists faster, he would have had more time to disarm the bomb. But he also knew Dick wouldn’t drop it. “You’re welcome.”

Dick nodded, satisfied. They kept walking through corridors that Tim was sure were only still standing because the cultists had enchanted them. The building was supposed to have survived the explosion. As they walked, they passed the unconscious bodies of said cultists. Dick muttered something about calling Superman when they had access to a radio, which made sense. Superman could rescue these idiots without having to worry about when the enchantment on the building wore off.

It took longer than Tim would have liked, but eventually, the two of them found an exit not blocked off by a million pounds of building on the other side of the door. Of course, they still had to scale a pile of rubble once outside.

They had just started climbing down the other side when Tim’s vision went black and fuzzy. He swayed, his grip on Dick the only thing keeping him upright. “Tim?”

Tim shook his head until the fuzziness cleared. “I’m fine.” And then his legs buckled beneath him. He dropped Dick so he wouldn’t pull him down with him, trying and failing to keep himself from rolling down the rubble. Shards of glass cut through his suit on the way down. Eventually, a vertical piece of rebar stopped him, slamming into his stomach and knocking his breath away. He tried to push himself up, but the world was spinning and he couldn’t figure out where up was.

Suddenly his cowl was yanked back, the cool breeze wonderful on his sweaty skin. “Damn pretender. That’s one heck of a head injury you’ve got.” The words sounded weird, like he was hearing them through a filter. “Red Hood to Oracle, found them.” A hand ran through Tim’s hair, brushing the strands away from his forehead.

Through the corner of his eye, Tim could see Dick carefully slide down the rubble. “Hood? What are you doing here?”

“Saving your butts apparently. You’re welcome.” Something landed on Tim’s chest. “Here. Oracle is tracking that. Someone will be here in a few minutes for pickup.”

The last things Tim saw as the darkness closed in on the sides of his vision was a red dot slowly walking away and Dick’s worried face taking up his field of view.

When he woke up, everything hurt. Which made sense; painkillers didn’t mix well with concussions. He was in the Batbunker’s medbay, based on the sadly familiar ceiling, and Damian was standing next to him. The kid was glaring, as usual, but there was something wrong with the expression. Tim glared back. “What?”

Damian jumped a bit, even though he had watched Tim wake up. “You… did good work today Drake. I’m not sure I could have done better.” Then he fled, calling for Dick before Tim could make his brain work enough to think of a reply.

Dick walked in and sat next to Tim, setting his crutches beside him. He had taken off the Batsuit and was dressed in sweats and a tank top. “You scared the crap out of me Tim.”

“Sorry,” Tim said it quickly. Maybe he could get Dick to drop it. “How’s the case? Did Superman get the cultists out?”

“Yeah. Two of them died in the collapse, half a dozen are in surgery. Which,” Dick leaned forward and rapped Tim between the eyebrows, eyebrows which had been inching closer together, “is a lot better than the hundreds of innocents who would be dead. So don’t do that blaming yourself thing. We get enough of that from Bruce.” Dick ruffled Tim’s hair, avoiding the bandage wrapped around his head, then sat back. He sat there for a moment, staring at Tim with his detective face on. “Why didn’t you tell me you were injured?”

Later, Tim would blame it on the headache. “There were more important things to do. Like getting you out.”

“You’re important Tim!” Dick’s hand came down on the table beside Tim’s bed, the glass of water on it clattering loudly.

“So is Batman.” Tim glared at Dick, trying to push himself up. He didn’t even get halfway to sitting when his elbow gave out. “You saw what happened when Bruce went missing. The city was chaos. Having you die in a building collapse, with a confirmed corpse, would destroy it.”

“The building is still up Tim. We had plenty of time-”

“Which we didn’t know at the time. What were you going to do, carry me out? On your broken leg?” Tim gave up on sitting. He sank deeper into his pillows and tried to wipe the frustration off of his face. “We’re both fine now. So drop it.”

“Fine. I’ll drop this. But let me ask you one thing.” Dick’s muscles were tight, his jaw clenched. “Did you really know I would catch you? Because I didn’t. I saw you falling from that window and I didn’t think I would make it on time. But you looked content. Can you imagine how that felt? It was terrifying.” His hand shot forward, grabbing Tim by the wrist. “Tim, I can’t lose you too.”

Tim tugged his wrist out of Dick’s hand, resting his fingers on top of it instead. “You’d be fine. You have Damian.”

“He’s not you Tim.” Dick flipped his hand so he could hold Tim’s. “I shouldn’t have taken Robin without asking, and I’m sorry. But you taking Robin didn’t replace Jason in Bruce’s heart, and Damian being Robin won’t replace you in mine. You’re my brother Tim, and I love you. And I’m going to do all I can to show you that.” He started running his free hand through Tim’s hair again. “I wish you could see how much you mean to me. To Alfred and the girls, and all your friends in the Titans.

“Of course I know.” Tim had no illusions. His work was invaluable to lots of people. Wayne Enterprises was still largely run by Lucius, but Lucius was starting to defer more and more decisions to Tim as he gained more experience. And while the Teen Titans were getting on fine without him, every time he helped them with a case, they were very grateful.

As if reading his thoughts, Dick said, “And not just as Robin, or Red Robin. You did and still do fantastic work, and honestly, I don’t think we would have gotten as far as we have without you. But I love you because you’re smart, and funny, and because you sleep in class, and you wear Brioni even though you’d rather wear those punk rock shirts, because you can’t cook anything more complicated than soup. Because you’re Tim.”

Tim’s throat was feeling strangely tight, and it was getting difficult to breathe. He didn’t think he could blame it on the wrappings on his ribs. “I…”

“Shh. Get some rest Tim. I’ll be here when you wake up.” Dick smiled at him, one hand wrapped around Tim’s, the other still carding through his hair.

When Tim woke up again, Dick was still there, in the bed opposite. Alfred came in with fresh bandages and filling snacks. The next day, when Alfred allowed him out of bed (“But no patrol for a week Master Tim. I mean it.”) Steph and Cass showed up at his apartment and they played racing games for four hours. Kon showed up at his window halfway through with a bunch of vegetables from the farm (“Ma says that farm fresh veggies are better for your health”) and proceeded to get owned by Steph when he tried playing.

Tim ended up falling asleep on Kon’s shoulder with Steph on his other side and Cass laying across all their laps. And for the first time in a long time, he felt… good.

How Can I Be Good Enough?

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Words: 1405

Pairing: Luke x Reader

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Hair Color



Summary: Everybody has issues. And it Y/N hides hers away from her boyfriend until she can’t hold it back anymore.

Luke hugged you from behind and gave you a small kiss on your cheek and you barely turned around to look at him. You kept on chopping the carrot in your hands and looking at the stove, waiting for the water to boil.

“What are you making?” Luke asked and jumped onto the counter beside you. It was a couple of hours ago since he got home from work, so he decided to take a nap while you started cooking. You turned your head and saw his mess of a hairstyle, making you smile.

“Something my mom used to make. She called it ‘the dish with many surprises’” You laughed slightly, thinking back at the loving memory. “She basically just cooked a whole bunch of vegetables and poured salt over them to make us healthier.”

Luke gaped as if you had said something terrible. “I am healthy!” He exclaimed.

“I know.” You nodded to assure him. “I’m just not.”

Luke laughed and checked his phone. You glanced towards it and saw that the clock was almost striking 7pm, making you hurry. You had been planning this dinner the whole day now. Beside you lied a stack of vegetables, waiting to be cut and cooked. Pasta needed to be made, making you more stressed out as your stomach growled.

It was a stupid thing to freak out about, but the plan was to be finished with dinner at 6pm, so you actually could get work done later. But instead, time decided to fuck with you.

Luke was getting impatient too as he watched your hands slowly cut the next carrot. His leg hammered into the counter when he jumped off the counter and stood right beside you. He carefully took the knife out of your hands.

“What are you doing?” You stuttered as you pushed him away, making him stop cutting.

“I’m thinking we could do it together?” Luke questioned and looked at the stack of vegetables. “I’m kinda hungry.”

“Me too.” You said and snatched the knife back in a quick movement and began chopping again. “But let me do this alone.”

“Why?” Luke responded sassily and you sighed. There wasn’t any easy way to explain why you wanted to have control. It had to be perfect.

“Just… you can’t do it my way.” You said frustrated, trying to keep on a smile for Luke. He tilted his head as he watched you do take the broccolis and start chopping them.

“So?” Luke asked obliviously. “Don’t you trust me?”

Your chest rose as the words he spoke hit you. You could hear your breathing started to grow vicious as your hands trembled along your sides. You felt blood thumping in the back of your head while you blinked to make your vision clear. Luke put his hands behind his back as he felt anxious by the question he had just asked. The answer could be hurtful for both of you.

“This is nothing to do with trust.” You laughed and pointed to the food. Luke’s pessimistic look was placed on the floor as silence hit the kitchen.

“What?” He looked at you with tremendous eyes and a small frown. “You don’t trust me, do you?”

It felt like time froze. Luke stood still, there was no wind outside the window and the clock wasn’t ticking. Absolute silence. You stopped the cutting and looked at the sharp knife with fear. When you were little, knives were your biggest fear. Your parents would always laugh at you because you didn’t know how to handle a normal knife at the age of thirteen. However, they both loved you unconditionally.

“Luke, that’s…” You stumbled and caught his eye quickly before staring back the chopping board. “That’s not the point.”

“Why don’t you trust me?” Luke asked determined and clutched his hands into fists. His breathing was getting quicker and his eyes wider as he looked you up and down.

“Luke, it’s complicated.” You mumbled a big lump had made your voice so thin that it was almost invisible. You did not want to discuss it. You didn’t want to bring up a subject, you had been dreading your whole life.

“I am just not good enough for you?” He yelled with furrowed eyebrows, his voice growing thicker for every word. He marched back a couple steps and closed his eyes slowly. When he opened, you were ignoring him completely. You were chopping the vegetables, hammering the knife through them.

“Huh? I’m not good enough for you?” Luke shouted, waving his hands in front of you and stomping his foot to get your attention.

“Stop it!” You screamed and threw the knife to the floor. The knife hit the dirty kitchen tiles with a massive cling, but the both of you ignored the noise. “You are way too good for me!”

Your voice was thin, but it filled the whole room anyways. Your cheeks were getting redder as you tried hard to hold back the devouring tears in your now wet eyes. You brought up the palm of your hand to hide a quiet sob coming from your mouth. Luke stood there, his anger running away from his face quickly as he observed your actions.

“What?” He asked, massaging his temples. You knew you had to bring up the memory that had scarred you for life. You knew you couldn’t dodge under this.

“If I’m not good enough for my own fucking dad, Luke,” You tried to keep your head up as you spoke. “If I couldn’t be enough for the one man that was supposed to protect me no matter what, then I will never be good enough for you, or enough to make you stay.”

The first tear hit the floor, and surprisingly it wasn’t your tear. Luke was quick to wipe it away, but seeing him crying made you sink onto the floor. You tried to keep quiet, but loud sobs escaped your mouth as a waterfall flew out of your eyes. Tears with such force they could build a river if they continued. Your head felt heavier as you hid it in your small hands and you could almost hear Luke gasp as he stormed down beside you to rub your back gently.

Your father had promised to protect you no matter what. He promised it almost every night as you said goodnight to him. But sometimes, promises break and trust shatters. One night, he came home after a long shift. You had been waiting for him to come home, but he was exhausted and as soon as you walked towards him, he looked evil. He didn’t look like himself, and you knew in a second that he had been drinking. The lifeless look in his eyes as he pushed you away from him and walked towards the kitchen. You tried to get him to the bedroom by turning him around, but as soon as you touched him, a sharp pain hit your face. He turned to the fridge, found a beer, and drank the whole bottle in a matter of seconds. You stood there, your hand cupping your left cheek as he laughed at you. He wasn’t himself. He wasn’t the loving dad you trusted with your life. Somehow in one night, he had manages to replace that trust with fear and anger.

Luke didn’t know the story and right now, you had no intentions of telling him. The thought of that night made you crumble into Luke’s arms. His breath was hitching as you soaked his shirt in saltwater tears. Your mouth released silent sobs and quick inhales. You closed your eyes as Luke kissed you forehead. He pulled you into his chest, making you sit between his legs. You could hear his fast heartbeat as he shushed every so often, trying to make you feel better.

“Everything is going to be okay.” He murmured and kissed you again. The crying was getting quieter as you felt Luke’s strong arms wrapped around your waist. He held you tight and just let you be broken. Because now, he knew that you weren’t okay. That you were insecure and had problems that needed to be fixed. And he promised himself that he would help you.

“I am here for you,” He whispered in between your crying. Your eyes were closed as if you were scared he was going to leave the moment you opened them. “Always.”

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The responses on my chikorita post have been incredible and I’m completely blown away! Reading your comments in the tag and seeing which chiko is your favorite really made my day.You guys are amazing;; I really want to thank each and everyone of you  but that’s impossible, so here’s a bunch of vegetables showing my appreciation to you guys!

i got tagged for this food thing! thanks @causticgrip ! smooches!

Pizza Order: i have three go-to combinations. 1) white with lots of garlic & broccoli. 2) white with pineapple, ham, garlic, & usually something green like spinach, capers, broccoli rabe, or arugula. 3) a new haven staple (team pepe’s): white with clams, bacon, garlic, oregano, pecorino romano

Favorite Ice Cream: i only have ice cream maybe once or twice a year, but it’s usually either coconut or bubble gum, on cape cod at four seas.

Top 3 Fruits: i eat apples the most often, bananas are perfect for before an early morning exercise session where i haven’t eaten yet, &  i love concord grapes when they’re in season more than any other fruit by a huuuuge margin.

Favorite Cuisine: i probably eat thai, vietnamese, korean & japanese the most often. i can’t pick one.

Buffalo Wild Wings Order: i kind of hate chain restaurants in general, they usually end up making me feel gross & would only really go if options were nil & i was starving & short on time, & i like supporting smaller joints in general (but this is by no means meant as a judgement on anyone’s food choices or a high & mighty bougie bullshit stance!) i haven’t really been eating gluten since last september, so i’d be kind of limited to things without breading, maybe a salad with grilled chicken? & either a double ipa, nitro stout, or cider most likely, unless they had a nice strong belgian beer on tap.

Favorite Breakfast Order: eggs benedict if i were in the sort of place where they likely make the hollandaise in house, or an omelette with a bunch of vegetables, cheddar cheese & maybe a side of ham. oh, & home fries super well done. & lots of tabasco & coffee. 

It Isn’t Nice to Spy ~ Part 1

Part 2 (SMUT)

One day…

I was working the I.V.C. as usual. There was an auction last night. The I.V.C. was over and it was time for clean-up. I barked out orders and left the rest to the staff.

I was on my way out of the hotel when my phone started ringing. It was Eisuke.

“Hello?” I picked up.

“Morning, Hotaru,” Baba’s voice came through the receiver.

“…I’m on speaker, aren’t I?”

“Yep. Morning!” Ota said. I could hear the smile in his voice.

“You two are in a good mood, as usual,” I answered.

“Of course we are, because we’re talking to you now!” Baba said.

“Sure, sure. So what’s up?”

“Why’re you bein’ so damn loud?” Kishi asked, yawning.

“Listen, I don’t have all day. What the hell do you want?” I snapped impatiently.

“Hotaru,” Eisuke finally spoke.

“What.” The word left my lips as a statement more than a question.

“Call Soryu here.”

“There’s nothing wrong with your legs.” I hung up.

If I know Soryu, he should be in the basement right about now. I walked to the basement despite having said that to my brother.

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You don’t need to “credit” me or anything, they’re just silly notes on silly pictures, we’re all here to have fun, just a bunch of root vegetables in a big pot of stew.


i did some work in the garden and greenhouse today, i feel so lucky to have all these amazing little plant babies i cant wait till the get big enough to start harvesting. I feel blessed to have such a big garden to work with (ill upload nice pictures of that in the future) our lemon balm and catnip are starting to take over everything. 

This is what my family is growing this year, I CANT WAIT TO DO SOME MANY WITCHY THINGS AND MAKE TEA 

  • Mint
  • Mugwort
  • Basil
  • Thyme
  • Rosemary
  • Lemon balm
  • Catnip
  • Catmint
  • Lemon verbena
  • Sage
  • Pineapple sage
  • Lavender
  • Eucalyptus
  • Elderberry
  • Blackberry
  • Raspberries
  • Blueberries
  • Fennel 
  • And a bunch of vegetables!!!
Creepypasta #1005: I Already Broke My New Year’s Resolution

Length: Long

I’m not fat. Not even a little. Actually, I’m pretty underweight for my height, which is a constant battle with my primary physician who worries about eating disorders, despite the fact that I most certainly do not have one.

No, not fat. But there is a word for what I am. They call it “skinny fat.”

Okay, so what’s skinny fat? Well, it’s when someone is skinny like me, and doesn’t gain weight no matter how terribly they eat, but in return they are wildly unhealthy because they eat so poorly. That’s where I was sitting at the beginning of the year.

I’m not stupid – I KNOW that my lifestyles and habits are unhealthy. I don’t exercise. I eat like shit. And, in turn, I’m always sick. I’m always having stomach problems and feeling faint and dizzy. Physically, my life is kind of a nightmare, and I have no one to blame but myself.

So, this year, like many other people, I decided things would be different. I was going to get healthy, goddamn it. I was going to work out. I was going to eat right. And hopefully I’d see an improvement in my health.

So, I did what any other poor sucker does when their life is a mess that they have no idea how to fix it. I made it my New Year’s resolution.

I was in luck, because a new gym had just opened up in my neighborhood and they were giving out discounted memberships for the first hundred or so members. Of course, I signed up immediately. “This is perfect!” I said to myself. “If I’m spending money on a gym membership, it means that I’ll definitely go!” As if that’s ever worked for anyone.

I went to their website to sign up, and as I was perusing their options, I saw something interesting. Personal trainers.

You know, I’d never given much thought to a personal trainer before. I just assumed I wouldn’t need one – it’s not like I was going to be training for the Olympics or anything. I didn’t need to get super buff. I just wanted to feel better.

But it was an ad for their trainers that caught my eye. It read: Not sure where to start? Get tips and tools for beginners from our specially-trained personal trainers!

Well, that definitely applied to me. Now that I was thinking about it, I really didn’t know where to start. What was I going to be doing, anyway? Cardio? Weightlifting? I didn’t know how much I should be doing or how fast or anything like that. As for healthy eating, I had no idea how I was going to tackle that colossal problem. Hey, maybe a trainer could help.

And the best part was that the gym website guaranteed the first month would be free.

Well, in that case, there’s nothing to lose, I thought as I signed myself up for a trainer named George.

I wasn’t really sure what I was getting myself into when I walked into the gym on January first. To be honest, I was already feeling kind of defeated. After all, most people never keep their New Year’s resolutions. Actually, I myself rarely keep them. Wasn’t this all just an exercise in futility? Maybe I should just go home and give up before I embarrassed myself.

But no, I decided. I was going to try. At least for this first day. I had to.

First, I had to sign in at the front desk. The receptionist was a woman who was skinny like I was but had some definite musculature, and she looked… wow, she looked so happy. And my heart ached because I wanted to be like that.

“First time in a gym?” She asked as she was rummaging through her drawer looking for a card for me.

“Um… yeah,” I admitted, feeling a little foolish.

“Don’t worry,” she beamed at me, handing me my gym membership card. “I used to be just like you, actually. But then I started working out with this gym company and, believe me, everything got SO much better for me. You’re working with a trainer, right? Which one?”

“Someone named George.”

“Oh, I worked with George! You’re in for a real treat, he’s amazing and he won’t let you quit!” She smiled even wider, if that were possible, and waved me on through the doors.

That made me feel a lot better and I walked into the gym with a little more confidence, feeling as though, yes, I could actually do this.

That feeling flew out the window when I saw George.

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I fasted for 24 hours and in gym I felt really dizzy and almost fainted, I drank a lot of water so I don't know what I felt that lightheaded. I have to run the mile tomorrow, I ate a bunch of fruits and vegetables today so I don't get cramps or feel lightheaded but in case I do, do you have any tips?

Dark chocolate works and its good for you .


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What if the RFA members find out that MC legitimately still believed in Santa. Like if she would accidentally close the door on someone she almost started crying, telling them she'd be on Santa's naughty list. Would they break it to her or go along?

((This is honestly too cute! I had to do this one! And how could they look MC in the eye and break her innocent heart?))


  •  He comes home and hears MC crying in the kitchen.
  • He runs in to find MC surrounded by charred hockey pucks and some smelly milk in a glass
  • “MC, are you alright?” Yoosung yelled, afraid that MC had burnt herself 
  • “I’ve ruined Christmas! I burnt Santa’s cookies, and the only milk we have is sour.”
  • “MC, it’ll be alright.” Yoosung consoled, hugging MC
  • No it isn’t! Santa won’t come back if he doesn’t like the cookies and milk!”
  • Yoosung just kind of took a minute to process before he realized that MC still believed in Santa and was legitimately terrified of not having Christmas presents 
  • “No, Santa isn’t like that!”
  • MC stopped crying, and Yoosung helped her clean up
  • “Hey, you know what would make Santa happy? If we change up the menu for him” Yoosung stated happily
  • “A-are you sure that he won’t mind?”
  • Yoosung goes to the fridge and pulls out a unopened bottle of Coca-Cola and a bunch of vegetables
  • “Hey, if we feed his reindeer, they’ll be super happy. Because they’re pulling that heavy sleigh and nobody feeds them!”
  • Yoosung is getting very into this, and they end up leaving Santa a piece of cake and vegetables with a bottle of Coco-Cola.
  • Yoosung even writes a note explaining the mishap to Santa
  • ‘Santa’ ends up writing a note back saying thank you!


  •  They go to the mall, and of course there’s the mall Santa
  • “Zen! Look it’s Santa!”
  • “Yep! Hey wait, where are you going?”
  • “To get a picture with Santa and tell him what I want!”
  • “MC you aren’t really going to…”
  • MC ran over to the line, excitement in her smile and a sparkle in her eye. Zen sighed and joined MC in line.
  • “MC, that’s for little kids!” Zen whispered
  • They’re getting weird looks from the rest of the people in line, and Zen sighs in frustration
  • “Come on babe, I’m sure he’s busy…”
  • MC’s eyes started to fill with tears.
  • “But…but…if I don’t tell him what I want, he won’t bring me anything
  • MC began crying, and Zen began to freak out. He didn’t realize how serious MC was until now, and now she was crying in the middle of the mall
  • “H-hey, Santa wouldn’t be like that. He knows everything right? He wouldn’t forget you!”
  • “He…he won’t?”
  • “Yep, he wouldn’t do that. If he forgets anything, I’ll get it for you myself”
  • “You promise?”
  • “Yes, I promise MC. So come on, let’s go home.”
  • “But I still want my picture with Santa! And you have to be in it too!”
  • Zen gives up. He’s getting a picture with Santa whether he wants to or not


  •  Jaehee was going through her paperwork and saw a handwritten letter, and looking at the handwriting, she immediately recognized it as MC’s
  • “Hey, MC, I found this letter that you wrote”
  • MC grabbed it eagerly, and a smile broke out on her face
  • “You found it Jaehee! I was so afraid that I would have to rewrite it!”
  • “Who is it to?”
  • “Santa of course! Now where was the envelope?”
  • Jaehee thought that this was so pure and innocent.
  • “So, MC, Do you have the right stamps”
  • MC suddenly stopped, and sank to the floor
  • “THAT’s what I forgot at the store”
  • Jaehee couldn’t help but laugh, but she got her a stamp and they sent the precious letter off
  • “Did you write yours yet?” MC asks innocently
  • “Of course! Why wouldn’t I?”
  • “Yay! I can’t wait until Christmas! Jaehee, aren’t you so excited?”


  •  “Jumin, aren’t you excited for Santa?”
  • Jumin looked genuinely confused
  • “What is a Santa?”
  • “Not what silly! Santa’s a person! He brings people gifts if they’re good all year!”
  • Jumin is still somewhat confused, but MC is so excited about this “Santa” person, that he listens carefully
  • MC explains how he uses reindeer to bring gifts to everyone around the world in one night because of his magic
  • He doesn’t understand why one person would give away so much for free…and how they continued to do it every year without going bankrupt
  • Apparently magic explains that
  • He may not get it, but he wants to make MC happy
  • The next day, Elizabeth was on the counter, where she knows she’s not supposed to be
  • MC comes in to Jumin lecturing Elizabeth about how disappointed Santa would be with her
  • “Elizabeth 3rd, if you aren’t a good kitty, Santa will not bring you presents on Christmas and you will be very sad.”
  • MC thinks it’s so cute! Lots of pictures are taken!


  •  “Saeyoung, do you have a fireplace?”
  • “No…why?”
  • MC starts crying, and eventually through the sobs explains that Santa can’t come without a chimney to climb down
  • Saeran comes in and asks what MC is crying about. Saeyoung explains, and Saeran just gives MC a look
  • “MC, you realize that Santa isn’t mmph” Saeran tried to explain before Saeyoung covered his twins mouth with his hand
  • “What Saeran is trying to say is that Santa Clause is someone who’s versatile. A lot of homes don’t have fireplaces, so he’s figured out how to get through the vents!” Saeyoung quickly interrupted, as Saeran ripped Saeyoung’s hand from his mouth
  • “That’s not what I was trying to say… What I was trying to say was that Santa mmph.”
  • MC dried her tears and smiled at a struggling Saeran, who was trying to get his brother to let go
  • “That’s so nice Saeran! I didn’t know that! Thank you!”
  • Saeran couldn’t break her innocent heart after that. Sure, he was rude and crude, but he wasn’t a monster
  • “Yeah…what I was trying to…Saeyoung no…” Saeran stops and gives Saeyoung an understanding look and Saeyoung backed off
  • “…what I was trying to say was that he also sometimes goes through the windows… because, you know, he has magic and stuff. Like, he’s not going to leave you without gifts…because you’re a good person MC, and…and if he does I will personally go to the north pole and give him a piece of my mind”

heres what my nights look like rn
- be about to cry about something
- try to get in touch w my girlfriend
- fail
- cry
- take a bunch of norco and vegetate on tumblr for 3 hours
- pass out and don’t wake up till 10am

I know I make these a lot, but I just wanted to say thanks for all of my followers, as of a few minutes ago I now have 150 of them. As all of you know I like to make head cannon posts when this happens, so here they are! (If any of you are wondering these will be the ‘captains sharing a flat college au’)

  • Oikawa is the one who suggests sharing an apartment with the other captains, his only condition was not telling Ushijima about it
  • Daichi was the one who told Ushijima
  • Although Daishou doesn’t room with them, he’ll stop by from time to time with baked goods and other confectionary items. He only does it because it annoys the fuck out of Kuroo 
  • Daishou and Terushima share the apartment across from theirs
  • When Bokuto told the others that he was dating Akaashi no one exept kuroo believed him. Even Ushijima had his doubts. That was until Bokuto showed them all a picture of a sleepy Akaashi wearing one of his stupid owl shirts
  • Daichi has a bunch of stupid graphic t’s that Suga bought for him. He thinks they’re absolutely horrendous but keeps them bc they remind him of Suga. (He also may or may not have a shirt with Suga’s face on it)
  • Imagine all of them trying to get Oikawa to accept Ushijima as a friend, but Oikawa constantly refusing. They finally reach a break through when Oikawa gets drunk and asks Ushijima if he thinks Iwaizumi likes him, to which Ushijima replies with an “Isn’t that obvious?” and tells Oikawa that he should confess to Iwaizumi 
  • spoiler alert: Oikawa confesses to Iwaizumi
  • Ushijima is IwaOi shipper trash number 1
  • Imagine the entirety of Nekoma going to visit Kuroo and bringing him a bunch of food/video games and such bc they’re all convinced that he isn’t able to take care of himself on his own. (His favorite part is when Kenma kisses him goodbye and Yaku slips him some money)
  • Daishou doesn’t do drugs or alcohol or smoking at all, which surprises everyone. What doesn’t surprise everyone is that Terushima is willing to try just about anything
  • Terushima and Daishou are the kind of guys who make weed brownies. One time Daishou accidentally eats one and gets completely fucked. He goes to Kuroo for help, but all he does is laugh at him, so he goes back to his apartment and passes out. Kuroo follows him and watches him until Terushima returns.
  • Terushima felt really bad afterwards and Daishou had the worst hangover
  • Ushijima going to the Shiratorizawa third years for love advice bc he wants to ask Tendou out but none of them have any clue on how to give advice. So he goes to Oikawa, but the thing is Oikawa gives absolutely shitty love advice 
  • Ushi ends up following his advice and sneaks onto Tendou’s apartment complex and stands outside of his room with a boombox over his head playing some Taylor Swift love song, and it totally works, like, Tendou runs down and JUMPS into Ushi’s arms with tears running down his face and they kiss in the moon light and all that romantic stuff
  • Semi takes a video of the entire thing and sends it to everyone
  • the other captaines are just like “Is it just me or does their individual cutness intensify when they’re together?”
  • Terushima has a crush on Daishou and it’s literaly the most awkward thing ever bc he can flirt with his teammates and he can flirt with strangers, but for some god forsaken reason every time he tries to flirt with that snake he slips up and embarrasses himself
  • but it’s okay bc Daishou thinks it’s cute
  • When they start dating people think it’s gonna be complete sin, but it’s literally the most awkward yet overly sweet thing anyone has ever seen
  • Makki and Matsun are the type of people who make unannounced visits and will just burst through the door at three in the morning, but it’s okay cus’ they always bring the saltiest of snacks and the dankest of memes
  • Just the captains being bros and going out for drinks at some old fashion bar, but it’s not just the “main” captains, but Daishou, Terushima, and Moniwa
  • speaking of Moniwa, this kid is so responsible that he has his own apartment that’s always neat and organized. His fridge is always full of a bunch of vegetables and his pantry is stuffed with snacks
  • Just the captains in the collage au makes me really happy 

You know I just love this au so much, even if it is overdone. I was actually thinking about making these head cannons any way, so when I saw that I reached 150 followers I thought “what perfect timing” and just wrote them down here. I wrote the Terushima x Daishou in here because I think it’s such a cute underrated ship, and I put Moniwa in because sometime people forget that he’s a captain too. 

Any way, thank you to all of my followers hope you enjoy!!!:) (also sorry about any typos/grammer mistakes, I’m not good at either to begin with also it’s like 3 in the morning as I write this)